Moving footage shows the moment a hero football coach disarmed and embraced a suicidal student who brought a loaded gun into class at a Portland High School.

Keanon Lowe, a Former University of Oregon football star, had wrestled with student Angel Granados-Diaz, 19, for the weapon as other students ran screaming out a back door during the May 17 incident.

Newly released surveillance footage from the Parkrose High School gun scare in May shows Keanon Lowe, a security guard and coach at the Portland school, disarming, embracing and comforting the distraught student who brought a loaded shotgun into a classroom.

Investigators say the student, Angel Granados-Diaz, then 18, was suffering a mental health crisis and didn’t intend to hurt anyone but himself.

The video shows Lowe walk into a hallway in the school, holding the gun in one hand and keeping his other arm wrapped around Granados-Diaz. He hands the weapon off to another male, then wraps both arms around Granados-Diaz in a bear hug. He appears to comfort the teen, who eventually touches Lowe’s face, then embraces the coach as Lowe hugs him and pats him on the back.

Granados-Diaz hadn’t wanted to kill himself at home, where his mother would find his body, so he went to the school to do it, authorities said. His lawyer said the teen had been in a school bathroom and thought about ending his life there but decided to go into the classroom instead so someone would call 911 immediately after he fired.

Classmates and friends said Granados-Diaz, who was a Parkrose High senior, had been sad and lonely after a breakup with his girlfriend.

School officials received a heads-up the morning of May 17 about the potential danger after at least one student reported to the school that Granados-Diaz had been making suicidal statements. That prompted campus security guard Keanon Lowe to head to Granados-Diaz’s class to find him and bring him back to the school office, where he could be connected to help, investigators said.

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