An Oregon couple, Stephen Michael Williams Jr (26) and Amanda Marie Hancock (21), were arrested and charged with murder by abuse in the death of their 7-week-old baby boy.
You see, rather than coddle and nurture their less-than-2-month-old baby boy as most new parents would, this couple decided to take advantage of what pregnancy does to a woman’s breasts and make money off of it. Yes, they decided “lactation porn” was where the money was at. People would pay to watch as Amanda Hancock would self-lactate for them.
They essentially allowed their new baby to starve to death while Ms. Hancock squeezed its food from her bosom into the air, rather than into the baby’s mouth. They claim they did feed the baby milk (it’s not known if it was mother’s milk or grocery store milk), but never took him to a doctor despite the fact that he was losing weight. They also fully admitted to investigators that there had been absolutely zero prenatal care and that they had never gone to any doctor appointments.
Mr. Williams claimed he never called a doctor because it was ‘Hancock’s responsibility.’
An ambulance had been called to the scene on January 22 for ‘an infant in distress,’ but all efforts to revive the baby boy were unsuccessful. After an autopsy had been performed, it was determined that the child died of starvation.

According to charging documents, the ‘couple showed indifference to the infant dying by providing him with adequate food and medical care.’

This same couple already had a 2-year-old together, which has since been taken into protective custody.

The case goes to a grand jury next week.