An Oklahoma woman has killed her daughter by shoving a crucifix down her throat until she died…all because she thought her daughter was possessed.

50-year-old Juanita Gomez (above) shoved the crucifix down her daughter, 33-year-old Geneva Gomez’s (below), throat, and admitted it to officers who’d come to her home for a welfare check on Saturday afternoon.

The surviving Gomez told officers that she’d started suspecting her daughter was “possessed by the devil” the day before. Officers noticed that mom had bruises and swelling on her hands and arms.

Ms. Gomez says she’d pushed the crucifix down her daughter’s throat until she saw blood come out.

Then, according to the report, she says she placed the body in the “position of the cross” and washed her.


Authorities found the large cross on top of the deceased woman’s body, as well as “major trauma to her face and neck.”

The elder Gomez also admitted that she’d punched her daughter multiple times. She says the bruises on her hands were from trying to “rid Satan from her daughter’s body.”

She’s been charged with murder and remains in jail without bond.


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