An Ohiio mother pleaded guilty Tuesday to sending nude photos and videos to her daughter’s 14-year-old ex-boyfriend.

47-year-old Dodi Wade sent multiple sexually explicit videos to the teen’s cell phone between November 22nd and Christmas of last year.

She also asked him for sex several times during text-message back-and-forths, and asked for nude photos of him.

The teen’s mother searched his old cell phone on January 5th and found sexually explicit text messages and videos.

She reported it to police and turned over her son’s old cell phone to investigators.

Ms. Wade pleaded guilty to four counts of disseminating matter harmful to juveniles, and one count of importuning. She’ll be sentenced on May 31st.

She’ll have to register as a Tier I sex offender, meaning she will have to report her address to the county sheriff every year for 15 years.