A 13-hour flight from Dubai to New York was a little too much for one woman. She took some anti-anxiety medication to help her cope, causing her to fall asleep about an hour into the trip. While she was out, a man allegedly had his way with her.

42-year-old Nadeem Mehmood Quraishi is accused of using the woman’s own hand lotion, tucked into the pocket of the seatback in front of her, to slather onto her and fondle her at his leisure.

A few hours later, she awoke to discover her arms, chest and upper legs covered in lotion.

Quraishi, seated right next to her on the Emirates flight, asked upon her waking, “Did you have a good nap?”

She got up to go to the bathroom and noticed that ‘her vaginal area was sore’ and became more alarmed. Once there, she realized that her ‘underwear had been shifted and that lotion was in her vaginal area and on her underwear,’ according to court papers.

When she went back to her seat, she realized her lotion was missing and asked Quraishi if he knew what happened to it. At that time, he handed her the bottle. She then, crying and trembling, alerted the crew that something had happened to her while she’d slept.

When he was questioned about the alleged incident, he reportedly told the flight attendants that the woman ‘enjoyed it because she did not resist.’ He also told them that she ‘needed it’ and ‘enjoyed it,’ before telling them that ‘he liked it and that it had happened to him as a child,’ according to those same court filings.

Upon landing at John F. Kennedy International Airport, the 42-year-old Staten Island resident, who is reported to manage a Subway restaurant, was taken into custody and charged with sexual contact without consent.

He was ordered to surrender his passport by a federal judge, forbade traveling outside of New York, and to have no contact with the victim.

He was released Tuesday on a $50,000 bond.