An arrest warrant has been issued for a South Carolina woman who’s alleged to have assaulted her ex-boyfriend and yelled “fags and dildos” while throwing the described sex toys around his home.

30-year-old Kelly Godfrey showed up uninvited uninvited on the night of February 22nd to the home of her former love. He’d been with her for roughly five months at one point.

The 34-year-old victim told officers that after he’d told her to leave, she “started yelling profanities and throwing sex toys around the residence.” A witness reported that she’d been yelling the unique profanities. The same witness also said that he “tried to get Ms. Godfrey to calm down and not yell about dildos” because their were children present.

Ms. Godfrey purportedly hit the victim in the face and threw him around the home. By the time officers arrived at his home, the suspect had already left.

A judge then issued an arrest warrant charging her with domestic violence. She already has two other domestic violence cases pending. She’s free on bond in connection with those incidents.