The Vallejo Police Department has released body cam video in an officer-involved shooting that left a local rapper dead last month.

The family of Willie McCoy,20, saw footage from the fatal shooting weeks before it was released to the public.

They believe the video provides a different view of what led up to the incident.

According to the Vallejo Police Department, on Feb. 9 officers responded to a 911 call from a Taco Bell regarding an unresponsive driver in the drive-through lane of the restaurant.

When officers arrived at the scene, they located McCoy in the driver seat of the vehicle.

Officers claim they saw a gun on his lap.

Officer tried to retrieve the gun from McCoy’s lap, without disturbing him, but the door was locked, authorities say.

“Officers attempted to secure the driver’s car by placing a car in front and behind the driver to pin it in,” the Vallejo Police Department said in a detailed video describing the incident. “While the second car was approaching to pin in the car, the driver awoke.”

Officers told McCoy to show his hands.

Investigators say that he was not coopering with the officers’ commands.

According to police, McCoy reached down for his gun and officers fired at him.

He was pulled from the car and officer performed life-saving measures on the man, but McCoy died from his injuries.

Family members say that McCoy was not alert when he was shot and the body cam footage proves it.

His cousin, Davis Harrison told KRON4 in a previous interview, that officers never identified themselves when calling for McCoy to raise his hands.

“He was never coherent,” Harrison said. “They shot him all of those times while he was asleep.”

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