Patrick James Fredricksen, a 30-year-old known sex offender and wannabe firefighter in Utah. Patrick raised suspicion while laying turf at a baseball diamond for a landscaping company, when a worker there called law enforcement to report a man ‘acting strange.’ The caller reported that this man had just left on foot and was holding a set of master keys to the complex. Soon thereafter, a funeral parlor worker called law enforcement claiming his car had been stolen from the parking lot. He had noticed a suspicious individual, but was consoling a grieving family at the time, so he says he ‘wasn’t too concerned’ – at the time.
Patrick had taken the car and driven it to where school buses were parked and found one with the keys inside. He jumped in, and using a list inside the bus that contained the names and addresses of children, drove to the first one. When he arrived, he parked the bus in the home’s driveway. Luckily, the young girl who resided at the residence had a father that came out first and confronted the driver. After quizzing the suspicious man, he refused to let his daughter board. So Patrick just asked for directions to the next child’s address on the list. This led to a phone call to the local sheriff’s office of a suspicious person driving a school bus.
An Emery County Sheriff’s Office lieutenant located and pulled in front of the slow-moving bus and brought it to a stop. It was then that Patrick Fredricksen, who has also gone by the names Pat Shelton and Patrick Fredrickson, and his past were discovered. He’s on Utah’s Sex Offenders Registry after pleading guilty in 2004 to unlawful sexual activity with a minor. He’d beat a 2005 charge of sexual exploitation of a minor and dealing in material harmful to a minor by having it dismissed as part of a plea bargain in yet another case against him. He also, it turns out, had, a year later, been collared for impersonating a firefighter. He had previously worked as a volunteer firefighter for the Huntington Fire Department but had been fired for theft of equipment and clothing. Using that clothing and equipment, as well as a police scanner to find out where the calls were, he headed out to those calls and ‘helped’ at the various scenes. He also, during this time, had used this self-assumed status to get credit and rent an apartment. For the latter, he was sentenced to counseling and 36 months of probation.
Patrick Fredricksen now resides in the Emery County Jail facing charges of attempted child kidnapping, theft of a vehicle, and in all likelihood, a charge of damage to the prison after he decided it would be a good idea to break off the sprinkler head in his cell and flood the entire booking area.