A Colorado police officer, Denver to be exact, was taken into custody Friday after his own body camera caught him stealing $1,200 from a suspect who’d crashed his vehicle trying to flee.

48-year-old Officer Julian Archuleta could be seen in the video taking cash from the suspect’s pockets after it was removed by paramedics during an October 7th shooting investigation. Officer Archuleta had been called to take photographs of the scene and the suspect’s vehicle after it crashed during a pursuit.

Archuleta’s own body camera was on for over 24 minutes as he searched the suspect’s car and clothing. It then showed him find a stack of cash with a $100 bill on top.

A detective who collected the cash and logged it into evidence, however, found no $100 bills whatsoever. Archuleta had made no note of a $100 bill in his written account of the crime scene either. When the detective viewed Archuleta’s body cam footage, he contacted internal affairs.

After he was called into internal affairs, he contacted a police union representative to let him know that he was being investigated for theft. He contacted that union representative again an hour later to say he’d found $1,200 that “must have fallen in his bag.”

He then turned the money over to internal affairs but has refused to speak to investigators.

Officer Archuleta, an officer since 2004, was suspended without pay. The department has thus far refused to release the body camera footage because it’s evidence in the ongoing criminal case.

He’s been charged with theft, official misconduct, and tampering with physical evidence.




A Florida woman talked her father into taking her to the bank for a job interview. It turned out to be a total lie. She’d gotten a ride to rob the place.

24-year-old Chelsea Wilson wore a red wig, hat and sunglasses, and walked into the TD Bank and handed the clerk a note demanding cash.

“You have exactly one minute to give me all your $50 and $100 bills from both drawers or I will shoot you! No dye packs, no alarms follow these instructions and no one will get hurt, act normal,” the note said, according to the criminal complaint

CCTV footage allegedly shows her running through the parking lot with the $300 she’d managed to steal. It then shows her getting into a black SUV.

Cops tracked it down. They also felt that the robbery seemed similar to three previous incidents in the area. When they visited Ms. Wilson’s home on Friday she confessed to all of them.

She claims she used the money to buy groceries,.

She remains in custody until a hearing scheduled for Wednesday.




A Florida man was arrested this past Wednesday after stealing around $40,000 worth of headphones from his job.

27-year-old David Anthony Hunter admitted to local deputies that he’d taken 425 pairs of headphones from his online retail job where he was employed labeling packages to be shipped. His boss told authorities that Mr. Hunter was paid eight dollars an hour.

The suspect told deputies that he’d stolen the headphones “because he felt he was being underpaid,” according to the report. Most of those headphones were recovered.

Mr. Hunter was taken into custody and charged with grand theft.



A Rite Aid store employee was suspected of stealing money to buy scratch-off lottery tickets for the Georgia lottery on “hundreds of occasions.”


The woman would “literally remove money from the register, buy tickets, scratch them off, cash them out and repeat,” according to a report.

When the investigation concluded, it was determined that between $7,000 and $10,000 was missing.


On August 25th, 51-year-old Vickie Jean Matthews was charged with felony theft.

But during the investigation, police also saw theft by two other Rite Aid employees, 55-year-old Robin Booth Mathis and 50-year-old Dianna Eve Farr.

They were likewise charged with theft.


The most surprising part was that the three women all seemed to be doing it by themselves, with no knowledge that either of the others were doing the same thing.

What prompted the investigation to begin with was the fact that that particular Rite Aid location was selling boatloads more lottery tickets than almost every other store in Georgia.




A Kansas man accused of robbing a bank told cops that he’d rather be in prison than live with his wife.

70-year-old Lawrence John Ripple had handed a note to a bank teller in Kansas City this past Friday. It said he had a gun and demanded cash. He took the money and went and sat in the lobby where he told a guard he was the “guy he was looking for.”

Cops arrived very quickly.

According to the arrest affidavit, Mr. Ripple had been arguing with his wife earlier that day, and told authorities that he wrote the note in front of her, telling her he would “rather be in jail than at home.”

He was charged with bank robbery.




An Ohio man broke into an adult novelty store and took with him an assortment of sex toys and lube, before departing the premises with the upper half of a $2000 sex doll…which he threw a $46.99 blond wig on top of.

26-year-old Ellis Doyle broke into Cirilla’s through a ventilation pipe at around 2:45 a.m. Saturday and stole the varying items before leaving. Surveillance video shows him then trying to re-enter through the front doors, but they’d locked behind him.


He went back “through the roof and ceiling over the cash register,” according to the report. During that second browsing after hours through the store, he “walks around the store again and then walks over to the ‘Eva’ mannequin and strips the clothing off of it and takes the top half of the mannequin and takes a blond and burgundy wig off a display and places it on its head and walks out the front door.”

Police were able to identify him from the video, and he was arrested for breaking and entering.


He was arraigned Wednesday on the felony, and is now free on $5000 bond.

He’s scheduled for preliminary hearing on August 29th.



A Florida man busted last week after robbing a store, told cops he’d done it because the 10-year-old boy with him had made him do it.

18-year-old Steven A. Manor was caught red-handed on security cameras breaking a window with a large rock at a Dollar General store on July 14th. The 10-year-old was with him.

The elder was seen unlocking a case of cigarettes and stealing two packs.

Two people who were driving by heard the store’s alarm and saw three people running. They’d followed the trio to a motel, which is where they were found two of them; Mr. Manor and the 10-year-old.

Initially, he denied even being involved, but then told authorities that the 10-year-old and the youngster’s two cousins had “made him go into the store.”

He was arrested and charged with criminal mischief, petty theft, and burglary.



Three women, including two sisters, and a man have been arrested and charged for a Chicago home invasion that left one of their posse dead and another injured.

19-year-old Brandy Marshall (below) had met with the homeowner for paid oral sex twice. The crew attempted to rob that homeowner this past Tuesday night. It all went much, much differently than they’d planned.


It was after that second meeting that she hatched the plan with her sister, 20-year-old Paige Marshall (first below), 20-year-old Sarah Risner (second below) and 23-year-old Tyler Gulli (third below) to rob the man’s home during her next visit.

Their plans were shot to hell when the homeowner opened fire. That hail of gunfire killed 19-year-old Anthony Dalton (fourth below) and took out Gulli’s femur.

The two males were armed with knives and had brandished them before they were introduced to the bullets.

The homeowner, who has remained unidentified, does have a concealed carry permit.

The original plan was for Brandy and Ms. Risner to enter the house and open the door to let in the other three.


Risner then told the homeowner she needed to get condoms out of the car, but she wasn’t able to open the door to the home.

When the homeowner went to help her, he saw someone crouching outside.

He slammed the door shut, got his gun from the kitchen, and found all five suspects now inside.

That’s when he let loose a hail of gunfire.

Dalton suffered multiple gunshot wounds, was transported to hospital, and was later pronounced dead.

After the chaos, Risner, Brandy and Gulli fled the scene in the car they’d driven there. Paige, on the other hand, stayed behind somewhere outside the house.

She was arrested after coming out of the woods around the home when officers arrived at the scene.


The suspects in the car dropped the injured Gulli off at a hospital, where he’s being treated for his fractured femur.

Risner and Brandy were eventually found after Paige gave investigators information that led them to the car.

The four of them were charged with first-degree murder and home invasion.

Prosecutors say they’re also being held responsible for Mr. Dalton’s death because it occurred while they were committing a crime.


His death has been listed as a homicide, but charges haven’t been filed against the homeowner.

Thus far, it isn’t clear how Brandy and the homeowner had arranged her prior visits to his home.

Risner, Brandy and Paige are being held on $2 million bonds, and are due in court on August 3rd. Gulli will appear in court upon his release from the hospital.





A Tennessee woman is alleged to have robbed a man while his pants were around his ankles, literally.

25-year-old Jonisia Morris took the man’s debit card while she was performing oral sex on him inside of a parked car in Nashville.

According to the report, she was “performing oral sex on the victim while sitting in a car located at the Clarion Hotel” when she took his debit card from his pants pocket.

After taking it, she hid it under the passenger seat and placed his wallet back in his pocket without him noticing.

She used the card at a gas station nearby.

She admitted to cops, not only this crime, but other debit card thefts in the area.

She’s been charged with theft, fraudulent use of a credit card, and indecent exposure.




A man accused of breaking into a couple’s apartment in Indiana is likely regretting the hell out of it, proven by the fact that he ended up running away from the man who lives there. He got beaten so badly that he had to go to the emergency room afterwards.

20-year-old Rey Cruz will think twice about further crimes after a couple caught him inside their apartment in Bloomington, Indiana on Wednesday night.

The man noticed that Mr. Cruz was wearing his jacket, and chased him around the building, eventually grabbing him and yanking the jacket off of his back.

Even after the jacket was retrieved, he continued his chase and tackled him on the sidewalk. He then proceeded to punch Cruz in the face “three to four times,” making his nose bleed, among other things.

He was arrested in the emergency room at Indiana University Health Hospital.

In addition to a mugshot he’ll not soon forget, Cruz has been charged with felony burglary.




A Florida man got into an Uber car, pulled out a syringe, and threatened to inject the driver with HIV if he didn’t drive away.

According to Boca Raton Police, 30-year-old Matthew Steven Francis got into the car of Sebastian Lora, who was waiting for a passenger outside of a 7-Eleven.

After a bit, Mr. Francis told Lora to pull over and took his phone and wallet before running from the car.

Officers found him walking nearby, and found a syringe in one pocket, and Lora’s wallet in the other.

He’s been charged with robbery with a deadly weapon, kidnapping, and attempted criminal transmission of HIV.




A young Arkansas man who’s accused of emptying his water cup and replacing it with soda, is facing a charge of robbery for it.

18-year-old Cody Morris and two partners in crime asked for water when they came through the drive-thru.

According to the restaurant manager, the three then parked the car and came inside, dumped out said water, and filling their cups with the brown bubbly.

When the eagle-eyed manager spotted the bandits and insisted they return the soda, Cody was the only one who didn’t comply.

The manager even resorted to running out into the parking lot and trying to block Cody’s car from leaving, but he just put it in reverse and bumped the overly aggressive McDouchebag twice before speeding off.

Police found his car at a nearby bowling alley. and arrested him.

He was charged with felony robbery. It’s unclear whether he’ll face any additional charges.




A Missouri man is facing charges after trying to rob a leather store using a fake gun.

The owner of the shop told police he feared for his life for just a moment before realizing the pistol was fake.

He pushed it out of the way and told the man, identified as Amanuel Perkins, to leave.

He then called police on him.

Perkins denies that he intended to rob the store, claiming the whole thing was a joke for St. Patrick’s Day.

He’s been charged with one count of attempted first-degree robbery.




A former police officer in Martin, Tennessee pleaded not guilty Monday to stealing thousands of dollars from a fund set up for a 2-year-old girl with cancer.

34-year-old Guy Pryor has been charged with theft over $10,000.

Authorities say about $18,000 was stolen from an account for the “Day for Anna Kate” fundraising campaign, which had been established to help the family of 2-year-old Anna Kate Wenz, who sadly passed away on March 2nd after nearly a year of battling cancer.

The bank account had been started by Officer Pryor who’d worked for the Martin Police Department until recently.

Someone withdrew funds from the account on several occasions in 2015, according to financial records. Tennessee Bureau of Investigations and the Martin Police Department determined he was responsible for the thefts from the account.

His bond has been set at $25,000 and he’s due back in court on April 20th.




A 36-year-old Florida man has been arrested after stealing a $60 000 BMW SUV after trying to buy it with his EBT (Food Stamp) card.

Nicholas Jackson was arrested after he apparently returned to the dealership after hours the next evening and stole the BMW X-6 in question, along with the keys to 60 other vehicles there.

He ran out of gas, leading to his capture.

He was about 70 miles north of the scene of the crime when he ran out of gas and it somehow led to a call of a suspicious person.

He now resides in the Martin County Jail charged with grand theft auto.

He’s being held on a $20,000 bond.




A Tennessee man has been charged with aggravated burglary after breaking into a home to allegedly save the woman who he said was his wife; Taylor Swift.

Paul E. Herrin knocked on the door of a stranger’s home.

The victim says he thought it was one of his tenants coming to pay their rent, so he opened the door far enough to see who it was.

That’s when Mr. Herrin is said to have pushed the door open and placed his foot inside, keeping the victim from being able to close the door.

When the unnamed victim told him to get out of his house, he started pushing the door and saying he was there to save his wife, Taylor Swift, and that he had “every right to be there”.

The victim was finally able to close and lock the door.

Mr. Herrin then went around back to try the back door. The victim was calling police, so he wasn’t sure if Herrin ever made it inside.

When officers arrived and caught Herrin at the back of the home, he told them he was from Knoxville and that he came to save his wife, Taylor Swift. He also added that he couldn’t reveal his source, but that he’d been told to look for a home with a green light over the front door.

He was taken into custody without incident and has been charged with aggravated burglary.




A Florida man has proven he isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer after being arrested on Friday night for robbing a pizza delivery driver, then robbing the Burger King where he worked.

47-year-old Dwight Lanfair was charged with robbing a Domino’s Pizza delivery driver at about 10:30 p.m. and a nearby Burger King.

The Burger King manager had been forced into a back room where the armed robber told him to empty the safe as another employee was ordered to put his hands on an ice machine.

In both incidents, Lanfair said he had a gun and took an undisclosed amount of cash.

He was found by deputies in the Burger King parking lot on a bicycle and had cash, black clothing, and a mask matching the description given by the victim in his backpack.

He was arrested and charged with robbery with a weapon.



Sometimes the predator becomes the prey.

A Longview resident thwarted a home invasion, and mugshots of the alleged burglar show he apparently took a beating in the process.

Kevin Mitchell Gonzales, 28, was arrested after police say he engaged in a scuffle with a homeowner after trying to enter the dwelling through the garage.

During the fight, Gonzales pulled out a pistol and fired a shot. The homeowner then took the pistol from the suspect and managed to restrain him until police arrived.

The homeowner was not injured. Police also found 18 Lorazepam (Ativan) pills in the suspect’s pants pocket.

He faces charges for criminal trespass with a deadly weapon, and possession of a controlled substance.




A city employee left his truck running and his door open while placing flags on some grass for the West Palm Beach Green Market.

While doing so, 24-year-old Amara Korin Marrero, who was inexplicably wearing no pants, jumped into the truck and started driving it slowly down the sidewalk.

When the city employee saw the truck moving, he ran after it, reached into the truck, and turned off the engine.

He promptly called the cops.

When officers arrived, Marrero smelled of alcohol and appeared flatly unaware of her surroundings. She wasn’t able to answer a single question asked of her.

Her pants were found in some bushes near the scene.

She’s now facing charges of grand theft auto, driving without a valid license, and driving under the influence.

She now resides in the Palm Beach County Jail with her bail set at $15,000.




A Michigan mental health organization’s CEO has received a future he didn’t see coming…although he sure paid to.

Ervin Brinker was sentenced Wednesday after pleading guilty to embezzlement and Medicaid fraud conspiracy.

He was the CEO of Summit Pointe, a mental health organization in Battle Creek, Michigan that treats people in five counties.

He stood accused of spending over $500,000, $510,000 to be exact…on a fortune-teller in Key West, Florida.

He listed the two separate transactions  as being for a health care consultant.

Being that he was CEO, he didn’t need approval from a board to enter into any contracts on behalf of the organization, so no one was aware.

The payments, made in May of 2011 and November of 2012, came under investigation in December of 2014 after an internal investigation at Summit Pointe showed “questionable contracts”.

The attorney general’s office said he will have to pay back double what he took “as restitution and a civil penalty,” or roughly $1.02 million.

He’ll be eligible for parole after serving 32 months.




A 23-year-old South Carolina woman apparently had naughty on the brain when she carried out a whole other definition of the word.

Carolynn Wright had allegedly shoplifted several items, including condoms, lube, a bra, and two pairs of panties, when two Myrtle Beach Walmart loss prevention officers, Candice Lawsom and Suzanne Koseroski, followed her out of the store and tried to stop her.

That’s when lube and unmentionables hit the fan. The three women started scuffling.

Carolynn punched Ms. Koseroski in the head, then bit down on Ms. Lawsom’s hand, taking part of her finger off.

Then a customer who witnessed what was going on started to call 911, but she grabbed the woman’s phone and pulled her hair.

Then ol’ Carolynn got punched in the face and received the sizable lump seen in her mugshot above.


She then bolted and approached a gold minivan with a man sitting inside of it.

“Drive!” she yelled.

He tried to explain to her that he couldn’t because someone was in front of the vehicle. She just repeated her demand.

Shortly afterwards, officers caught up to her. She resisted at first, but quickly changed her mind after being threatened with a Taser.


The employee whose fingertip had been bitten off, which was found by police by the way, was unable to have it reattached. She received stitches instead.

The total value of the items that Carolynn had tried to steal was $40.07.

This wasn’t her first run-in with the law either.

Last March, she was arrested on assault and battery charges after beating a coworker with a high-heeled shoe at a gentleman’s club where she then worked as a…you guessed it…stripper.



Two male University of Rochester students were kidnapped, tied up, beaten, and sexually assaulted during a harrowing ordeal. The nightmare lasted for 40 staggering hours.

Six people in all, three males and three females, have been charged with various crimes following the horrific incident last month. It only ended when SWAT teams moved in.

The victims had last seen about 2 a.m. on Saturday, December 4th on Wilson Boulevard near the University of Rochester River Campus.

They were reported missing around 6:30 p.m. that same day under what were called suspicious circumstances.

Both of the 21-year-old victims were business majors and were terrorized repeatedly, tied up, beaten with clubs, and punched…all the while the gang of thugs demanding cash and the pin numbers to credit and debit cards.

One of the victims suffered a gunshot wound to the leg.


Lydell Strickland, 26, Dennis Perez, 23, Leah Gigliotti, 20, and Samantha Hughes, 19, have been charged with first-degree kidnapping.

David Alcaraz-Ubiles was charged with first-degree criminal use of a firearm, third-degree criminal possession of a weapon, and fourth-degree criminal possession of a weapon while. Inalia Rolldan, 19, was charged with second-degree kidnapping.

Rochester police had initially hypothesized that the two missing young men may possibly have been abducted in a case of mistaken identity over a drug-robbery.


Both students were hospitalized but have since been released.

Police had tracked down the BMW SUV which they were traveling in before they were abducted and continued their investigation on nearby residences.

A SWAT team then raided the home on Sunday,  December 5th in Rochester, where they were being held.

The indictment also includes nine counts of predatory sexual assault, multiple counts of gang assault, robbery, weapons possession.

They’re due in court in March.



A lottery official who had run the Powerball lottery so many yearn for since it started in 1987 has stepped down amid an ongoing and far-reaching investigation.

Charles Strutt, 63, (above, left) was the executive director of the Multi-State Lottery Association. It had come under investigation after a jackpot-fixing scandal within the ranks of the organization grew.

He’d been stripped of his duties back in October by a board consisting of the directors of lotteries in 37 states and U.S. territories.

The Multi-State Lottery Association had come under investigation initially after its former security director, Eddie Tipton (above, right) is alleged to have committed widespread fraud and profited from it.

Investigators have stressed, however, that the evidence so far shows Mr. Tipton, not Mr. Strutt, as the only lottery official involved in the scheme.

Tipton was convicted in July of fraud for working with friends and associates to try and claim a $16.5 million Hot Lotto jackpot. Mr. Strutt had testified for the prosecution, saying he believed a person shown on video buying the winning ticket in Des Moines, Iowa was Eddie Tipton.

On October 9th, authorities announced that they had uncovered new evidence showing Tipton had worked with others to fix jackpots and claim prizes worth millions of dollars in both Colorado and Wisconsin. Since then, however, the case has gone on to include jackpots in Oklahoma and Kansas.

Investigators accuse Tipton of using his access to the association’s random number generators to know winning combinations in advance, then he and his associates played those numbers and split the winnings.

Mr. Tipton maintains his innocence and is scheduled to have a second trial next month. The association had fired after 11 years on the job after his arrest back in January arrest. They also replaced machines he’d worked on and strengthened its own security measures.

Mr. Strutt still has some support among some on the board, and hopes to return to his position when the Mr. Tipton’s case concludes.

“The truth is, the lotteries voted Chuck out. They’re holding him accountable for the actions of that security guy,” a Texas Lottery official said. “But they don’t want anybody to know.”



A 72-year-old Florida man’s wife has trust issues. Perhaps unsurprisingly, she became suspicious of her husband’s free time when, after he’d headed off to play golf, she found an attractive blonde woman wearing her husband’s flannel pajamas.

She immediately called her husband demanding an explanation.

He rushed home and claimed he’d never seen the woman before in his life and had never met her.

Eventually, the couple agreed to drive her to a nearby residence.

At around 11:30 a.m., the couple flagged down Volusia County Sheriff’s deputies and asked if they were looking for a woman. It turned out they were.

The entire incident started at roughly 6:30 that morning when the blonde woman, identified as 22-year-old Eryn Rice, had shoplifted hundreds of dollars worth of cosmetics from a nearby CVS.

When authorities were called, they arrived and started cuffing her. She then became combative, spun around, pushed the deputy to the ground, and ran off.

Her accomplice, 25-year-old John Willey, had realized deputies had seen him, and drove off and left her in the store.


In their search for the female suspect, they went to Willey’s residence and no one was there.

She had run to this unfortunate couple’s home and made her way inside.

She had then decided it would be a good time to shower, wash her clothes, and grab a nap.

After the couple flagged the deputies down, they returned to Willey’s residence just in time to see him about to drive off.

They initiated a traffic stop and found Eryn hiding in the floorboard.

The younger couple were promptly arrested.

Deputies found two syringes on Eryn, and another one, which contained meth residue, in the car.

Eryn, on top of the charges she’d already been facing, was arrested on a warrant out of Osceola County for a probation violation associated with a grand-theft charge.

John Willey was charged with being an accessory after-the-fact to robbery, and harboring an escaped prisoner.

Officers later found the discarded handcuffs near the CVS, and the bewildered couple found a sock and a pair of Eryn’s panties in their washing machine.



A Florida woman was caught on video stealing packages off of her neighbor’s front porch. That neighbor is a cop. The perpetrator, as it turns out, is a cop’s wife.

Dana Hager, 42, was already on probation for shoplifting, believe it or not. The packages she stole were Christmas gifts for a two-year-old girl.

Sheriff’s deputies, who are now referring to her as a porch pirate, say she opened the packages, then returned them when she saw on Facebook that they were on her trail. She didn’t even bother closing the boxes again or re-wrapping them.

With her face clearly seen and posted on Facebook, she confessed to her crimes and was arrested.



49-year-old Mary Palmer-Correa, an Oregon City, Oregon resident, forced her nine-year-old daughter do the dirty work when it came to stealing packages left on the front porches of local homes. Mom stayed in the car and waited.

The thefts all occurred in the Milwaukie-Clackamas County area, according to police. Many of the items stolen were recovered from her home.

They began investigating her after a witness saw her at the scene of one of the thefts on December 2nd.

“The witness, who called police, was able to get a photo of the suspect vehicle, using a cellphone, and gave a suspect description,” police said in a press release.

She was tracked down a day later at her home.

She’s been charged with second-degree theft and has been booked into the Clackamas County Jail.

The investigation is ongoing and additional charges are possible.



22-year-old Matthew Riggins was laying low, hiding from police when an alligator found him, drowned him, and ate him.

He and another man had made plans to rob houses in Barefoot Bay, Florida, according to his girlfriend. The two had been seen by people lurking behind homes and called police.

Police found him 10 days later in a pond being fiercely guarded by an 11-foot alligator.

“He probably went into the lake to hide from the officers and the dog, and came across that gator,” said Major Tod Goodyear of the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office.

A trapper for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission was forced to euthanize the reptile after it aggressively began approaching divers sent to recover Riggins body.

A medical examiner confirmed the alligator was responsible for Riggins’ death after finding his remains inside the alligator’s stomach.

The man who is believed to have been with Matthew Riggins that night hasn’t been cooperating with police, but has not been charged with a crime thus far.



Pennsylvania resident Connie Frances Perris, 52, apparently doesn’t know when to say when.

On Thursday, November 19th, she broke into two apartments. In the first, the resident was home and quickly called the cops. Undeterred, Ms. Perris simply went to a second apartment. This one wasn’t occupied.

She looked around, then grabbed some candy and started eating it. She then proceeded to urinate on the floor.

She then took her dentures out and wrote a note with her name on it – both of which she left at the scene.

When authorities arrived, they say she was visibly intoxicated. She claimed to have no recollection whatsoever of the incidents.

She’s been charged with burglary, criminal trespass, theft, criminal mischief, disorderly conduct, and public drunkenness.



The woman who took the Internet by storm, with a chuckle here and a “You go girl!” there for being seen in a “Won’t Be Caught” t-shirt while allegedly stealing various handbags from a Sanford, Florida Marshalls store, has now been caught.

Back near the end of August, she and an accomplice, identified as Lexus Perry, grabbed more than $700 worth of bags from the establishment before she, in her ironic t-shirt and unique floral pants, and her friend left the store.

Ms. Perry was nabbed just days after the heist. But the infamous one, now identified as 21-year-old Shazonya Williams (below), had been on the lam ever since.

For what it’s worth, and as you can see below, she was wearing a t-shirt that read “Witch” when she was taken into custody.

She’s now in the Orange County jail on a $5,100 bond.




31-year-old Robert Michael doesn’t exactly fade into a crowd. His heavily tattooed face made it fairly easy to catch him after he tried to rob a pastor who’d given him a ride and steal his truck.

The walking wacko had talked to the pastor for upwards of thirty minutes trying to get a ride, when he finally agreed to do it.

But when they got to the destination, which had the pastor nervous enough, given the fact his tag-along revealed during the trip that he’d spent 10 years in prison, Robert demanded all of his money and tried to take his car keys.

The unnamed clergyman then hopped out of the truck – with his keys in his hands – and flagged someone down for help. Robert Michael fled.

Police were able to find Mr. Michael rather quickly, given his rather unique appearance.

He was arrested and charged with attempted robbery, as well as other outstanding warrants.