Former The Bachelor contestant Jubilee Sharpe, 28, was arrested for a DUI in West Palm Beach, Florida on Sunday.

And on Wednesday TMZ revealed that the reality TV vet had gone into a one-car accident before police arrived.

The beauty was still in her car when officers arrived and had bloodshot eyes as well as smelling of alcohol with slurred speech.

Sharpe refused to take a breathalyzer test but then failed to pass her field sobriety tests.

Dr Gowun Park, 41, was charged with first-degree murder and first-degree kidnapping in the death of her husband, Sung Nam, also 41, West Des Moines police said.

Park, was formally accused of killing her husband, Sung Woo Nam, in their West Des Moines home. She faces charges of first-degree murder and first-degree kidnapping in Nam’s death.

Students learned about the arrests Wednesday from the campus newspaper and an email message from Simpson interim President Bob Lane.

Simpson junior Thomas Mussig, an economics major who had Park as an academic adviser, said his classmates were making jokes about Park’s arrest, but he was near tears when he learned about it.

“She was one of the sweetest ladies I’ve ever known,” he said. “This is really tough.”

Mussig said he has had five classes with Park and worked with her on a research project. In all that time, Park never mentioned she was married: She would repeatedly say she was single and that all of her family was in South Korea.

“I had her in class for three years; she was saying that for three years,” he said. “She would talk about how she’s single.”

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A Florida woman is accused of running over her boyfriend with a golf cart after a day of bar-hopping on Pine Island.

Lee County Sheriff’s Office arrested 37-year-old Melony Giese-Michalski after the couple got into a fight Saturday at Ragged Ass Saloon.

When deputies found the victim he had road rash and looked like his shoulder was dislocated. Michalski denied knowing how it happened.

The victim was taken to Lee Memorial Hospital, but he will be okay.

Giese-Michalski was arrested for aggravated battery. The victim told deputies this is not their first domestic problem and he plans on pressing charges.


Nikki Rowena Sismanidis, 18, and Jasmine Marie Suarez, 19 from Gainsville were arrested Saturday afternoon after police said they broke into the home of an acquaintance and vandalized the bedroom using duct tape and animal feces, according to a Gainesville Police Department report.

Police said, both women allegedly broke into the Southwest Ninth Way home of a common friend.

Once inside, the pair allegedly placed strips of duct tape on the victim’s bedroom walls, which caused damage to the painted walls when later removed, the report said. Also, a large portion of one wall was covered in a pattern using duct tape that spelled out an expletive and police said the pair planted animal feces on the victim’s bed.

The victim told police that Sismanidis has become hostile in the past when she chooses not to hang out with her, and on the previous day, the victim did not respond to texts from Sismanidis asking the victim to hang out.

According to the report, both Sismanidis and Suarez admitted their involvement in the burglary and vandalism during a phone conversation with the victim and they arrived during the officers’ on-scene investigation and admitted their involvement to police.

Both Sismanidis and Suarez were arrested and charged with burglary and criminal mischief.


Dramatic footage shows a 55-year-old man being attacked in a Manhattan street by an unidentified stranger who knocked him to the ground in an unprovoked assault in broad daylight. The stranger is seen rubbing fast food in the victims’s face and lifting his leg to stomp on his head in New York’s Upper West Side. NYPD officers have asked the public to help track down the suspect, who is wanted for assault. The incident is the latest in a spate of random attacks in the city.

A THIRTY-SIX-YEAR-OLD Ohio woman who’s parents still pay her cell bill is facing a fourth-degree felony charge after repeatedly calling 911 to report that her parents had shut off her cell phone plan.

Seloni Khetarpal, from Canton, was arrested on Thursday by Massillon police after she made several calls to the Regional Emergency Dispatch Center and was told only to call for legitimate reasons.

Khetarpal continued to make emergency calls believing that her parents ending their payments on her cell to be a 911 issue.

According to court documents, Khetarpal was ‘belligerent’ and insisted that it was a legitimate reason to call 911.

She was arrested around 8.40pm and charged with disrupting public services.

A Kentucky man picked the wrong Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers to rob. Surveillance video shows two off-duty police officers (who are married and were out on a date)eating at the restaurant in Louisville when a man showed a gun and demanded cash from an employee. The officers left their booth, drew their guns and chased the suspect out of the restaurant. He had dropped his gun before he ran away and was taken into custody outside Cane’s.

Police say a registered sex offender who ran off from officers scaled a radio antenna tower in Pensacola Monday afternoon.

The incident happened around 6 p.m. (Eastern time) on Palafox and Jordan. Images from the scene show the man about halfway up a large tower.

By 6:28 p.m., police were working to rescue the man.

ADX Communications, which owns the tower, has been asked to power down the tower temporarily.

This affects the signal of NewsRadio 92.3 and ESPN Pensacola.

The incident is causing traffic troubles in the area as well and police are asking people to avoid the area.

Police arrested 31-year-old George Blankin on March 12.

A man wearing a thong on his property was all a Florida homeowner needed to call the Martin County Sheriff’s Office last month.

“The trespasser was wearing a swimsuit and then a thong,” the report stated.

Responding deputies said they found a man on the property who was not wearing a shirt or shorts, and he was covered with sand as if he’d just been at the beach.

The man was arrested but refused to identify himself. At the county jail, authorities used fingerprints to confirm Blankin as the suspect.

“He stated he was an artist that makes things from garbage,” the arrest report read.

Blankin faces charges for giving a false name and obstruction without violence.

A Peekskill police officer was arrested Saturday for alleged sexual abuse, stalking and burglary of a woman he was investigating.

His accuser, whom News 12 is not identifying, spoke exclusively with News 12’s Samantha Crawford. She apparently recorded an encounter with 33-year-old Officer Michael Agovino.

The audio of the recording includes what she says is Officer Agovino demanding sexual favors. She also says Agovino sexually assaulted her twice and stopped by her home unannounced four times since last summer.

She told News 12 that he was in uniform and on-duty during those alleged encounters.

According to a felony complaint, Officer Agovino was investigating a larceny “allegedly perpetrated by the victim.”

Officer Michael Agovino was arraigned Saturday at Peekskill City Court. He’s being held at the Westchester County Jail on $100,000 bond.

The Peekskill Police Department says it is fully cooperating with the investigation into the allegations by the Westchester County DA’s Office, and says Agovino has been placed on administrative leave until further notice.

Well, watch the entire video before you pass judgment the kid was throwing punches at his mom and at the guards… They did their job and subdued the kid… They did nothing wrong in my opinion!

A North Carolina mother has blasted hospital security guards and police for tackling her 16-year-old son to the ground, punching him and Tasing him after she brought him to doctors during a ‘mental health episode’.

Newman was trapped in the smoking wreckage and has to be cut from the vehicle

President Trump is ‘praying’ for Ryan Newman, who is in a serious condition in hospital following a fiery crash during the final lap of the Daytona 500 on Monday night.

Newman, who was leading the famous race in his No. 6 Ford Mustang, was zooming around the speedway at 195 miles per hour when the smash happened.

‘Praying for Ryan Newman, a great and brave @NASCAR driver,’ the Commander-in-chief tweeted out, just two days after his own highly-publicized visit to the raceway.

The incident occurred when Newman’s car was nudged up against a wall and flipped over just meters from the finish line.

A Florida woman Cherie Saunders, 38 is facing felony charges after resisting arrest and biting a deputy Friday, according to the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office.

Officers responded to a call in Palm Coast in reference to a domestic disturbance. Upon arrival, deputies met in her driveway with her make-up smeared, no shoes, slurred speech and a heavy scent of alcohol coming from her, according to deputies.

During the investigation, deputies say they determined that Saunders had slapped a male resident inside the home. When deputies were trying to resolve the situation, she became argumentative and would not cooperate with deputies.

Last week, a 6-year-old girl was removed from her elementary school and escorted to a behavioral health center. Her mother, Martina Falk, said she was barred for a few days from taking her home.

Now Falk wants answers. On Monday, the mother of the little girl sat alongside her legal team at The Cochran Firm in San Marco. Falk and her attorney, Reganel Reeves, addressed members of the media regarding a situation with her child that she said took place on Feb. 4.

Falk’s daughter — who she said is diagnosed with ADHD and has a mood disorder — was sent to River Point Behavioral Health Center under the state Baker Act law by a social worker from Jacksonville’s Child Guidance Center, according to the school district.

“School district personnel do not make the decision to admit a person under the Baker Act,” Duval County Public Schools spokeswoman Laureen Ricks said. “By law, those decisions are made by certain licensed health care professionals or by law enforcement. In this case, the decision was made by a third party licensed mental health professional.”

The state law provides emergency health services and temporary detention and psychiatric evaluation for people in need. But Falk said she’s disappointed in the school district for letting her 6-year-old’s “temper tantrum” spark a psychological evaluation.

“We want answers,” said Reeves, whose team is calling for an investigation. “My client has not received a straight answer. We’re getting bits and pieces”


A substitute teacher was removed from a Halethorpe Elementary School classroom after the school district said the teacher allegedly “exhibited unprofessional behavior.”

“Our administration immediately investigated this report and took action to remove the substitute teacher from the classroom,” said Baltimore County Public Schools’ officials in a statement.

“We want parents to be reassured that their students’ safety is our greatest interest,” the district said. “We are proud of the students who brought this situation to our attention. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the school.”

Schools spokesman Brandon Oland said despite reports, they do not believe there was any sexual abuse.

It was students who reported concerns about the teacher.


A Pensacola man was arrested after he was caught on camera peeking through a home’s window and touching himself. Jamal Michael Brown, 38, was charged with voyeurism and loitering and prowling. Brown looked through a window at a home in Escambia County and started touching himself until the homeowner confronted him with his dog.


A woman and man were arrested Sunday during a traffic stop after a Brevard County deputy saw drug paraphernalia hidden in a child’s diaper, officials said.

James Bayster, 44, was stopped by authorities for speeding and found to be driving without a valid license, according to the arrest report from the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office.

Shortly after, Jessie Norton, 36, arrived with a child when she heard he had been pulled over near her residence and it was then that the deputy saw Bayster hand something to Norton, records show.

The age of the child was not released, but the deputy approached Norton and said he saw a cut straw and small green plastic baggy hidden in the child’s diaper. Both the straw and baggie tested positive for the presence of methamphetamine, according to authorities.

A Rhode Island man who robbed the Bristol County Savings Bank in Attleboro Falls in 2016 while on a first date with a woman he met through a dating app has been sentenced to five years of incarceration.

Christopher Castillo, 33, of Chepachet, was sentenced in Fall River Superior Court to three years in prison for armed robbery followed by another two years in jail for assaulting three police officers who arrested him, Bristol County District Attorney Thomas Quinn III said in a statement on Tuesday.

Castillo went into the bank on Commonwealth Avenue, near the Falls Elementary School, on Dec. 5, 2016, showed the teller a gun that was in his jacket and demanded $1,000. He told the teller he was “really hurting” and needed money, according to the DA’s office.

After he was given the cash, Castillo ran out of the bank and got into a Nissan Maxima that police spotted as it left nearby Mason Field and then as it headed to Dunkin’ Donuts at the corner of Elm and Mount Hope streets.

According to the DA’s office, the woman who was driving the car got out of the vehicle, however, and Castillo ducked down. Police pulled him out of the car and he struggled with police officers, spitting at them. During the struggle, Castillo told police the gun wasn’t loaded.

After eventually handcuffing Castillo, police found a .44 caliber gun in the car along with sunglasses and a hat that matched the items the bank robber was wearing. Also found in the defendant’s wallet was the $1,000 in cash.

Two Ohio State football players who are accused in criminal complaints of raping a woman in a Columbus apartment complex last week have been dismissed from the team, according to a statement from Coach Ryan Day.

Defensive backs Amir Riep and Jahsen Wint, both 21 and due to be seniors next season, were arrested early Wednesday on felony charges of rape and kidnapping, according to Franklin County online jail records.

An altercation between a college football player and Ohio police officers Monday during a traffic stop ended up with the man slamming one of the officers, dashcam video shows.

Michael Harris, a linebacker for Eastern Kentucky University, was seen on the video in a parking lot near what appeared to be his SUV. As a Grove City police cruiser pulled up, the dashcam video showed Harris and another officer talking to each other.

Harris at one point put his hands up while being patted down. More words were exchanged and one officer appeared to put one of his hands on the back of the player’s head. Harris then tried to get back into the vehicle, but was pushed away and officers tried to arrest the man.


Shoppers ran to the aid of a screaming woman only to find a man on top of her trying to have sex in a busy store, Plantation police said.

Andrew Brooks Handley, 24, is accused of knocking down the woman about 8:40 a.m. Saturday and trying to sexually assault her in the Walmart at 1885 N. Pine Island Road.

According to the arrest report, a Walmart employee heard the screaming woman and called 911 while other customers pulled Handley off the woman and held him until officers arrived.

Handley had the woman pinned to the floor and was forcing her legs apart with his knees, police said.

Officers heard Handley say he, “was trying to clean his pipes” and “get something sweet.”

Handley had approached the woman and started whispering unintelligible words to her before grabbing her shoulder and throwing her to the ground, police said.

Disturbing surveillance footage has emerged showing a mother-of-five’s final hours after she was locked up in a Washington state jail for four days when her husband called 911 for help while she suffered a mental health episode.

Damaris Rodriguez, 43, was found dead in her cell at South Correctional Entity, known as SCORE, in Des Moines on January 3, 2018, after she had been incarcerated for 106 hours – despite not being charged with any crime.

Newly surfaced video shows one of the disturbing final days of a mother of five before she died behind bars in a Washington state jail. According to a lawsuit her family filed against the facility, Damaris Rodriguez was suffering from a “mental health episode” in 2017 when they claim she was wrongly arrested.

The surveillance footage shows Rodriguez in apparent distress, naked and hallucinating.

She is seen at one point undressing, at times crawling and appearing to vomit, and banging on the door. Rodriguez was found dead in her cell after about four days of alleged neglect.

“I’d describe it as a window into hell,” the family’s attorney Nate Bingham told CBS News’ Nikki Battiste.

The ordeal began when her husband placed a 911 call in 2017 wanting to seek medical help for Rodriguez.

In the emergency call, originally placed in Spanish, he described her as “having a psychiatric problem and isn’t behaving normal,” and went on to say “she’s being violent and has already hit me twice, and I need a medic.”

Instead, police arrived and carried Rodriguez into the Washington state jail known as “SCORE.”

“My mother had never been arrested,” Jose Marte, Rodriguez’ oldest son said. He acknowledged that she had been diagnosed with a mental disorder in the past.

The Rodriguez’s lawyer Nate Bingham claimed the facility’s staff was unable to communicate with Rodriguez during her incarceration because she was so mentally ill.

“When someone is so mentally ill that they can’t communicate, then that’s a sign of a really big problem,” he said.

The family’s lawsuit states Rodriguez eventually died from “an easily diagnosable and treatable metabolic condition called ketoacidosis,” and they said she had previously been diagnosed and treated for bipolar disorder.

Jose Marte said his family is now filing the suit “to bring justice to what has happened,” and to shine a light on “these type of situations that are happening in these jail systems.”

“I feel like all of this could have been prevented,” he said.

The remains of a woman who died in an apparent dumpster-diving mishap have been discovered in a landfill.

Stephanie Cox, 30, disappeared on January 30 after climbing into a dumpster behind the Alamance Crossing shopping center in Burlington, North Carolina.

Stephanie Cox, 30, was reported missing to the Greensboro Police Department on January 30. Her vehicle was found unattended in a service drive behind a row of businesses in Burlington, and police determined the vehicle had not been reported stolen.
After an investigation, police said they believed Cox was attempting to collect things from a dumpster shortly after midnight and that she did not exit the dumpster prior to its being serviced at 1:47 a.m. According to the police, Cox’s family said that it was not uncommon for her to collect items from dumpsters.

A review of associated video shows that she arrived alone and that no one else was on the property until the garbage truck arrived to service the dumpster, police said.

“This case brings to light the dangers associated with collections from dumpsters,” Burlington Police said. “The commonly known practice of ‘dumpster diving’ is not safe.”

A 5-year-old boy in Southern California died after being mauled by a family’s pit bull. According to KCBS, the cousin of the young boy and another relative were babysitting the 5-year-old right before he was killed. They said they stepped out of the room for a second to get a video game controller, but when they re-entered the room, the pit bull had its jaws around the little boy’s neck. The family said it had the 12-year-old pit bull since it was a puppy and trusted it around children. “All we did was step out for two seconds,” one of the relatives told KCBS. The relative declined to be identified on camera. “It hurts. It really hurts.” The relative said the dog had never hurt anyone before, claiming it wasn’t vicious. The family signed the pit bull’s ownership over to animal control and the dog was taken away. Police are now investigating the circumstances surrounding the deadly dog attack.