Six University of Connecticut students have been arrested and charged with alcohol-related offenses after the death of a student who was run over by a fire truck after leaving their party last year.

The male students had hosted an off-campus party at a frat-affiliated house on October 16th, which the victim, identified as 19-year-old Jeffny Pally, had attended.

The female sophomore had been sitting with her back against the garage door of the UConn Public Safety Complex at around 1 a.m. after leaving that party.

When a fire truck responded to a call, she was run over. To add insult to her death, that call turned out to be a false alarm.

Her body wasn’t found until roughly a half-hour later when the firefighters returned to the station.

She’d died from injuries to her head and torso, according to the medical examiner’s office.

Her blood alcohol content was over three times the legal limit when she died.

The tragedy was ruled an accident, as far as the driver of the truck was concerned.

But Patrick Callahan, Matthew Moll, Dylan Morose, Austin Custodio, Dominic Godi and Jonathan Polansky were charged on Friday.

Those students range in age from 21 to 22.

Four of them, Callahan, Moll, Morose and Polansky, were charged with permitting a minor to illegally possess alcohol.

Custodio was accused of buying the beer and vodka for the party, while Godi is said to have taken it to the location.

Two other students were charged in connection with the false alarm.

All of the men have been released pending their arraignment on March 8th.

The fraternity’s national office has revoked the local group’s charter.