An Ohio man, in another case of pizza rolls making an appearance during a dispute, brandished a three-foot sword when his former roommate tried to take a package of the frozen snack food with him as he vacated the apartment on Sunday afternoon.

21-year-old Travis Vartorella purportedly pulled the intimidating weapon on 20-year-old Trystan Mesenburg, who was gathering the last of his belongings.

The victim told authorities that after showing up with his girlfriend to get his things, Vartorella “came out from around the corner” with a three-foot sword “as I grabbed my pizza rolls”.

Mr. Vartorella vehemently claimed ownership of the bag of delicacies and insisted that that Mesenburg “leave his fucking pizza rolls alone”.

The victim and his girlfriend fled the apartment and called 911. Arriving officers said that the couple was “visibly shaken” as they told them what happened.

Vartorella was arrested, and four “edged weapons” were seized from the closet in his bedroom, including a six-foot samurai sword, a machete, and the sword he’d been holding when he’d confronted Mesenburg.

Mr. Vartorella has been charged with misdemeanor aggravated menacing and booked into the Huron County jail.

He was later released on bond.

Mesenburg and his girlfriend got temporary restraining orders against him.

It turns out Vartorella is also a registered sex offender, stemming from a 2015 felony conviction of providing obscene material to a 13-year-old girl he’d met online.

He was sentenced to four years probation and warned that he’d serve two years in state prison if he violated the terms.