A man who was sentenced to serve 40 in prison became a tad ticked off at his lawyer. He threw feces and urine from a water bottle he’d had hidden in his arm sling, and did so in court, aimed right at his own defense attorney.

46-year-old Ricky Hand was charged with five counts of harassment with bodily substance, obstructing official business, and retaliation after the disgusting tirade.

These charges are in addition to the 30 counts of burglary, safe cracking, aggravated robbery, kidnapping, and attempted safe cracking he’d just been sentenced to 40 years for.

He interrupted and asked the judge if he’d really just sentenced him to 40 years in prison. When the judge answered “yes,” Mr. Hand grabbed his hidden water bottle and let loose on his lawyer.

Authorities believe that he’d probably prepared the bottle(s) of urine and feces in his cell and brought them with him to court. He hadn’t been checked for anything beforehand.