A New York woman who killed her farmer husband with a pitchfork, then buried him in manure has been given 25 years in prison.

49-year-old Charlene Mess pleaded guilty to manslaughter in the April 2015 killing of 52-year-old Douglas Mess. The couple had been married for 30 years.

They were arguing at their dairy farm when she struck him several times with a pitchfork.

She then decided to shoot him in the head with a .22-caliber rifle.


After that, she tied his hands and feet with bailing wire, took his body on an electric feed cart to another part of the barn she’d ended his life in, picked up his body with another piece of farm equipment, then took his body to a manure pile.

She’d buried him within that pile hoping that the decomposition would render him gone forever.

But then one of their sons reported him missing, starting a seven-hour search which ended when his body was found around 100 yards from the couple’s home.

Ms. Mess had even joined in on the search.