Anderson, SC – Anderson County deputies said they are investigating after a mother of three said she had to use her gun to keep a stranger from entering her home Thursday morning.

It happened around 6 a.m. on Norfolk Circle.

The homeowner, Ashley Jones, said she heard someone banging on her door. She looked out the window and didn’t see anyone, so she asked who was there. No one answered her, but she heard people speaking in front of the house. Next, Jones said she called 911 and grabbed her gun.

As she walked downstairs with the gun, she said she saw a strange man in a red shirt knocking on her window by the front door.

She said the man and a second person then went to the back of the house and tried to enter through the back door. Then, they went to the garage before coming back to the front door.

That’s when Jones said the man kicked in the front door, and she pulled the trigger. She said the bullet hit the man, and he ran off.