A woman who is currently on probation for bestiality has been indicted by a Trumbull County Grand Jury on one charge of robbery.

35-year-old Amber Finney is accused of robbing Chase Bank on West Market Street in Warren back in February.

According to police, the teller informed Finney that she could only dispense $1,000 at a time;

The woman allegedly accepted the money, and then walked out of the bank and made her way to the parking lot, where she was spotted meeting up with a man.

Police officers who were called to the scene were able to track down Finney by following footprints in the snow. She was arrested at a home on Ward Street NW a short time later.

Finney made headlines in 2017 when she pleaded no contest to a charge of bestiality under Ohio’s newly enacted laws criminalizing sex with animals.

The conviction stemmed from a disturbing incident in which Finney, who has three paw prints tattooed on her left shoulder, was caught on video having a sexual encounter with a dog on New Year’s Day.

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