It isn’t wholly unheard of to be at a bar and to get a hankering for some nuts. Hell, that’s why many keep bowls of them freshly stocked on the bar. It isn’t too common, however, to have an urge to go after a whole other kind, much less a set of them, when drinking.
Michael Flaig, 31, a 10-year veteran of the neighboring Anne Arundel County Police Department, has brought unwanted attention on Baltimore once again. While celebrating Cinco de Mayo, he was drunk at a Baltimore bar, he was confronted by a man who was the roommate and friend of a woman whom Flaig had allegedly been touching.
When said male roommate left the bar a little before midnight, he alleges Flaig and a second man who has yet to be identified, jumped him. Somehow, in details it may be best that we don’t know as of yet, the victim’s testicles ended up in Flaig’s mouth – and he bit down – at least enough to draw blood.
A female had witnessed all of the events and was able to lead officers to another drinking establishment she’d seen Flaig enter. There, he was found on the second floor and had blood stains on his shirt.

Anne Arundel County Chief of Police Timothy J Altomare called the allegations ‘disturbing,’ adding in a statement Wednesday, “These charges are disturbing and we have an obligation as police officers to conduct ourselves in a professional manner on and off-duty. We will cooperate fully with the Baltimore Police Department as they conduct their investigation. At this time, we cannot comment further because for our agency, this is a confidential personally matter.”

Flaig is facing second-degree assault and public intoxication charges.