New Mexico high school wrestler Canaan Bower is making headlines this week after helping to stop an alleged kidnapping and assault in Lac Cruces, NM. 22-year-old Daniel Arroyo Beltran of Phoenix, Arizona, was arrested after witnesses said he tried to kidnap three children at Chucky’s Gas Station in Doña Ana. Beltran is also assaulted by several patrons and employees who tried to intervene. The apparently random attack didn’t stop until Bower entered the affray and was able to control Beltran within seconds.

An Arizona father who beat a man to death in a convenience store parking lot after he tried to break into 16-year-old his daughter’s bathroom stall has been jailed for eight years.

Melvin Harris III, 40, was arrested in August 2018 after beating Leon Leevon Armstrong, 27, to death in the parking lot of a convenience store in Phoenix, Arizona.

Harris was waiting in his car for his daughter and her friends when she emerged from the store, claiming Armstrong had tried forcefully to get into the bathroom stall she was in.

Armstrong had coincidentally asked Harris for money before he went into the store.

Security guards were alerted and police were called but Harris beat Armstrong to death in the parking lot.

Leon Leevon Armstrong

Armstrong died in the hospital from brain swelling, a nasal fracture and loss of oxygen.

Witnesses said they watched Harris repeatedly kick and stomp on the man.

Harris was originally charged with second-degree murder but he accepted a plea deal that saw the charge reduced to manslaughter.


Police in Arizona have arrested a man who tried to rob a woman of her wheelchair by tipping her out of the seat while on board a train.

As the light rail in Phoenix pulled into the station at 12th street and Jefferson, Austin Shurbutt, 26, was seen grabbing the chair from beneath her.

Video shows the woman try to hold on but she eventually she gets dumped out of her wheelchair and the suspect takes off with it.


The shirtless 15-year-old screams as he lies facedown on the kitchen floor of his Tucson group home. He has no arms or legs, so he can’t flee or fight back. But a sheriff’s deputy at least twice his size is crouching over him and pinning him to the ground, using his body weight to restrain the quadruple amputee, the disturbing incident likely wouldn’t have come to light if it weren’t for another teenager at the group home, who filmed the confrontation and then had his head slammed into the wall by deputies.

A defendant standing trial on allegations of attacking a corrections officer sucker-punched his attorney in an Arizona courtroom after the judge ordered him to leave, according to a report.

The defendant, Lamont Payne, had repeatedly interrupted the judge during the courtroom proceeding last year.

“He was swearing and rolling his eyes and making a scene,” his public attorney Vladimir Gagic said. “Just causing a commotion and being a troublemaker.”


A Gilbert woman has filed a federal complaint against a police officer from her east Valley town, alleging that she suffers ongoing brain damage from his excessive use of force during her arrest.

Bodycam video of the arrest obtained by Phoenix New Times shows the 36-year-old woman, Samantha Glass, inebriated and resisting arrest after the officer told her she was being detained at an apartment complex. She was later convicted on related charges. But whether the officer’s violent take-down of Glass could have been avoided is a question that will now play out in Arizona U.S. District Court.

According to the complaint field last week, Officer Christopher Robinson of the Town of Gilbert Police Department used “unnecessary and unreasonable force” in throwing Glass to the floor after asking about an alleged vehicle burglary.

Glass “panicked and attempted to free her arm,” when Robinson tried to handcuff her, the complaint states. “The Officer, while still holding Plaintiff’s right arm, put his left hand on her back, pushed her down face-first, causing her face to violently slam onto concrete.”

In May of last year, a police report of the incident relates, Glass drove to the apartment complex at 230 East Civic Center Drive, where her “ex-boyfriend” lives, because he had agreed to help repair a flat tire. The complaint, written by a local attorney Glass hired, states the ex-boyfriend is actually her ex-husband, and that she drove there to meet with him to discuss issues regarding their minor daughter.

Glass was drunk, by all accounts. The two met in the parking lot, and an argument ensued. Her ex-husband walked away, taking their daughter with him to a nearby park.

In Glass’ version of the incident, documents show, she decided to sit in his car and wait for him, but it was locked. The alarm went off. She instead took the stairs to his apartment and sat down outside the door, intending to speak to him when he returned.

But other residents had seen her in the parking lot and believed she was trying to break into her ex-husband’s vehicle. They called 911, which brought Officer Robinson to her ex-husband’s apartment door.


The hammer fell hard on Brittany Zamora, 28, from Goodyear, Arizona, who as sentenced to 20 years in prison on Friday!

Per the conditions of her sentencing, she cannot be released on good behavior. This means that when Zarmora is done serving her sentence, she will be 48 or 49 years old.

After she is released, she will need to register as a sex offender and then begin serving two lifetime terms of probation.

Zamora, who taught sixth-grade at Las Brisas Academy, was arrested in March 2018.

She was accused of having sex with the 13-year-old multiple times in a classroom, and, on one occasion, in front of another student while he served as a lookout.

Zamora was caught when the victim’s parents noticed he was acting strange, leading them to install an app on his phone called Sentry Parental Control, which monitors messaging apps for ‘suspicious content or behavior’.

The Sentry app sends parents alerts when it detects suspicious images and messages on a child’s device.

It also detects whether or not a child is exposed to inappropriate online content through its web monitoring feature.

When the teen’s parents started getting the alerts about inappropriate text messages, they confronted him.

That’s when the teen admitted to having sex with Zamora.

Three summer school students in Arizona were arrested Wednesday morning after they were allegedly found in possession of more than 3,200 pills of fentanyl, a potentially deadly synthetic opioid.

The students at San Luis High School were jailed and charged for drug possession and distribution charges, police said. Two of the students, Noemi Hernandez-Madrigal and Alessandra Cardenas-Hernandez, are both 18 and are being charged as adults. The third student, a 16-year-old male, will be charged as a minor.

Hernandez-Madrigal had three separate plastic zip-lock bags containing more than 3,200 blue M30 pills, also known as fentanyl, weighing a total of 373 grams, CBS affiliate KPHO reported.

Fentanyl is a fully synthetic opioid, originally developed as a powerful anesthetic for surgery. It is also administered to alleviate severe pain associated with terminal illnesses like cancer.

Illicitly produced fentanyl has been a driving factor in the growing opioid epidemic across the country. The rate of drug overdoses involving fentanyl skyrocketed by about 113% each year from 2013 through 2016.

“Even half a pill can kill someone. It’s happened before,” San Luis Police Lt. Marco Santana told KYMA. “We’ve had about 19 overdoses just this year alone. We’ve had about 16 in 2018 it’s obviously a very dangerous drug and there’s no control.”

Santana said each pill costs $15 on the black market.


A woman was killed Thursday night after jumping from a moving vehicle driven by a suspected drunk driver, Scottsdale police report.

Police say that they responded to 65th Street and Indian School Road around 8 p.m. for reports of a person in the roadway.

On scene, they found 24-year-old Summer Leann Crosswhite in the road. She was transported to a local hospital where she died.

Police say Crosswhite and her friend, 21-year-old Courtney Kiser, had been drinking in downtown Scottsdale. Kiser then reportedly drove home with Crosswhite in the front passenger seat.

At some point, Kiser and Crosswhite got into an argument.

Some time during or after the argument, Crosswhite reportedly opened the passenger-side door and jumped out of the moving car.

Kiser remained at the scene, police say. She was arrested for DUI.

The incident remains under investigation.


Officer David Nash doesn’t remember much from the night he was violently attacked inside Arizona’s Lewis Prison. In the prison’s Morey unit, a two-floor section of cells that houses 50 high-risk offenders, Nash was on the ground floor telling two inmates to get back in their cells when they began to attack him


An officer shot and wounded a person who sought on a warrant during a struggle as the officer tried to arrest him. The man is recovering at the hospital.

FLAGSTAFF, Arizona — Flagstaff Police officials have released the name of the officer and the suspect in Monday’s officer-involved shooting.

The incident began to unfold Monday afternoon on the 2100 block of E. Route 66, when the officer, identified Tuesday evening as Nick Rubey, made contact with a person on a bicycle that the officer knew had a warrant out for his arrest. That person was identified Tuesday evening as 52-year-old Matthew Dearing. Afterwards, there was fight that resulted in the officer deploying his pepper spray.

Dearing, according to the statement Tuesday, then reached towards his waistline, retrieving an item believed to be a knife. Officer Rubey then ordered Dearing to drop his knife. Dearing then told Officer Rubey he didn’t have a knife, and simultaneously deployed a pepper spray at Officer Rubey’s face, severely impairing the officer’s eyesight. Officer Rubey then fired at Dearing once, striking him in the neck area.