Some friendly and free advice for you from Busted Locals: If you’re going to get wasted, then pull over somewhere, park and get your freak on, be more discreet about it…and don’t park in a handicapped parking space without the proper plates.

An Ohio couple apparently didn’t get the memo. They were found naked and drunk in their car on Sunday.

Glenn Mcie was found naked from the waist down passed out cold on top of his fully nude girlfriend, Shannon Mulcahy.

“‘When the mood hits’ you have to find a place to park,” Glenn told North Royalton police.

Officers had found the couple inside a Jeep parked in a handicapped spot at around 2:15 a.m.

When the officers insist they get dressed, Shannon responded by yelling, “Fuck you guys” out of the window.

Glenn is said to have reeked of alcohol and could barely speak or walk.

He was taken into custody for drunk driving, but had to be forced into the police car. Once there, he began slamming his head against the car window.

Once Shannon finally got dressed, she started yelling and cussing at the officers again.

“Most of what she said was not understandable or made no sense since she was so intoxicated,” the arrest affidavit read.

She also refused to hand over her ID or tell police her name, which is why she was arrested.

Then she proceeded to slam her head against the window.

When cops searched the car, they found an open mason jar of moonshine in the back seat.

Glenn’s breathalyzer test registered a .11 blood alcohol content.