It would appear that, at least to one 26-year-old woman in Tulsa, Oklahoma, that holding a grudge for a so-called ‘frenemy’ doesn’t necessarily stop when said ‘frenemy’ dies.
Meet Shaynna Sims (sometimes known by Shaynna Smith), the woman who has not only disrespected the dead, but gone one giant leap further. Last Thursday, witnesses saw Shaynna reach into the deceased’s coffin at Moore Funeral Home’s Eastlawn Chapel around 5 pm.
A visitor, a short time later, found the body’s face had been cut from her hairline to the tip of her nose. Her makeup had been smeared and some of her hair was found on the floor as well. The manager of the funeral home, John Wilson, called authorities immediately upon being notified of what had occurred.
“It’s never happened,” he said Monday. “We have 100 years of experience in this building and nobody’s ever experienced anything like that.”
Shaynna had been allowed in by the brother of the deceased so that she may retrieve some jewelry to wear to the funeral. It’s not clear where she was retrieving this jewelry from.
She was arrested later that day at the dead woman’s apartment. She was found to be in possession of a pocket knife that still had strands of her hair attached to it. She also had a pair of scissors, and a box cutter.
As of Monday, she had not been formally charged, but is expected to be charged with vandalizing a corpse or ‘illegally dissecting a human body.’ Sadly, this is only a misdemeanor.
Police spokesman, Sergeant Shane Tuell, said, “I was hoping by now this young lady would have talked and given her motivation behind why she did what she did, but apparently she’s keeping that to herself”
She’s in jail on $20,000 bond and her first court appearance with be Thursday, May 7th.
It’s not Shaynna’s first brush with the law either. Records show she was charged with child neglect back in February, which was lowered to assault and battery on April 15th.