Authorities have two men and one woman in custody after they allegedly strangled their friend, who was overdosing, then callously dumped his body in the woods.


21-year-old Joshua Rose accidentally overdosed while using drugs at a home with 20-year-old Amanda Wayda and 19-year-old Preston Layfield.

Instead of calling for help, Amanda called 22-year-old Tyler Mirabelli, asking him to come over and take Joshua to the hospital.


It was on the way to the hospital that the plan took a drastic and tragic turn. As they passed the hospital, Amanda put a plastic bag over Joshua’s head before Preston strangled him to death with jumper cables.


It took roughly four minutes for the victim to die.

Still seeing nor urgency, the three put a hat and sunglasses on Joshua’s body and stopped for gas. They then drove his body ou into the woods and dumped it near some railroad tracks.

It’s not entirely clear as of yet, but it’s believed that Amanda called to report she’d witnessed Preston murder Joshua.

It wasn’t until cops questioned him that they learned Amanda had been the one to put a bag over Joshua’s head, then was the one to hand the jumper cables to him (Preston), telling him he “needed to do this.”


All three have now been arrested and are charged with aggravated assault and conspiracy.

According to the Lackawanna County District Attorney’s Office, the charges will likelly be upgraded after the completion of an autopsy.


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