An Ohio man has been arrested and charged after trying to buy a child for sex.

Law enforcement received information that 39-year-old Craig Maher made arrangements to buy a little girl.

The investigation, conducted alongside Homeland Security, started when he’s alleged to have told a friend that he wanted to drug a young girl between the ages of 4 and 14 and have sex with her. He also told the friend that he wanted to take pictures of it.

When authorities served a search warrant on his home, they seized a variety of evidence related to the case.

Sergeant Jason Owens said, “He was willing to pay, to rape a little girl and now he can pay the price of going to jail for his intentions,” Owens said. “His ultimate goal was to adopt a child so he could have sex with her whenever he wanted. This investigation does not stop here, and we have a lot of work to do.”

The investigation may lead to more charges against Mr. Maher.

“The Butler County Sheriff’s Office is going to work closely with Homeland Security to work toward this guy receiving the maximum sentence possible,” Jones said. “People like Mr. Maher disgust me, and they do not belong in society. My detectives and Homeland Security worked quickly to take him off the street, and now he is behind bars where he belongs.”

He’s been charged with attempting to purchase a child for sex, a federal offense. If convicted on this count alone, he’ll receive 30 years.


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