An Oklahoma mother is alleged to have traded extremely graphic photos of her baby for drugs.

On August 31st, authorities were contacted by the Department of Human Services concerning Carmita Mae O’Bryant and a deal she’d cooked up with James Hampton Smith.

Ms. O’Byrant was pleading with Mr. Smith for drugs and told him in instant messages that she’d do “anything to get them,” according to the arrest affidavit.

That’s when Smith told her that he wanted a picture, asking if “she remembered what he had wanted before.”

She’s then purported to have sent him three photos showing the genitals of a 6-month-old female relative.

He replied with, “So you wanna give that up?”

Ms. O’Bryant was then picked up for questioning.

During that questioning, she told detectives that she’d sexually assaulted an 18-month-old boy while Mr. Smith watched and masturbated. It’s not clear whether this was a one-time occurrence or not.

Both O’Bryant and Smith were arrested and charged with conspiracy to manufacture child pornography and possession of child pornography.

Ms. O’Bryant is due in court on October 4th.


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