We’ve all heard of the obsessed ex-lover who ‘just can’t let go,’ right? Sure we have. Well, what would you think, then, if it wasn’t an ex-lover…or a lover at all…but ateacher? But wait! There’s more! What if this teacher wasn’t unhealthily and sexually obsessed with a teenaged boy, as has become so eerily common these days, butnon-sexually obsessed – and with a preteen girl? Shocked? Confused, maybe?
28-year-old Pennsylvania resident and now-former Beechwood Elementary School teacher in Pittsburgh, Geraldine Alcorn, is one for the history books. This woman made ‘obsessed’ seem like entirely too tame a word. Geraldine took a severely disturbing liking to an 11-year-old female student.
She and this young and vulnerable child had exchanged an astonishing 2,400 text messages in just two weeks before the girl’s mother came across them. Not only did she discover the myriad texts, but letters and various items Geraldine had given to her.
All of the unbelievable things culminated in a plot; not a sexual plot, so far as anyone believes, anyway, but a longing to ‘steal the child away from her parents and adopt her.’
Pittsburgh Public Schools spokeswoman Merecedes Howze said on Wednesday, “On February 13, 2015, school staff were made aware of concerns that a teacher had developed an improper attachment with a Pittsburgh Beechwood student. In keeping with the school district's procedures, the teacher was immediately placed on suspension while those claims were investigated.”
Ms. Alcorn then resigned on March 2nd. But it didn’t end there. The woman then returned to the school on March 13th, a Friday, to collect her personal effects. Sometime during her time in the school, she had slipped ‘gifts and several letters,’ which were found that following Monday, into the child’s locker and desk. According to the criminal complaint, some of these letters were ‘encrypted’ and instructed the girl to contact her. On a math worksheet, she had circled numbers in order to reveal her phone number. She’d hidden ‘coded’ notes in her homework trying to get the girl to run away with her.
As if all this weren’t enough, the girl’s mother also found 21 stickers and letters in the girl's school binder and two letters the girl had written to Ms. Alcorn, with titles such as 'Things Ms. Alcorn and I can do,' 'what we can do,' and 'when we can do it.’ And there’s still more.
Even after being suspended and told she was being investigated by the Pittsburgh police and Pittsburgh Public Schools and to absolutely and unequivocally NOTcontact the child, she continued to do so. She had even visited the 11-year-old’s home while her mother was at work, and at one point, via the plethora of texts, gifts and notes she’d bombarded the child with, convinced her to enter her own home.

The girl revealed to police that the two of them had ‘kept their relationship a secret’ and that Ms. Alcorn had talked to her about adopting her – possibly even just taking her from her parents’ home.

“We would be on the run for a while,” Alcorn is purported to have told her.

Last week, Geraldine Alcorn was arraigned on charges of child luring, corruption of minors, and attempting to interfere with custody of a child. After being unable to post the $100,000 bond she was given, she was jailed.