A now-former teacher in New York was charged Monday for having sex with a 17-year-old male student in a classroom.

30-year-old Marina Y. Viviani has been charged with third-degree rape and sodomy-related felony sex act charges, each of which carries up to four years in prison. She’s also been hit with misdemeanor sex crime charges.

The incidents are said to have taken place in November and December of 2014 at the school for troubled youth.

The high school English teacher was employed by the district for a year, but has since been placed on administrative leave, and isn’t expected to return.

Ms. Viviani is alleged to have had sex with the student in a LaSalle School classroom before he was discharged from a residential program.

Viviani’s attorney, Michael S. Pollok, says she denies the allegations, which he says are the “product of an extortion scheme perpetrated by the complainant and his accomplice.”

He went on to say that Viviani “adamantly denies that she had sexual contact with this person while he was a student at La Salle.”

The abuse allegations came to light after the saucy teacher is said to have “continued a relationship with the student, which included phone calls, text messages, the exchange of digital photos and travel to New York City.”

She was released under supervision and is scheduled to appear in court again on September 23rd.


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