Waterbury officers were injured during at attack by a customer at a gas station on Monday morning, according to police.

Around 2 a.m., two officers were leaving a gas station on Union Street when they were attacked from behind.

Officials say the two officers held a door open for a patron, which is when the patron attacked the officers.

The suspect, identified as 46-year-old Matthew Patterson, tried to rip off one of the officer’s holster, and the second officer pulled out his taser to assist the first officer.

While defending his handgun, the officer fell to the ground, and Patterson was unsuccessful in taking the gun.

Police say that’s when Patterson gave up his hold of the gun on the officer’s holster and fled.

The two officers were able to chase Patterson down Union Street where the suspect was arrested after resisting arrest.

“Our officers are focused, very professional. We saw that with this particular incident early Monday morning,” said Chief Fernando Spagnolo, Waterbury Police Department.

Spagnolo said one officer deployed his taser, but it didn’t stop the suspect.