A 33-year-old New York woman who gave birth – without her boyfriend even knowing she was pregnant – then did the unthinkable and threw the newborn out of a seventh-story window. Its umbilical cord was still attached.

Police had initially responded to a call of an infant having fallen out of a window in the courtyard of her boyfriend’s Bronx apartment building on Monday afternoon.

Her boyfriend of about a year and a half, 28-year-old Giovanni Johnson, told investigators that he’d been in another room when the baby was apparently born and thrown from the window, and claimed he ‘had no idea’ his girlfriend was even pregnant.

Ms. Berry had been a child welfare worker in the past.

She was arrested the next day, Tuesday, September 29th, on charges of murder and manslaughter.

Kenneth Bolton, a man who’d been visiting relatives at the time, said, “The devil was in her eyes. It was more like (she was) not human. She was deranged, like she was lost. You know, when someone has a look in their eyes like they don’t know where they are?”

An autopsy concluded that the infant had died of blunt force injuries. It was also concluded that the baby had been alive at the time, which brought on the murder charges.

She originally denied she’d even been pregnant, but then relented and told investigators she’d given birth in the shower. She purportedly told them, however, that the baby hadn’t been breathing. She then admits to throwing the baby and the placenta out of the window.

Investigators have obtained surveillance footage which captured the girl’s descent from the seventh floor, and are currently assessing it.