A volunteer firefighter from the small town of Royse City, Texas has set the Internet abuzz. Tim Conatser did what many people do; he posted a photo with a caption on Facebook. The photo he posted, however, was of his neighbor’s two dead dogs, which he had just shot and killed.

Claiming he had warned his neighbor to keep his dogs off of his property and away from his livestock, Conatser captioned the photo, 'Somebody didn't put any truth my warning. [sic] Keep your damn dogs on your property.'

The Union Valley Volunteer Fire Department’s Facebook page has been inundated by enraged by animal-lovers the world over. According to fire chief Edward Ragsdale, “We've had I don't know how many hits. We've had them from as far away as England, Portugal, Canada, and every state in the union.”

Because of the massive scale of the negative attention, not to mention the death threats garnered by Conatser’s post of the disturbing photos, he was suspended by the city fire chief.

Hunt County, Texas Constable Terry Jones has launched a criminal investigation to determine if Conatser’s actions were even illegal. They may fall under animal cruelty statutes – but they may not, being that he had indeed given warning(s) and was protecting his own property.

The fire chief, however, says he can't take responsibility for Conatser’s Facebook post, claiming, “This is an individual that's a volunteer with our department. We can't be responsible for his actions when he's off duty.”

Even more shocking is that, as of Wednesday, no one (not even the affected neighbor) had called to report their dogs murdered.

A friend of Conatser's, Kevin Forester, told CBSDFW that the trouble had begun days earlier when Conatser had found the dogs attacking a calf in his barn.

Forester’s grammatically butchered comment was, “…so he went over to his neighbor's and told him that his dogs was getting in his barn and attacking his animals, to please – ya know – keep 'em at home, put 'em on a leash, build a fence, do something.”