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A new video from deputies in Seminole, County Florida paints a picture of the overdose epidemic in the state.

The video shows three people suffering from symptoms of drug overdose at the same gas station.

“You wake up, you’re smacking at him, you’re screaming, you’re shaking stuff around, and they’re not doing anything,” Deputy Caitlin Henry recalls.

Deputies said it was clear the situation was a triple overdose.

“They’re completely unresponsive, turning blue, the color leaving their faces. It’s scary,” Henry says.


ESCAMBIA COUNTY, Florida ( WEAR) – A man has been arrested for allegedly slapping a woman with a bowl of chili, as well as hitting her and pulling her hair.

According to the arrest report issued by Escambia County Sheriff’s Office, on October 26, 2018 the victim told police she was in a parked car with her boyfriend when 33-year-old Jerald Jenkins approached them.

Jenkins then asked the victim who was in the car with her, according to the report.

The victim stated Jenkins then pulled her out of the car by her hair and began to hit her in the face and body, the report revealed.

The victim’s boyfriend, according to the report, got out of the car and attempted to separate them, and that’s when Jenkins ran inside the victim’s house and came back out with a large kitchen knife.

The report says Jenkins swung the knife at the victim and her boyfriend, and it was a witness who came and broke up the fight.

The report also says the victim and her boyfriend got into her car and left the area.

Jenkins was arrested on Thursday and charged with battery, aggravated assault and larceny.


A scene of violence played out at a Zephyrhills, Florida, home late Sunday morning.

According to a police report from the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office, officers responding to a disturbance call made contact with a woman who told them her boyfriend had hit her in the head with a cookie.

A red mark could be seen on the woman’s forehead by her hairline, said the report, which added that the victim said she was hit with a “hard piece.”

The arrest affidavit says that the alleged suspect, Wade Alan Smith, admitted to throwing the cookie at her without her consent. The type of cookie is unclear.


NORTH PALM BEACH, Fla. (AP) — Authorities say a Florida man stole collectible coins worth tens of thousands of dollars, then ran them through grocery store change machines that returned just a fraction of their value.

The Palm Beach Post report s 20-year-old Shane Anthony Mele of Riviera Beach told investigators he stole the commemorative presidential dollar coins and other items from a North Palm Beach office in December.

The coins were worth $33,000. A Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office arrest report says Mele sold some coins for a few thousand dollars, and he ran many through change machines that only produced their face value.

Mele was charged Feb. 1 with grand theft along with unrelated drug charges. He was released Feb. 4 after posting bond. Jail records didn’t show whether he had an attorney.


A Fort Pierce Police Officer has been suspended for 20 days, without pay, for policy violations caught on camera.

An Internal investigation into actions by Officer Doug McNeal began in July 2018, after McNeal arrested a man and a woman for shoplifting.

Body camera footage first shows McNeal inside a Walmart, looking for a woman who had reportedly been abused.

He eventually finds the woman sitting outside on a bench, but she denies any help McNeal offers, though her face is visibly bruised.

The investigation found he cleared the call.

But ten minutes later, McNeal said he was investigating a theft in progress with the same woman and another man.

He does not turn on his body camera for about another hour and a half.

Once he does turn his camera back on, he’s heard with other officials questioning the man and woman about shoplifting, finding stolen jewelry and a baby toy, according to records.

He arrests them, but throughout the time the duo is in his custody, he allows them a lot of freedom.

First, he lets them smoke a cigarette before getting into the patrol car.

Then, he doesn’t handcuff the male, violating policy.

The two are never restrained in the back seat, and cuddle and kiss for a majority of their time in the car, while also briefly performing sex acts in the back seat.

He also allows them to smoke a cigarette inside the patrol car.

He was also disciplined for failing to tell dispatchers where he was going and did not report his mileage.

An Internal Affairs investigative report shows McNeal failed to follow policy, had conduct unbecoming and neglected duty. According to the document, he violated policies related to body worn cameras, authorized restraint, detainee transport operations, special transport situations, and use of tobacco products.

“The Department completed a thorough review of this incident and the findings of the investigation sustained allegations against Officer McNeal and identified deficiencies in the performance of his duties,” said Chief Diane Hobley-Burney. “Officer McNeal has accepted full responsibility for his actions and understands the seriousness of the policy violations. The conduct of this officer does not represent the values of this Department or the dedicated men and women who serve our community with honor every day.”

McNeal has worked with the department since 2014 and is assigned to the Community Policing Bureau.

His suspension went into effect on February 14.


A Cape Coral man made it easy for officers to find him when he handed an officer his driver’s license before speeding off from a traffic stop.

30-year-old Vincent Parlato is charged with Flee and Eluding Law Enforcement and Resisting Law Enforcement Without Violence.

According to Cape Coral Police, in the early morning hours of February 10th, an officer witnessed a black Mustang making a U-turn at high speed, causing the tires to spin out. The officer followed the car, which hit 60 miles per hour in a 45-mph speed zone, and performed a traffic stop at the intersection of Santa Barbara Boulevard and Trafalgar Parkway.


LAND O LAKES, Fla. (WFLA) – Pasco deputies have arrested a Land O’ Lakes woman after deputies say she battered her boyfriend with speakers and a selfie-stick.

Deputies say Larita Branch had been living with her boyfriend for approximately three months when on Feb. 19 Branch threw two speakers hitting the victim on the arms.

Branch then stuck the victim with a selfie stick on the head and his neck. Branch has a previous conviction for battery in 2010.

She was taken to Land O Lakes Detention Center and is facing a felony battery charge.


Anticipation got the better of a Homestead man heading to an adult book store in Key Largo Monday night, and now he’s in a Monroe County lockup.

Amado Enrique Gaure, 20, was booked into jail on charges of indecent exposure, marijuana possession and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Sheriff’s deputies say he admitted to masturbating while walking along a path near mile marker 102 toward the store Monday night, said Adam Linhardt, the Monroe sheriff’s office spokesman. A woman driving her car told deputies a man, who they say is Gaure, exposed himself to her

Deputies found Gaure in the parking lot of the bay side store and asked him about the incident. He admitted to masturbating in public and seeing the woman in her car, according to Linhardt.

He told deputies he was on his way to buy the video and began masterbating on the way because he was “impatient,” Linhardt said.

Cops say Gaure was carrying a small amount of marijuana at the time of his arrest.


SJSO: Deputies in the NW District located a reported stolen vehicle near the 8200 block of Kindred Spirit Lane. The alleged suspect fled upon seeing SJSO deputies and got stuck in a field a short time later. The suspect then fled on foot and entered a canoe on the edge of a pond.

Deputies spent the next few minutes advising the suspect that the “pond was surrounded”, and that a vessel was on its way to remove him from the pond. The suspect then paddled to shore, where he was taken into custody without further incident.


FEBRUARY 18–Cops today arrested a “naked and belligerent” Florida Woman for allegedly attacking her fiancée after he declined to have sex with her.

Officers responding early this morning to a disturbance call at a Vero Beach apartment building encountered Samantha Jewel Hernandez, 21, sans clothes and in an ornery mood. Hernandez (pictured at right) denied doing anything to her fiancée, “but was too intoxicated” to provide further information.

The victim, 21, told police that Hernandez “wanted to engage him in sexual intercourse,” which he declined. “Hernandez was angry at the fact that [the victim] did not want to have sex and began attacking him, striking him in the face and ripping his shirt.”

Hernandez was arrested on a misdemeanor domestic battery charge based on her boyfriend’s statements and “injuries observed on the scene”.

The cashier and the victim had so far lived together for two years, cops reported.

But it seems her woes from the early morning visit from police was not over.

After being bundled into the patrol car, police say she “maliciously spit” on the arm of a patrolman “while yelling profanities”.


A man accused of trying to light his girlfriend on fire was arrested Sunday after an hours-long dispute with Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office deputies.

Sheriff’s SWAT members arrested John Desir, 38, shortly before 6 p.m. Sunday in a Greenacres home. He had stayed in the home for nearly seven hours, refusing to speak with deputies outside.

Desir refused to talk to deputies, but was spotted inside the residence, they add.

PBSO SWAT was called to the scene after deputies tried every measure to get the man out of the house, deputies say. Deputies then got an arrest warrant signed by a judge and evacuated the surrounding apartments before SWAT was to enter.

SWAT entered residence at 5:45 p.m. and took Desir into custody, deputies say.

He is facing charges of aggravated battery, aggravated assault and simple battery. He will be taken to the Palm Beach County Jail after being medically cleared, they say.


A woman was arrested after making a “stupid joke” about a bomb on an Air Canada flight departing Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, authorities said.

Nathalie Tremblay, 53, of Canada, was boarding the Montreal-bound flight Tuesday with her boyfriend when a flight attendant noticed a black roller bag that was stuck in an overhead bin, an arrest report stated.

The flight attendant took the bag out and started asking passengers who it belonged to.

“There’s a bomb in it,” Tremblay told the flight attendant and laughed, the arrest form stated. Her boyfriend told her not to joke around.

The flight attendant reported the incident to the captain. The plane was evacuated and the terminal was closed as the Broward Sheriff’s Office bomb squad investigated.

Tremblay initially told authorities that she said “I hope there’s not a bomb in there,” in a serious manner and did not laugh. She admitted later about making “a stupid joke” about a bomb to the flight attendant.

Tremblay was booked into BSO’s Main Jail on $5,000 bond and faces a charge of making a false report of a bomb. Attorney information was not available.

Another man was caught on a Ring doorbell camera licking a doorbell, this time at a home in Lake Worth, Fla.

The video was recorded at 6:11 a.m. on Jan. 24, 2018.

In the video, the man is standing outside the front door and then leans into the doorbell to lick it. He then licks it again, and again, and again. He then positions what looks like a stack of newspapers in front of the camera and points, but it is unclear what he is trying to point out in the papers.

efore leaving, the man comes back to lick the doorbell even more.

This is the second time recently a person was caught licking a doorbell. Ring doorbell camera captured a Salinas, Ca. man in January. In that instance the man licked the doorbell for three hours, according to the homeowner.

A woman was arrested after she consumed Four Loko and drove intoxicated with her three children in the car — to visit her husband in jail, according to the Nassau County Sheriff’s Office.

Ashley Szakacsi, 28, was visiting her husband Edward at the Nassau County Jail, according to Sheriff Bill Leeper. Staff members at the jail were monitoring the couple’s conversation over the visitation phone.

“She (Szakacsi) tells him she’s screwed up on Four Loko, which is an energy beer,” Leeper said.

A deputy was called to investigate and waited in the parking lot for Szakacsi, Leeper said.

“The deputy asked her (Szakacsi) if she had been drinking anything,” Leeper said. “She says, ‘Well, I had a Four Loko.’ He asks, ‘Where is it?’ She had three kids in her car: a 7-year old son, 3-year old daughter and a 1-year old daughter. The 7-year old picks it up off the floorboard and says, ‘Here it is right here.'”

Szakacsi was arrested and charged with child neglect. Leeper commended the actions taken by the jail staff and deputies.

“There’s no doubt in my mind they potentially saved lives by not letting her drive after she admitted drinking one of these drinks, which is very potent,” Leeper said.

The three children are in the custody of another relative, deputies said.


The man Peter Michael Elacqua, 41 faces domestic battery charges.

Pasco County sheriff’s deputies arrested a Port Richey man accused of beaning his girlfriend in the face with a burrito.

An arrest report said he shoved his girlfriend into a chair in the bedroom of a home they share and threw a burrito at her on Friday.

A deputy found the woman with contents of the burrito dispersed across her face, neck and left shoulder area, the arrest report said.


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A woman broke into her ex-boyfriend’s home holding him at gunpoint and stole two gold necklaces, deputies said.

Collier County deputies arrested Mayira Okheda-Garsia, 18, and two other men, for breaking into the East Naples home Monday morning.

The victim told deputies he heard the sliding glass door in his bedroom shatter. He watched his ex-girlfriend, Okheda-Garsia, enter the room with at least three other men. They were wearing bandanas over their faces and carrying guns. The men held the victim at gunpoint and took the two necklaces while Okheda-Garsia went into the bathroom.

Hearing a commotion, the victim’s roommate came into the bedroom and confronted the men. But all of them took off in a Toyota Camry before deputies arrived.

Law enforcement found the car and tried to approach it but four passengers got out and ran away. The car took off too, and after a chase deputies eventually got it to stop. They arrested the driver, Kameron Williams, 18.

K-9 and Aviation Units helped find Okheda-Garsia hiding under a trailer.

Deputies found a third suspect, 19-year-old Devante Sparks, when he texted Okheda-Garsia to say he had made it home safely. Deputies went to his house to arrest him.

Both Okheda-Garsia and Sparks are members of street gangs, according to their arrest reports.


A Florida woman faces multiple charges after she threatened a deputy with a “visit from the KKK” during an arrest, according to the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office.

Officials were dispatched out to the 1500 block of South Montgomery Street around 11:50 p.m. on February 7 in response to a disturbance.

Upon arrival, a deputy made contact with the driver of a vehicle that had its headlights on reversing into the property. The deputy immediately detected the odor of alcohol coming from the driver, 53-year-old Julie Edwards, according to an arrest report.


An Oldsmar man was arrested Monday after allegedly recording himself having sex with his Siberian Husky, Pinellas County sheriff’s deputies say.

Christian Steward Oscar Nichols, 21, was charged with aggravated animal cruelty.

According to detectives, the investigation began last month when someone reported to Pinellas County Animal Services seeing video and photographs on the internet of a man having sex with a dog.

Sheriff’s detectives obtained the photos and video showing a man dressed in a dog costume molesting a husky.

The dog was in distress and tried to run away, deputies said.

Investigators said they were able to trace the video and photos back to Nichols. They interviewed him Monday, and they say he admitted to making the video with his dog, named Ember, and posting it online.

Ember and another dog were removed from Nichols’ home.

Additional charges are likely, detectives say, and the investigation is continuing.


Miami police are turning to the public for help after they released CCTV footage showing an unknown woman being grabbed outside a workshop and forced into a car.

Authorities released video of the altercation on social media, showing an African-American lady speaking to two men outside La Ceiba Tire Shop on Friday, before taking refuge inside. Witnesses say the woman attempted to hide in a restroom.

Anyone with information should contact the Miami Police Department at 305-603-6370 or Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at 305-471-TIPS.


Orlando police say a woman forced her way into the secure area of Orlando International Airport without going through security, then struck an officer who was trying to arrest her before being subdued with a taser.

An employee at curbside check-in told police that 38-year-old Angela McNaughton of Orlando drove up to the curb Wednesday around 8:30 p.m., demanded to be checked in for a flight and to have her truck parked.

When the employee told her he could not find her reservation, she allegedly told him to “have the [expletive] thing towed,” then stormed off into the airport near the Southwest Airlines ticket counter.

Once inside, officers said McNaughton walked up to the Known Crew Member entrance of the east security checkpoint. When a Transportation Security Administration worker tried to stop her and ask for her credentials, officers said she stated she “knew her rights,” before shoving the TSA officer out of the way.

Police said surveillance video shows a silver knife either being thrown or falling out of her jacket.

With McNaughton in the secure area, the TSA officer radioed that there was a security breach.

Several nearby officers quickly caught up to her as walked closer to the passenger trains to the terminals. McNaughton swore at the officers pursuing her, police said.

Good or bad, a haircut can send a strong statement, which is exactly what happened at Thursday’s Tampa City Council meeting when a tree advocate chopped off a chunk of her hair to bring awareness to saving the trees.

Cinzia Duncan’s proposal was approved in a 6-to-1 vote by Tampa City Council, changing the way trees are evaluated when it comes to removing them. She wanted to show once you cut a chunk of hair – just like a tree – you can’t put it back.

However, she said, regrowing a tree tak

Penny Rebecca Pospisil, 47, was arrested Friday and charged with second-degree murder and abuse of a dead body.

Authorities with the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office said she killed then dismembered her boyfriend’s body and kept it inside a trailer for months.

On Dec. 20, the Melbourne Police Department contacted the Sheriff’s Office about the death investigation of Anthony Franklin Mitchell, 55, whose body was found in a camper at the Wickham Park Campground.

Mitchell’s family told investigators they’d last heard from him in August 2018. Investigators said Mitchell and Pospisil were living together at the Lake Panasoffkee RV Village at the time.

In the following weeks, investigators said Pospisil began telling her family and friends that Mitchell had died. A neighbor at the RV park reported a foul odor coming from her camper around the same time, investigators said.

Toward the end of September, Pospisil moved the camper to Wickham Park in Melbourne, investigators said.

Nobody at Wickham Park ever reported seeing Mitchell, according to the Sheriff’s Office.


ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. – The wife of the slain University of Central Florida employee was charged in his death Wednesday after Winter Park detectives said she claimed her husband had inflicted his fatal wound by stabbing himself and then waited 11 hours to call for help, according to the arrest report.

Winter Park police said Michael Redlick, 65, was found dead Jan. 12 in his Winter Park home on Temple Drive. Two days later, medical examiners determined he died of a stab wound that was not self-inflicted.

The victim’s wife, Danielle Redlick, 45, was booked into the Orange County Jail on Wednesday just before noon. She is charged with second-degree murder and tampering with evidence.

A judge on Thursday ordered Redlick to be held without bond. She was also told she is not allowed to have unsupervised contact with her two children, who neighbors said are in the custody of their grandparents.

Winter Park police officials said Danielle Redlick is accused of stabbing Michael Redlick. According to the arrest warrant, the suspect called 911 the day after she had a fight with the victim and told operators Michael Redlick had stabbed himself.

According to the arrest warrant, Danielle Redlick called 911 on Jan. 12 and told operators there had been a “tragedy at her home” and her husband was dead.

The suspect told operators her husband had died the night before she called 911. Police said she waited 11 hours before calling.

“We had an altercation and he stabbed himself and I ran and hid in the bathroom,” she said in the 911 call.” When I came out I was trying to help him and saw he was lying in blood and then I tried to help him and I couldn’t.”

The suspect later told detectives her husband kept saying “Sam Katie” in reference to the movie 1991 “Cape Fear” before she emerged from the bathroom and followed a bloody trail to his body. The characters in the movie are Max Cady and Sam Bowden, according to the movie’s IMBD page.

Danielle Redlick said she had been trying to “figure out what to do” since the stabbing, according to the arrest report. She also said her husband had a heart attack, but “the stabbing triggered it.” Medical examiners found no sign of a heart attack, according to the report.

In the 911, Daniell Redlick said she had waited so long to call because she was scared, exhausted and on probation, according to the arrest report. She told detectives she eventually fell asleep next to his body after attempting CPR.

Danielle Redlick was also arrested on Jan. 23 by Winter Park police on a Seminole County warrant. The violation of probation stems from a January 2018 charge of resisting an officer.

When Winter Park police arrived, they said they found the suspect had cut her wrists and she was taken to the hospital. Officer said they found broken eggshells in the driveway, inside and outside the victim’s Lexus.

Officers also noted the scene and victim had been tampered with. Bloody towels were found around the victim and a strong smell of bleach was in the home, according to the report. Blood-stained towels were found throughout the residence, police said.

Michael Redlick was the director of external affairs and partnership relations for the DeVos Sport Business Management Program at UCF.

Prior to his death, Michael Redlick told a witness his wife “is crazy bus as long as I hide the steak knives everything will be fine,” according to the report.

Records show Winter Park police were called to the Redlick family home by the victim or interacted with Danielle Redlick on several occasions for violent behavior toward her husband and others.

A Pasco County woman was arrested Monday after getting into a fight over cat food.

46-year-old Shawna Smith got into an argument at her home with another woman Monday night

During the argument, deputies said Smith grabbed the victim from behind and threw her to the ground. She then started scratching the other woman.

he victim received several scratches on her arm and neck.

Smith was charged with battery.

She is currently being held in the Pasco County Jail.

ESCAMBIA COUNTY, Fla. (WEAR) — A man has been arrested after he attempted to run over his son with a truck because the son didn’t want to take a bath.

According to an arrest report from the Escambia County Sheriff’s, a witness called police after he said he could hear loud outbursts of yelling and a vehicle accelerating at high speeds.

The witness stated when he walked outside to see what was happening when he saw a young man running, trying to avoid a person, later identified as Joseph Riley, driving a truck who appeared to be following him, according to the report.

The report said the victim came to the witness’s house for help out of fear his dad was going to run him over with his truck.

According to the report, the victim stated his father had asked him to take a bath numerous times and when he didn’t comply with his father, Riley threatened to spank him with a belt.

The victim did not wish for that to happen so he left the residence, at which time Riley climbed into his truck and started chasing him, according to the report.

The report also revealed the victim saying Riley had been drinking that day.

When Riley was interviewed by police he appeared intoxicated and had a hard time standing by himself, according to the report.

Riley wouldn’t cooperate with officers and became aggressive by lunging at the deputies, according to the report.

He was arrested and charged with domestic violence for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Riley was taken to the Escambia County Jail.

He will have a Circuit Court date on February 28.


The last person that got in this much trouble over a cigar was Bill Clinton

PINELLAS PARK, Fla. — A Pinellas Park man, enraged because someone touched one of his cigars, attacked his pregnant sister and bit a police officer who was arresting him, police said.

According to arrest affidavits, 23-year-old Brian Keith Harrington got mad because he thought his sister’s boyfriend had either moved or smoked one of his cigars. He attacked the boyfriend, then started shoving his sister and other relatives when they tried to calm him down, police said.

He then went to the refrigerator and threw a ketchup bottle, a half-gallon of juice and other food containers at his sister, who is six weeks pregnant, police said.

Other relatives restrained Harrington when he tried to knock the refrigerator over onto them, police said.

When police arrived, Harrington bit an officer on the left thumb and told the officer he would kill him when he got out of jail, the affidavit said.

The sister’s boyfriend declined to press charges.

Harrington was charged with three counts of domestic battery, battery on a law enforcement officer, the threat of bodily harm on a law enforcement officer and resisting an officer with arrest.

He remains in jail with bail set at $10,150.

According to jail records, Harrington was arrested six previous times on charges ranging from burglary, grand theft and marijuana possession. He was sent to prison twice, records show.