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On March 7, 2019 at 10:13am Officer Linda Gutierrez responded to a car accident at the intersection of E. Livingston Ave. & Brookwood Rd. (east Columbus)

What appeared to be a victim of the accident quickly became irate/irrational while Officer Gutierrez was trying to access the situation.

The 27-year-old male berated the officer, threatened suicide by cop and continued to approach her when she asked him to back up.

“She showed amazing restraint in the entire video. Officer Wendell Tolber is first to arrive and uses a taser on the suspect ending the confrontation. She is a superstar to say the least,” said Officer Gutierrez’s supervisor Lt. David Knight.

We’ve blurred the faces of the suspect and the victim of the purse snatching because she chose not to pursue charges.

The suspect was taken to receive mental health help.


Dashcam video released on Wednesday captures the moments from a deadly deputy-involved shootout in Huger on Tuesday, Feb. 26.

The footage shows the chaotic situation when a man repeatedly fired shots at a Berkeley County Sheriff’s Deputy.

Officials say it all started as the deputy tried to initiate a traffic stop.

It escalated when the deputy pulled into a gravel driveway where the suspect, 51-year-old Joseph Hart, immediately fired shots.

For roughly 30 minutes, the deputy hid behind his patrol car as he tried to de-escalate the situation.

The deputy asked Hart to drop his gun several times, but Hart refused.

Officials say Hart used multiple weapons, including handguns, a shotgun, and a rifle.

The deputy’s vehicle was riddled with bullet holes, its windshield shattered.

At one point, the deputy said, “Sir, let me get out of here” and Hart replied, “Get ready to die, mother******.”

It took a while for backup to arrive at the scene since the location was situated in a rural neighborhood east of U.S. Highway 41.

The SWAT team eventually arrived in an armored vehicle and tried to get Hart to surrender.

Hart continued shooting at deputies.

The standoff ended after Hart was shot and killed.

No officers were injured in the shootout.

At approx 0100 on Sunday 3-10-19 Officer Jacob Hamblett was attempting to stop a vehicle that made an illegal turn. This was a routine stop for a traffic offense. A rear passenger ran from the vehicle and shot at Officer Hamblett. Hamblett returned fire. There were no injuries in the case, and after a 7 hour manhunt the suspect was caught.

Police have launched an internal investigation after a cellphone video surfaced showing what appears to be one of their officers punching a man in the head and dragging him across the pavement.

The video, which was posted on social media, was recorded by a woman from Pennsylvania who was waiting for a ride outside the Trenton Transit Center at around 10.30pm on Saturday.

It shows a uniformed New Jersey Transit officer roughly picking up a seemingly unresponsive man lying on the ground and slamming his body back down while yelling at him: ‘Get up and get out now!’

A man who called the police to report suspicious activity on Sunday ended up dying in police custody, and the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department is investigating the death.

LVMPD reports that 65-year-old Roy Scott called police at 3:09 a.m. on Monday, saying that three suspicious men were outside his apartment — one of whom was armed with a saw.

When officers arrived, they did not find anybody outside the apartment and knocked on Scott’s door. Scott walked outside holding a pipe and a cell phone.

He surrendered the pipe and a knife that he had in possession in response to officers’ commands.

LVMPD reports that the officers attempted to pat-down Scott when a “brief struggle ensued.”

Scott was handcuffed following the struggle. While handcuffed, LVMPD reports that Scott “began to experience medical issues.”

Scott was transported to Valley Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Rochelle says her father suffered from schizophrenia, and she wants answers as to how he died in the hands of officers sworn to protect him.

Port Arthur, Tx – Video Shows body camera video of December 28th officer-involved shooting in which Port Arthur police officer fatally shoots Shayne Lyons,35, a Port Arthur citizen who was armed with a machete.

A video shows Lyons walking toward the officer, refusing to put down the weapon, despite repeated commands from the officer. The officer shoots Lyons eight times.

San Jose State on Friday, March 8, 2019, released records related to a fatal 2014 officer-involved shooting, including body-cam footage, in response to Senate Bill 1421, the state’s new police transparency law. Officers with the University Police Department were cleared in the shooting, which left 38-year-old Antonio Guzman Lopez dead.

Sgt. Mike Santos and Officer Frits Van der Hoek had responded to South Eighth and East San Salvador streets just outside the campus that day and ordered Lopez to drop the knife, but he refused to follow their commands, according to the report.

Based on reports from officers and witnesses, Lopez was “acting strangely, as though he was mentally unstable or intoxicated,” according to prosecutors.

Officer Van der Hoek used his Taser stun gun on Lopez, who was not affected by the shock, police said.

Santos shot Lopez twice in the back and one of the bullets went through his body and into a window at a nearby sorority house, where no one was injured, according to the report.

Lopez was transported to a hospital were he was later pronounced dead, the report said.

San Jose police investigated the shooting because it occurred within their jurisdiction and determined that Lopez was holding a foot-long saw blade that is similar to a jagged-edge tool used for cutting drywall.

An autopsy determined Lopez had methamphetamine in his system at the time of his death, prosecutors said.

Lopez had a criminal history that included domestic violence, resisting arrest and assaulting a police officer, according to district attorney’s officials.

Police in Muskogee say officers fatally shot a knife-wielding man who was suspected of stabbing two women and attacking a third.
Officer Lincoln Anderson says officers investigating a stabbing Tuesday found the three women inside a home with a man armed with a large knife.

Anderson says the women were taken from the home while the man refused orders to drop the knife and a stun gun was not effective. Anderson says police then surrounded the home and when the man came outside he again would not drop the knife. Anderson says bean bags and a stun grenade did not stop him.

Anderson says the man was shot several times as he charged toward officers.

No names or the condition of the women have been released.


We have new information tonight (Wednesday) about what lead up to a shooting of an Indiana State trooper, allegedly perpetrated by his son.

WSBT 22 filed a public record request for court documents after his 11-year-old son was arrested.

The boy told police he had been planning the shooting since school that day.

The boy is now facing charges of attempted murder in juvenile court. Documents show how the boy got a hold of his father’s gun to do it.

In a quiet neighborhood in Granger, a home sat with its lights on as police continued walking in and out of the front door.

That was the scene February 22 after police got a call that an 11-year-old boy allegedly shot his father, Indiana State Trooper Matthew Makowski.

The incident, which was captured on surveillance video, took place on the fourth floor of an apartment building on West 114th Street in Manhattan on Tuesday. Officers were called to the building after receiving a report of a man with a gun. Three police officers took the elevator up to the fourth floor and saw a man who matched the description they received. The man had his hands in his pockets. Officers then requested that the man show his hands, but they were allegedly ignored. Officials said the man then pulled out a wallet, assumed a shooting stance, and pointed the wallet at the officers.

Michael Cordero’s hands were in his pockets and he ignored officer requests to take his hands out.

“What do you mean take my hands out of my pocket,” Cordero, 34, asked, according to police. “I’ve got a gun. “


0:01 Police SWAT Detective Arrested For Being Drunk On The Job with Swat gear and machine gun in the back of the undercover police SUV.

0:32 Sandusky cop arrested and starts crying

0:56 Police arrest FBI agent suspected of shooting at Grand Rapids police sergeant

1:05 Body cam – Boynton Beach Police officer pulls over major for speeding

9:12 Tucson AZ Police Officer Pulls Over His Chief

10:16 motorcyclist couldn’t resist. he had to rev it

11:02 Mesa Lieutenant thought he was above the law


Shocking surveillance video shows a man bounding two women together at a convenience store, dousing them with lighter fluid, and setting one of them on fire.

The incident took place on Thursday at the Pit Stop convenience store in Palestine, Texas.

Police say, Robert Thompson, 40, walked into the store with a handgun.

Surveillance video shows the suspect asking the store clerk, Linda Camire, for something from behind the counter.

When she turns her back, Thompson pulls out his handgun.


Utah troopers were forced to arrest a police chief Shane Zilles last month after they suspected him of driving under the influence of prescription drugs. In dashcam footage, almost 19 minutes long, released Thursday after Utah Highway Patrol received numerous requests, Mantua Police Chief Shane Zilles is seen wobbling to the point he almost tips over as cops ask him to walk the line.

The start of the clip shows him speeding down the median of Route 91 at 86mph in a 65mph zone, struggling to maintain the lane.

Mayor of the small town of 700 said he was fired immediately after the incident


SURPRISE, AZ — Some scary dash cam video shows tense moments as a suspect opens fire on a driver.

On Feb. 12 at around 7:30 p.m., the Surprise Police Department received a call from a man who said someone had just shot at him.

The whole confrontation was captured on video by a camera mounted to the victim’s dashboard.

The suspect has been arrested.


A man who was pulled over on a DWI investigation is accused of biting off part of a Denton police officer’s ear during a fight with officers. The suspect has been identified as Christopher Michael Rogers, 45. He faces charges of resisting arrest, aggravated assault and assault on a peace officer, Denton police said Sunday


It took less than 10 seconds after a Fort Collins police officer got out of his car at the scene of a reported active shooting to fire his weapon at a man holding his estranged wife hostage, newly-released body camera footage of the incident shows.

Officer Keith Hunter was justified in the shooting of 36-year-old Joshua Moore on Jan. 12, Larimer County District Attorney Cliff Riedel ruled Thursday.

Police responded to several reports of a person shooting a gun in the 2600 block of Bradbury Court that night. When Hunter arrived on scene around 10:08 p.m., he saw Moore chasing his estranged wife down the street. Hunter’s body camera footage shows Moore grabbing the woman and moving away from the officer.


On July 26, 2017, the Glendale Police Department was in the area 5900 West Myrtle Avenue conducting intensive patrol due to increased crime reported in the area.

Around 7:30 p.m., Officers Matt Schneider and Mark Lindsey contacted the occupants of a Ford Taurus after Mr. Schneider observed a traffic violation. The contact occurred in a parking lot that was included in a blanket trespass agreement with the city of Glendale and the parking lot owner.

The officers approached the vehicle and found it occupied by three adults and two children. Police learned the driver did not have a driver’s license and began to an observed seat belt violation.

The occupants of the vehicle were identified as driver Shawn Blackburn, 34; front-seat passenger Johnny Wheatcroft, 37; and rear passenger Anya Chapman, 34. Two other back seat passengers were children ages 11 and 6.

The officers noticed Mr. Wheatcroft reaching down below his seat into a backpack. Mr. Wheatcroft also reportedly exhibited verbal non-compliance by refusing to identify himself and failed to obey the officer’s instructions to stop reaching his hands beneath the seat into the backpack and elsewhere in the vehicle.

“For the safety of themselves and those around them, including the minor children, the officers attempted to remove Mr. Wheatcroft from the vehicle so they could maintain a safe eye on him for the duration of the traffic stop as well as conduct a pat down for weapons,” Glendale police stated in a release.

However, Mr. Wheatcroft began to physically resist the officers’ attempts to remove him and continued placing his hands where officers could not see them. The officers displayed their Tasers and warned him of potential use to gain his compliance. However, Mr. Wheatcroft continued to argue, yell and physically resist the officers’ control holds.

Due to the physical resistance from Mr. Wheatcroft, an officer used the Taser in a “drive stun capacity”.

At some point, Ms. Chapman reportedly swung a bag filled with bottled drinks, striking Mr. Lindsey in the head and rendering him unconscious. Mr. Schneider then deployed his Taser, striking Mr. Wheatcroft. He then asked for additional officers to respond.


NEW YORK (AP) – The New York Police Department wants the navigation app Waze to stop warning drivers about sobriety checkpoints.

But Waze says the app shows “general police presence” and not DWI checkpoints specifically.

The dispute centers on a feature that shows drivers a mustachioed cartoon officer at locations where other Waze users have spotted police.

The NYPD sent a letter to Waze’s parent company Google last weekend warning that people who post the locations of DWI checkpoints “may be engaging in criminal conduct.”

The letter from Ann Prunty, acting deputy commissioner for legal matters, says the department has become aware that Waze “currently permits the public to report DWI checkpoints throughout New York City and map these locations on the application.” It demands that Google “immediately remove this function from the Waze application.”

Waze said in a statement Thursday that it believes highlighting police presence “promotes road safety” because people drive more carefully when they know there are officers nearby.

Waze added, “There is no separate functionality for reporting police speed traps and DUI/DWI checkpoints – the Waze police icon represents general police presence.”

Google has faced pressure to remove the officer-locating function before. Former Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck complained in December 2014 that Waze could be “misused by those with criminal intent to endanger police officers and the community.”

And the National Sheriffs’ Association warned in 2015 that the app could hamper the use of speed traps and put the public at risk.


A father and son were arrested Sunday afternoon and charged with assaulting two Greensboro Police officers in the parking lot outside a strip mall. Police were responding to a disorderly subject call at Sabor Latino at 3738 Farmington Drive when they encountered 49-year-old Jamie Donaldo Reyes and his son, 22-year-old Ronald Esau Reyes.


The female officer had stopped a silver Cadillac near Miner Road and Ocean Parkway, a police report said. The male driver jumped out of the car, had a brief conversation with the officer and then tried to leave in his vehicle, according to police.

The report said there was a struggle between the pair and the officer tried to use her Taser but it did not have the expected outcome.

The driver got in the Cadillac and ended up dragging the officer about 300 feet, police said.


The officer saw the male suspect jump from the back wall, holding a hatchet and attacking an elderly woman. The officer fired his duty weapon and the suspect fled the scene by jumping over the back wall. The suspect was located in the backyard of a residence in the 3500 block of West Maule, where a K9 officer was deployed to assist in taking the suspect into custody