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Louisville Metro Police have released new details about an officer-involved shooting that happened in South Louisville on Saturday. William A Young Jr., 32, was shot and killed by officers inside a vacant home on Oleanda Avenue just after 11:30 p.m. Police shot Young after he struck an officer in the chest with an object that resembled a meat skewer, Chief Steve Conrad said. LMPD officer Russell Braun was injured in the incident; he received a gunshot would to the hand and an impact injury to the chest. On Monday, Conrad said Officer Braun appeared to have shot himself in the hand as he was falling backwards.


After being taken into custody on suspicion that he robbed a store, Ole Miss University student Daniel Stewart Berry made his situation much worse when he decided to head-butt a deputy.

The business major was being taken to court in handcuffs while screaming obscenities at authorities when he slammed his forehead into the deputy’s face. He was immediately pulled away by the officers surrounding him, his bond currently set at $200,000 in light of the assault.


Alamongordo, NM – Footage of the shooting that killed Alamogordo police Officer Clint Corvinus and wanted fugitive Joseph Moreno last September was released by the New Mexico District Attorney’s Office Thursday afternoon. District Attorney John Sugg said he met with Corvinus’ and Moreno’s family to go over the findings with them as the investigation into the shooting is now complete. Lapel video from Officer Christopher Welch, who was on patrol with Corvinus the day of the incident, was shown during a press conference. “We have determined two things. First, that Officer Clint Corvinus was shot and killed by Joseph Moreno and second, that Officer Christopher Welch was justified in shooting Joseph Moreno,” Sugg said. On Sept. 2 Welch was on the final stages of the field office training. He had been with the Alamogordo Police Department for 10 months, according to police.


Police are searching for a Florida woman accused of performing oral sex on a man at a courthouse and posting it to social media. Brittney Jones, 26, allegedly performed sexual acts on 35-year-old Jeremiah Robinson on the fourth floor of Duval County Courthouse in Jacksonville on Jan. 31, the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office said Jones and Robinson are both wanted on charges of an unnatural and lascivious act.


The situation started after police attempt to pull over a driver for a traffic violation, but he fled the scene. A short chase then ensued which ended after the suspect exited his vehicle and then raised what appeared to be a gun at police.

The suspect then challenged the officers to shoot him, but the K-9 unit managed to tackle the suspect without lethal force. It was later discovered that the suspect didn’t have a weapon and was likely wanted police to shoot him.


Department of Correction Response Teams and the Delaware State Police are currently responding to a hostage situation at the James T. Vaughn Correctional Center (JTVCC) in Smyrna, Delaware. Inmates of the correctional facility have taken over a building and are thought to be holding multiple officers hostage. 3-5 prison guards have been taken hostage and that inmates have secured control of a building.


Chicago police have released bodycam video showing a wild shootout between police and a suspect who was accused of shooting his girlfriend. Authorities say suspect Richard Grimes initially fired at police after they arrived on scene, forcing them to immediately return fire. More than two dozen shots were then fired as police try to apprehend Richard Grimes, who was later killed at the scene.

Two officers were injured in the shootout including one officer who’s head was grazed by a bullet. This was the fourth police shootout in Chicago within a 10-day period around November 27th.


Phoenix police released body camera footage Thursday of a man who died after being arrested. The footage was taken at the Maryvale Community Center near 51st Avenue and Indian School Road earlier this month. It shows the arrest of 43-year-old Muhammad Abdul Muhaymin, who struggled with officers as he was escorted out of the facility. The video shows Muhaymin was combative with as many as eight officers during his arrest and continued to act violently after being placed in two pairs of handcuffs. While being restrained by police, he can be heard saying “I can’t breath” as officers urge him to calm down. After he was arrested, Muhaymin showed signs of medical distress — including vomiting — and officers attempted to help him. In the video, several officers can be heard saying, “Call fire,” an instruction to contact the fire department for medical help. Muhaymin was hospitalized but later died.


Despite refusing to release the body cam footage showing a Texas cop violently arresting a mom and her daughter after they had called him for help, somebody within the department apparently leaked the video to the family’s lawyer, who then released it to the media. Bodycam videos shows Fort Worth police officer William Martin berating, then arresting a woman who had called police because her neighbor had assaulted her seven-year-old son for littering. The incident, which took place December 21, led to Martin receiving a 10-day unpaid suspension, which he has already served, but is appealing in the hopes of getting paid for those days.

Hall, who was legally blind and suffered from schizoaffective disorder – a combination of schizophrenia symptoms and mood disorder – seemed agitated when he entered the store in the early hours of November 22, 2015.

According to a police statement, at the time officers were responding to a 911 call reporting a possible robbery in progress and say that when they arrived they found Hall in front of the store armed with a knife, and holding a large rock in his other hand.




(CBS) — The Independent Police Review Authority has released videos from the fatal police shooting of 26-year-old Darius Jones in November.

Police have said officers were on patrol near 69th and Damen on Nov. 18, 2016, when they saw one man shooting at another. They repeatedly ordered the gunman to drop his weapon, and when he didn’t, the officers shot him, according to police.

The videos show two angles of the fight that led up to the fatal shooting.

The first video shows three men spilling out of a business onto 69th Street.

Jones already had a gun in his hand as he was fighting with two other men when officers pulled up.

One of the men fighting with him grabbed Jones, and lifted him off the ground, but before he can body slam Jones, Jones fired a shot, causing the man to let go and run for his life. Then Jones fired at least half a dozen shots at the men striking one in the stomach.

A police SUV was just around the corner and pulled up to Jones as he was firing. Police said officers ordered Jones to drop his weapon, but he didn’t. Both officers opened fire, wounding Jones, who was taken to a hospital where he died less than an hour later.

It was such a hectic scene that the officer at the wheel of the SUV actually forgot to put the vehicle into park, and after the shooting, he had to jump in to stop the vehicle from rolling down the street.

The second video shows the fight in greater detail, but police are not visible during the brief altercation.

One man attempted to punch Jones as the three exited the business, and another man grabbed Jones, and then ran out of the picture, knocking over the first man as Jones fires multiple shots, wounding one of the other men.

Police have said the man Jones shot was taken to the hospital in critical condition at the time, but police have not provided that man’s name or an update on his condition.

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He seems pretty broken up. He should have tried my trusty way of avoiding jail time. I start by not raping people.

His mistake was the 57 year old grandmother that had no warrants, never been arrested, he raped her and made her feel he would kill her. She is the first one who came forward and told the truth. I am sure there are others who were just too afraid to come forward because maybe they had active warrants so they just stayed quiet. Anyway, the sentencing Judge up held the Jury’s recommendation that Daniel Holtzclaw serve 263 years consecutively. He will never get out of prison.


Lawrence Crosby, a black man and an engineering doctoral candidate at Northwestern University, was fixing his car in a suburb outside Chicago when a woman passing by called police. Crosby was fixing his own car and then got into his own car and pulled off. The woman followed Crosby, giving updates to police. Evanston police arrived on the scene and ordered Crosby out of his vehicle. Dashcam video of Crosby’s arrest was released Wednesday by Evansville police.

The video shows Crosby exiting his vehicle with his hands raised before cops take him down and begin punching him. within 10 seconds of Mr. Crosby getting out of his car with his hands in the air, he was tackled, he was kneed while he was standing up, then he was punched repeatedly by multiple officers, for allegedly stealing his own car. Crosby filed a civil rights lawsuit against the EPD in 2016, and that case is now pending.


The man being beaten in the video was allegedly arrested at Six Flags New England amusement park after a drunken struggle with security. He was brought to a holding cell at Agawam Police Department. The incident took place sometime in June of 2016.

The officers seen in the video, Sgt. Anthony Grasso, Officer John Moccio, and Officer Edward Connor were subsequently fired by Agawam Mayor Richard Cohen for the alleged use of force. Hampden County District Attorney said they would not be perusing criminal charges against