A woman was arrested for pointing a plastic gun at people while riding a tricycle and then stealing a package from a postal truck.

COLLIER COUNTY, Fla. – A woman was arrested for pointing a plastic gun at people while riding a tricycle and then stealing a package from a postal truck.

Deputies were called to Triangle Bay Dr. and Collier Blvd. Saturday night because of a call that a woman was pointing a gun at people.

Deputies found Leida Crisostomo riding a tricycle and holding a black and silver handgun. Deputies drove beside her and told her to drop the gun. She did. Then she rolled into the grass and put her hands behind her back, deputies said.

Once handcuffed, law enforcement said Crisostomo told them she was “God” and that voices in her head were telling her to do things.

Law enforcement discovered that her gun was plastic.

One victim told deputies that Crisostomo pointed the gun at a mail carrier and force the man out of the truck. The postal worker walked to the back of the truck and handed her a package. Then Crisostomo got back on her back and rode down the sidewalk.

The package was returned to the postal worker.

Crisostomo was arrested for armed robbery and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

The Florida Highway Patrol says they arrested a man who took extreme measures to avoid paying Florida tolls.

WFTV in Orlando reports that Joshua Concepcion-West, 27, installed a device on his car that shielded his license plate with the push of a button on a remote control.

Troopers caught Concepcion-West dropping the “curtain” over his tag on the east-west expressway at Conway Road in Orlando, right before he went through the toll plaza.

“After he cleared the tool booth, the tag cover came back up and the tag was exposed again,” said FHP Sgt. Kim Montes.

“Because the tag was obscured, we don’t know yet how many times this vehicle has run the toll, so we don’t know how much money he’s stolen from the state,” said Montes.


SHEBOYGAN COUNTY, Wis. – An alert pizza delivery driver helped save a woman from her abusive ex-boyfriend, police say.

A 55-year-old Grafton man now faces several counts of domestic abuse after allegedly entering his ex-girlfriend’s house uninvited, where he’s alleged to have beaten and tied her up.

Police arrested Dean Hoffmann after the pizza delivery driver noticed a woman inside the house mouthing the words “help me.”

“It’s kind of scary,” said driver Joey Grundl. “Gave him his pizza, and noticed behind him was his girlfriend. She pointed to a black eye that was quite visible. She mouthed the words ‘call police.'”

According to a criminal complaint, the victim — a 57-year-old woman — started dating Hoffmann in 2016 and they lived together until August of 2018. After their breakup, the woman moved to a home near 2nd and Lyndon.

Investigators say around 1 p.m. on Thursday, Sept. 27 Hoffmann entered her home without knocking and without her permission. She told Hoffmann to leave and grabbed her phone to call police. As she picked up her phone, Hoffmann allegedly ripped the phone out of her hands, grabbed her by the waist and dragged her toward steps that led upstairs.

The complaint says Hoffmann shoved the victim, causing her to fall with her back on the steps, then pulled her hair, ripped her shirt and continued to try and drag her up the stairs. In an attempt to get away, the woman told investigators she hit Hoffmann in the groin. Hoffmann then punched her in the face, giving her a black eye and bloody nose.

Afterward, Hoffmann locked them both in the bathroom for approximately 30 minutes while the woman tended to her bloody nose, according to the complaint.

Prosecutors say Hoffmann then forced her upstairs and onto her bed, binding her hands and feet with a power cord from her vacuum, then shoving a towel in her mouth to ensure “nobody would be able to hear her.”



A Colorado police officer, Denver to be exact, was taken into custody Friday after his own body camera caught him stealing $1,200 from a suspect who’d crashed his vehicle trying to flee.

48-year-old Officer Julian Archuleta could be seen in the video taking cash from the suspect’s pockets after it was removed by paramedics during an October 7th shooting investigation. Officer Archuleta had been called to take photographs of the scene and the suspect’s vehicle after it crashed during a pursuit.

Archuleta’s own body camera was on for over 24 minutes as he searched the suspect’s car and clothing. It then showed him find a stack of cash with a $100 bill on top.

A detective who collected the cash and logged it into evidence, however, found no $100 bills whatsoever. Archuleta had made no note of a $100 bill in his written account of the crime scene either. When the detective viewed Archuleta’s body cam footage, he contacted internal affairs.

After he was called into internal affairs, he contacted a police union representative to let him know that he was being investigated for theft. He contacted that union representative again an hour later to say he’d found $1,200 that “must have fallen in his bag.”

He then turned the money over to internal affairs but has refused to speak to investigators.

Officer Archuleta, an officer since 2004, was suspended without pay. The department has thus far refused to release the body camera footage because it’s evidence in the ongoing criminal case.

He’s been charged with theft, official misconduct, and tampering with physical evidence.




A Texas probation officer has been busted for having an illicit affair with one of the men she later helped escape from a substance abuse facility.

37-year-old Karla McKeown purportedly helped her lover, 26-year-old Raymundo Alzamora (below, left), as well as 27-year-old Joshua Parsons (below, right), escape from the Peden Community Corrections Facility back in May.

At the time, she was working a second job at the facility for court-mandated treatment, where she met Mr. Alzamora.

After their escape, he reached out to her and she met up with him. She then drove to get Parsons and took them both to her home.


Warrant officers received a tip that the Parsons was in a home on Pepper Ridge Lane on May 8th.

A neighbor, identified as, Brandon Alsobrooks, says he witnessed Parsons trying to escape through the back door of the house before officers re-captured him.

Authorities believe Alzamora was likely hiding in a closet when they raided the home. He remains at large.

He’s charged with aggravated assault and unauthorized absence.




Two Mississippi cops have been fired after one of the two’s 3-year-old daughter was left to die in a hot patrol car for four hours.

27-year-old Long Beach Officer Cassie Barker, the child’s mother, and 36-year-old Sgt. Clark Ladner, were fired after Barker’s daughter was found unresponsive in the back of her patrol car on Friday morning while she was meeting with Sgt. Ladner at his home for multiple hours. He was her shift supervisor.

The little girl had been strapped into her car seat in the back of the patrol car the entire time.

The two in blue had just finished a night shift working together that morning and had ended up together at his house. Sgt. Ladner told detectives that Officer Barker had showed up unannounced and that he hadn’t been aware that the little girl was in the car.

Both officers were suspended without pay during the investigation into the girl’s death, and were fired from their jobs after a unanimous vote by the city council. The reason given for the terminations was conduct detrimental to the public.

No criminal charges have been filed against the two cops, but Glenn Grannan, the Hancock County Chief Investigator, said Tuesday that “somebody is going to be accountable for the baby’s death.”




A Georgia cop made up a story that a black suspect had shot her before fleeing into the woods. It turned out to be an utter lie.

Officer Sherry Hall had claimed on the radio, just after midnight, that a black man had shot her in her bulletproof vest and fled into the nearby woods.


Her story, however, started to fall apart after over 600 hours of investigation by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

She was fired on September 24th and charged with felony giving of false statements, tampering with evidence, interference with government property, and a violation of oath of office.




A Tennessee cop has been indicted on multiple sex charges after being accused of raping a woman and assaulting another in separate traffic stops.

26-year-old Officer Christopher Odom, a now-former officer with the Spring Hill Police Department, was let go from his job of three years, as well as charged, after an internal investigation following allegations that he sexually assaulted at least two women during traffic stops in June and July.

A grand jury returned indictments charging him with one count of sexual battery, one count of rape, and two counts of official misconduct.

He was taken into custody Monday, but has since been released after posting $75,000 bond.




A Florida Highway Patrol trooper is alleged to have groped a woman, then told her that he did it to help with her so-called insecurities.

35-year-old Trooper David Gonzalez is said to have pulled a woman over, then told her “you look really good tonight” before having her pull off to a side street.

He asked her to get out of her car, then took her phone and added himself to her Snapchat.

He’s then alleged to have taken a selfie with the victim, sent it to her friends, purportedly “to see if she thought he was cute.”

The woman alleges that he then started hugging her “because she looked nervous,” then kissed her neck and reached under her shirt to grope her breast.

The victim reported the trooper to an off-duty officer and authorities started monitoring Snapchat conversations between them.

She told Gonzalez over Snapchat that he “moved too fast with her,” and his reply was that “guys only want one thing and I wanted to treat you with respect and do away with you(r) insecurities about yourself.”

He was fired by the Florida Highway Patrol and has been charged with simple battery. He’s being held in lieu of $10,000 bond.




Three Arizona police officers, Phoenix to be precise, have resigned after a man says they forced him to eat weed they found in his vehicle, and had him do so to avoid going to jail.

A fourth officer, recently promoted to lieutenant, Jeff Farrior, was demoted from lieutenant back down to sergeant for not taking appropriate action.

The three officers, identified as Jason E. McFadden, Richard G. Pina and Michael J. Carnicle had their cameras tuned off when the 19-year-old victim was stopped for a traffic violation at around 3:30 a.m. on September 13th.

The unidentified man was given a ticket for his weed and his car was towed.

The officers then wondered what to do with the marijuana, and decided to have the man eat it or go to jail. When he became sick, he filed a complaint with the department.

Two of the officers are being investigated, both criminally and by the department. The third is being considered a witness to the act, and is only under administrative investigation.

All three officers who resigned were in their first year with the Phoenix Police Department and were probationary.

The police chief was going to fire them and they chose to resign.




A married police officer in Indio, California police officer has been arrested after allegedly raping his 18-year-old female cousin at his home. If that weren’t bad enough, his wife is alleged to have helped him cover it up.

34-year-old Sergio Ramirez is alleged to have raped the 18-year-old victim who was staying at his home starting in June. She’d planned to stay there until August 8th, when she was going to move off to college.

But on August 6th, she says Ramirez came into her room in the early morning hours while she was sleeping and laid down next to her.

Feeling a bit uncomfortable with this, she moved to another room and fell asleep on a couch. She awoke shortly thereafter to find Mr. Ramirez sexually assaulting her.

According to the report, “she could not believe he was doing this because he has been such a positive role model for her and he is a police officer. She viewed him as a father figure.”

After the assault, she went to a friend’s house, then to Eisenhower Medical Center to undergo a sexual assault exam.

Ramirez is then alleged to have asked his wife through text messages to lie to cops. She also purportedly washed the clothes that the victim had been wearing during the assault.

Other family members have already attempted to talk the victim out of trying to move forward with the case and worried about her safety because Ramirez knew where she lived.

When deputies were unable to locate one of his firearms, it only persuaded them more to try to get her to abandon the case.

He was arrested on August 31st and charged with rape by force or fear, oral copulation by force or violence and forcible sexual penetration. He was released the next day on $85,000 bail.

His court date has been set for October 14th.




A Colorado sheriff is accused of sexually assaulting a developmentally delayed inmate at his home as he was (supposed to be) taking her to jail.

43-year-old Sedgwick County Sheriff Tom Hanna is said to have digitally penetrated the woman after asking her if she wanted to make $60.

“I just want sex,” he told her. The victim told detectives he’d threatened her after the assault which allegedly occurred on August 10th.

“This has to stay between us,” he said, according to the arrest affidavit. “If it don’t, I’m gonna take you to prison for the rest of your life.”

He denies that he made any sexual contact with the woman and told the Colorado Bureau of Investigation that he doesn’t “know why she would say something like that,” but they took him into custody him after the interview Tuesday.

According to a Sedgwick County deputy, Sheriff Hanna showed up at the office that day saying that he was going to drive the female inmate to the Logan County jail. He drove her to his nearby home first, according to investigators.

The woman had trouble putting her thoughts together when an investigator, working off of a tip from the deputy, asked her about Hanna. She claims he made her strip naked then took off his own pants.He then asked her to touch him. She said she didn’t want to do it, so he put his fingers inside of her instead.

He finally took her to the jail that had been their original destination, and added $20 to her commissary account when he dropped her off.

After the woman told the investigator that she felt like she’d been raped and asked him if she had, she threw up in a trash can.

The sheriff told the investigators with CBI agents that he’d added $20 to her account simply because “he has a big heart” and wanted to make sure she had money to use to call her brother. He did admit to taking her to his house, though, and called it a “poor decision” based on her request to tell him something in private.

He refused to take a lie detector test, according to authroities, and faces charges of sexual assault on an at-risk adult, sexual conduct on a correctional inmate, first-degree official misconduct, and soliciting prostitution.

Initially, he was held in the same jail where he’d eventually dropped off the victim, but was later transported to the Weld County jail.




A Minnesota woman rammed into a parked car near a bar, reeked of alcohol, and was struggling to keep her balance when cops arrived.

27-year-old Chaunte Lee Ford told the Minneapolis police officer that she was in law enforcement herself, in St. Louis Park, and that she was sorry for what she’d done.

That was how it started. How it ended is a whole new story.

When another officer arrived, she became belligerent, made obscene gestures, cursed at the officers as she cried.

“I fucked up!” she yelled multiple times.

“Fuck the police! I fucking hate cops and I hate that I’m a cop,” she said. “All you guys do is harass black people!”

Then at one point, she pulled her pants down, squatted and proceeded to pee.

A few moments later, she refused to submit to a sobriety test and laid down on her back, bawled her eyes out and continued yelling.

She was finally pinned down and handcuffed.

Her blood alcohol content registered a .20 percent, more than twice the legal limit.

She’s been with the St. Louis Park Police Department for six years, and has been charged with DWI, careless driving, obstructing the legal process, and two others; all misdemeanors.




A lover who received a cold shoulder at a nightclub cried rape against an innocent man. It cost cops boatloads and her her freedom.

Belfast cops spent £10,000 ($13,000) on the investigation which turned out to be completely false.

22-year-old Lisha Tait claimed she’d been sexually assaulted after essentially only being ignored in a Belfast nightclub by the man she’d had at least one previous liaison with.

She pleaded guilty to perverting the course of justice in Belfast Crown Court.

She was charged for making a false report and two false written statements to authorities on dates between July 6th and August 15th back in 2013.

The series of events in question started in the early hours of July 7th when cops received a call from the an ambulance service for a “distressed woman”.

She was taken to a Sexual Assault Referral Center in Antrim where she’d been examined. She made a formal complaint claiming a man she knew had raped her at the Odyssey nightclub.

On August 13th, Ms. Tait made a written statement claiming this man had spoken to her in the club before he grabbed her and sexually assaulted her outside.

On September 4th, the accused man went to a police station voluntarily, and was questioned for roughly two hours.

He admitted he’d spoken to her in the club, but said he never left the club and vehemently denied her allegations.

He went on to tell police that the two of them had “been together consensually that week”.

He then gave a DNA sample.

During the investigation, cops watched surveillance video which showed a visibly intoxicated Tait leaving the club alone and getting into a taxi.

She was interview again by investigators on September 16th and told them that she then wanted to tell the truth.

That’s when she admitted that she’d made the story up on the basis that the man had given her the cold shoulder in the club.

She showed remorse and apologized for wasting their time, according to Crown prosecutor Simon Jenkins.

Her attorney said she had issues with alcohol and mephodrone misuse.

She was given nine years.




A New York woman has been arrested after beating up her 90-year-old husband. She also fought with a deputy, which lead to him being sent to the hospital.

72-year-old Darlene Stolaruk was taken into custody because of a call they received for an assault Thursday. The incident occurred at Star Bat Inc. Leasing, a business she shares with her husband.

When a deputy attempted to take her into custody, she resisted. She and the law enforcement officer then fell to the ground, according to Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard.

“They lost their footing and she landed on his shoulder, which caused a shoulder injury,” Bouchard said.

“It could have been potentially assault and battery or some kind of domestic violence charge but when you escalate it and resist arrest,” he said. “And the officer in this case gets injured, now you have escalated the potential charges.

She’s since been released on bond.

The business she and her husband shared was closed.




Meet Emma Wiley.

A Massachusetts college woman has been arrested after biting off the ear of rookie female officer Jessica Rondinelli, who was trying to place her into a squad car after a brawl early Sunday outside of a bar.

Officers responding to a 911 call about a fight in progress, according to a Salem Police Department report, found Ms. Wiley and another woman scrapping as a crowd of over 100 people walked around.

She had a fistful of the other woman’s hair and was trying to throw her to the ground. She was was also “screaming uncontrollably,” according to the same report.


After officers separated the tangling pair and started taking the enraged collegiate to a police cruiser, the criminal justice major from Salem State University yelled, “I’ll fucking kill you all. Don’t fucking touch me!”

As officers struggled to get her inside the car, she lunged at the face of the officer and “grabbed a hold of Officer Rondinelli’s right ear in her teeth and refused to let go.” The bitten officer then yelled, “She has my ear!”

Ms. Wiley released her bite when the 27-year-old victim in blue gouged her in the eye.

“She bit my ear off,” she told fellow officers. Her right ear was bleeding and had a “jagged chunk missing from the top of it”.


Officers found a piece of the officer’s ear in the rear area of the car used to transport the unruly perp to the Salem police station.

An officer “quickly put the piece in a plastic bag” and took it to the hospital where Rondinelli was being treated.

Unfortunately, Rondinelli was told by a doctor that, “due to the risk of infection and the nature in which her ear had been disfigured, it was unlikely that attaching the bitten-off piece was possible, and that her ear was going to be permanently marred,” according to the report.

Emma Wiley was charged with several crimes, including mayhem, aggravated assault, assault and battery on a police officer, and making threats to kill.

She pleaded not guilty to the charges and was ordered held without bail.




A Virginia man, purported to be a former police captain, has been arrested after a 10-year-old girl told her parents he inappropriately touched her.

53-year-old Joseph Patrick Gamerl has been charged with taking indecent liberties with a child and aggravated sexual battery after an investigation following the accusation.

Major Crimes Division detectives also determined that he’d been using an electronic device to solicit minors.

Police are seeking anyone with information or that may have had similar encounters with Mr. Gamerl.

If this is the case, please contact Crime Solvers electronically by visiting http://www.fairfaxcrimesolvers.org


text-a-tip by texting “TIP187” plus your message to CRIMES(274637)**


call 1-866-411-TIPS(8477)


call Fairfax County Police at 703-691-2131.




A Subway employee in Utah is in hot water after he allegedly slipped meth and THC into a cop’s lemonade.

Tanis Ukena was purported to have been seen on video spending an unusual amount of time with the officer’s drink, having spent part of the time off-screen with drink in hand.

who works at a Layton, Utah branch of the sandwich shop, was arrested on charges of giving a poisonous substance to a uniformed officer.

Suspicions arose after the Layton police sergeant reported that he didn’t feel well immediately after partaking of the drink on Monday.

He said he “felt impaired” while driving his squad car; even struggling to find the brake pedal when he came to a red light.

When he finally arrived at the station, he wasn’t even able to answer his superiors’ questions and “drifted off”.

The sergeant, who was hospitalized and later released, noted that the lemonade had “tasted funny,” according to records.

A test was conducted on the remaining liquid in the officer’s cup, and it tested positive for traces of meth and THC; the latter being the active ingredient in marijuana.

Mr. Ukena denies doing anything to the officer’s drink.slipping methamphetamine and THC – the active ingredient of marijuana – into the drink.

While authorities believe the sergeant was targeted because he was a cop, it’s unknown if this is the case.

The suspect is now being held on $10,000 bail.




A former California police officer has been arrested and booked on suspicion of a staggering 22 felonies related to raping and sexual battering of five women while on duty. He was also in uniform.

31-year-old Noah Winchester was apprehended Thursday morning on an arrest warrant that included charges of rape, kidnapping, and sexual battery; all while on duty.

He’s alleged to have preyed on women who were poor and “down on their luck,” including one who was homeless. He would spy on them on the street before insisting they come with him — often threatening them with arrest if they didn’t.

While the women were of several different races and ages, their similarities are that they’d all been down on their luck and were struggling to survive. None of the victims were prostitutes.

His alleged crimes were committed in two cities. In Sacramento and in San Mateo.

The San Mateo Police Department put him on leave after he’d been accused of sexual assault in early 2015. He resigned back in February of this year.

He’s being held in the San Joaquin County Jail on $3.1 million bail.



A Maryland cop has been indicted for allegedly taking photos up the skirts of unsuspecting women, one of which was a fellow cop who was off duty.

Officer James Sims with Prince George’s County was indicted on four counts of visual surveillance with prurient interest, and two counts of misconduct in office for the offense.

He joined the department in 2010 and was suspended in June.

Back on that June day, he’s alleged to have taken an upskirt photo of an unidentified woman at a Sports Authority store. That woman, who was an off-duty officer, chased him out of the store.

He then jumped into his police cruiser and drove off.

He’s also been accused of taking inappropriate photos of female drivers while on duty.

Two are said to have happened during traffic stops, one at a Chipotle restaurant, and a separate incident at a Sports Authority store.

The Police Chief, Hank Stawinski, released a statement:

“We immediately took this case to the State’s Attorney’s Office in anticipation of criminal charges being placed against POFC Sims. I find the conduct alleged to be disgusting. Policing is an honorable profession. One of service. One built on trust. If proven true, he will have betrayed the trust of this community.”



A drunk off-duty cop in Brooklyn, New York slammed his Dodge Durango into four people on a sidewalk this past Saturday, leaving one of them dead and three others in critical condition.

The fatality was a 21-year-old man whose parents haven’t been notified because they’re hiking in California.

The inebriated officer, 28-year-old rookie Nicholas Batka, was sound enough of state and mind to ask if he’d killed anyone right after the first responding officers arrived.

He was due to be at work at 7 a.m., just four hours after the avoidable tragedy. He tried to flee the scene, but was unable to move his car, according to a witness, identified as Kelly Convery.

She says she, along with everyone else immediately on the scene of the carnage, saw him switch jump from the driver’s seat to the passenger seat.

Brandon Smith, another witness, said, “People were trying to stop him from leaving.”

One held the door of the SUV closed so he couldn’t get out, according to another witness.


The alcohol-fueled accident occurred on Bedford Avenue near North Eighth Street, a block packed with people enjoying the popular bar scene.

One of those partiers was Officer Batka, who’d been drinking with other off-duty officers at a nearby bar.

The three critically injured survivors of the accident are expected to recover fully. They include a 24-year-old man, a 20-year-old woman, and a 23-year-old woman.

The disgraced officer has since been suspended from his job.

According to witness Kate Hanley, he “was really wasted”. “When they brought him out, he was conscious, but like someone that was blackout drunk. Four people had to get him out of the car. I heard people screaming and saw people lying all over the place. Just covered in blood and really badly ­injured,” she continued. “Someone in front of my stoop had a bone sticking out of his leg. People were screaming.”

Yet another witness, Angela Zielinski, had rushed to help one of the female victims.

“Her head, her leg were bleeding. She was squirming and squealing,’’ she said. Another man was impaled on a fence.

She says she yelled to the driver, “Dude, what the fuck?!? You just hit four people,’’ and says he just stared back at her with a blank look on his face.

She says Batka even flashed his badge to the crowd gathered around his car.

He refused to take a Breathalyzer test, but a blood sample was taken when he was transported to Weill Cornell for an exam. He was released to authorities who arrested him for manslaughter.

Upon his arraignment on Sunday morning, his bail was set at $300,000.

He posted bond and was released, due back on July 21st.




A Georgia man was arrested after he posted comments on a TV station’s Facebook page telling people to “kill all white cops.”

19-year-old Derrick “De De” Hudson is alleged to have posted “Just kill all white cracker cops LLH” (laughing like hell) on a post that WGXA-TV had made at around about 2:30 p.m. Wednesday. He’s been charged with soliciting people to commit murder as a result.

The post he made the unbelievable comments on linked to a post which showed Alton Sterling’s 15-year-old son speaking about his father’s death.

A sergeant with the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office took a screen shot of Hudson’s threats, leading to his being tracked down.

He was booked in the Bibb County jail roughly five hours later.

He remains in jail.