Last week, a 6-year-old girl was removed from her elementary school and escorted to a behavioral health center. Her mother, Martina Falk, said she was barred for a few days from taking her home.

Now Falk wants answers. On Monday, the mother of the little girl sat alongside her legal team at The Cochran Firm in San Marco. Falk and her attorney, Reganel Reeves, addressed members of the media regarding a situation with her child that she said took place on Feb. 4.

Falk’s daughter — who she said is diagnosed with ADHD and has a mood disorder — was sent to River Point Behavioral Health Center under the state Baker Act law by a social worker from Jacksonville’s Child Guidance Center, according to the school district.

“School district personnel do not make the decision to admit a person under the Baker Act,” Duval County Public Schools spokeswoman Laureen Ricks said. “By law, those decisions are made by certain licensed health care professionals or by law enforcement. In this case, the decision was made by a third party licensed mental health professional.”

The state law provides emergency health services and temporary detention and psychiatric evaluation for people in need. But Falk said she’s disappointed in the school district for letting her 6-year-old’s “temper tantrum” spark a psychological evaluation.

“We want answers,” said Reeves, whose team is calling for an investigation. “My client has not received a straight answer. We’re getting bits and pieces”

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