Stop! If you live in the Philippines and own any cattle or barnyard animals – hell, even indoor pets, go check them thoroughly before reading this article!
Meet Andy Loyola, a 46-year-old caught in the act of getting it on with a cow. Yes, you read that right; a cow.
The owner of said cow, Rustico Sarno, had reported it missing and claims the cow became pregnant despite the fact that it hadn’t mated with a bull.
Loyola is believed to have been under the influence of drugs when deflowering the cow, but it isn’t known if this was the case at the times the farmer alleges Loyola also molested his other cattle – horses and a water buffalo – multiple times. Drug paraphernalia was indeed found when he was searched and arrested.
Mr. Loyola is now facing charges of violating the Animal Welfare Act. As of yet, it is not known if the cow in question was indeed impregnated by Loyola or whether a sneaky bull is the culprit on that front. Police say the cow will undergo tests to verify the farmer’s claims. It is also unknown whether or not Loyola will be ordered to pay child…er…calf support.
Here's the Cow with it's Owner