A Pennsylvania teacher has been hit with over 200 sex charges in relation to sexual assaults of two students.

33-year-old Randi Lynn Zurenko was taken into custody and suspended from co-ed private Catholic school where she taught social studies.

The students, identified only as Victims 1 and Victim 2, haven’t had their ages revealed.

One of the victims is a girl, and the gender of the other hasn’t been released.

Ms. Zurenko is said to have begun a relationship in January of  2013 with the girl. That girl has since graduated.

She and the teacher had gone to a park where Zurenko massaged her back and unclasped her bra.

In early 2015, she then began a relationship with Victim 2. That one lasted until October 14th.

They purportedly had sex multiple times, and Zurenko took photos during some of the acts, and some of the student in various states of undress. She also sent the student two nude selfies.

Authorities looked through the teacher’s phone and found multiple nude photos of Victim 2 and the snaps of the two having sex.

Ms. Zurenko confessed to providing both students with alcohol, having a sexual relationship with a current student, and to taking nude photos of the student.

She’s been charged with 153 counts of sexually abusing children, 13 counts of institutional sexual assault, 33 counts of unlawful contact with minors, 20 counts of sending obscene materials to a minor, and 13 counts of corrupting minors.


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