A 17-year-old Florida boy taught a would-be robber a lesson he won’t soon forget.

Luther Dunn, a 32-year-old seven-time felon, walked up to the teen sitting in his mother’s car at a Lakeland Sunoco gas station on September 18th, flashed a knife, and demanded, “Give me some gas money!”

Nate Stewart didn’t particularly feel like it. He argued with ol’ Luther for a few, then went into the store to his mom.

When the two came back out, there was Dunn. When he approached again, Nate proceeded to pick the man up, turn him upside down, then slam him to the ground head-first. While the man was down, he reached into his mother’s trunk and retrieved a tire iron. When the surely-dazed Dunn came back at him yet again, he changed the perp’s mind for good.

Polk County Sheriff’s deputies arrested him minutes later.

When Nate was asked by FOX 13 what he would say to anyone else who ever tried to mess with him or his mother, he simply uttered, “Good luck.”

Luther Dunn is now being held on charges of attempted armed robbery with a deadly weapon and possession of a weapon by a convicted felon.