A 23-year-old South Carolina woman apparently had naughty on the brain when she carried out a whole other definition of the word.

Carolynn Wright had allegedly shoplifted several items, including condoms, lube, a bra, and two pairs of panties, when two Myrtle Beach Walmart loss prevention officers, Candice Lawsom and Suzanne Koseroski, followed her out of the store and tried to stop her.

That’s when lube and unmentionables hit the fan. The three women started scuffling.

Carolynn punched Ms. Koseroski in the head, then bit down on Ms. Lawsom’s hand, taking part of her finger off.

Then a customer who witnessed what was going on started to call 911, but she grabbed the woman’s phone and pulled her hair.

Then ol’ Carolynn got punched in the face and received the sizable lump seen in her mugshot above.


She then bolted and approached a gold minivan with a man sitting inside of it.

“Drive!” she yelled.

He tried to explain to her that he couldn’t because someone was in front of the vehicle. She just repeated her demand.

Shortly afterwards, officers caught up to her. She resisted at first, but quickly changed her mind after being threatened with a Taser.


The employee whose fingertip had been bitten off, which was found by police by the way, was unable to have it reattached. She received stitches instead.

The total value of the items that Carolynn had tried to steal was $40.07.

This wasn’t her first run-in with the law either.

Last March, she was arrested on assault and battery charges after beating a coworker with a high-heeled shoe at a gentleman’s club where she then worked as a…you guessed it…stripper.