A police officer is out of a job and her friend faces felony charges after the officer let her friend borrow her badge and gun to get free snacks from QuikTrip, police said.

Police said the DCS officer waited in the car and let her friend use her badge and gun to go into the QT and get free food.

Gwinnett police Officer JT Smith saw the incident and didn’t recognize the officer.

When Smith pulled the woman’s car over, she was still wearing the gun and badge.

Video shows the moment Smith confronted Pektra Edgerton, 33. Edgerton claimed she worked for DCS.

“Are you a police officer, or are you not a police officer?” Smith asks on the tape.


Footage has emerged of the moment a shopper approached a Georgia lawmaker during a grocery store spat in which she claimed he told her ‘go back where you came from’.

Police said Wednesday they would not charge Eric Sparkes over the incident after an officer’s bodycam also showed a witness claiming it was in fact state Rep. Erica Thomas who made the inflammatory remarks and not him.

Cobb County police released security video from inside the Publix which shows the moment the two begin to argue in front of shocked shoppers and staff.

The clip has no audio but shows Sparkes came back to the line to approach pregnant Thomas, pointing to the express lane sign.
A heated argument then appears to start with the two gesticulating. At one point Sparkes looks to walk away from the argument before it flares up again.

A second newly released video shows a police officer’s body cam as he interviews Sparks and witnesses to the row.

That shows an onlooker at the store confirming to law enforcement that Thomas used the racist phrase and not Sparkes.

The store employee says: ‘She said that to him. “You can go back to where you came from” to him. He just kept calling her ignorant.’

The witness added that Thomas kept ‘running her mouth’ as she approached him but added that she ‘didn’t walk over to them to intervene until they started getting very loud’.

A prosecutor has announced felony charges against an Atlanta-area police officer who was captured on video hitting a homeless woman inside a convenience store.

Cellphone video forced prosecutors to reconsider the use-of-force case involving DeKalb County officer Phillip Larscheid from two years ago.

The officer was called to a Decatur gas station for a shoplifting and loitering call involving Katie McCrary but when she tried to leave and push past the officer, he beat her with his baton.

The GBI then turned over its findings to the DeKalb County District Attorney’s Office.

“We determined that the case warranted proprietorial action and presented the case today to the grand jury for one count of aggravated assault and one count of violation of oath of office, both felony charges,” said DeKalb County district attorney Sherry Boston.

McCrary was arrested and taken to jail but her injuries looked so severe the jail wouldn’t take her, and sent her to the hospital instead.

The charges against McCrary have been dropped.


On Friday, May 24, 2019, at approximately 6:09 pm., law enforcement officers with the Metter Police Department and the Candler County Sheriff’s Office were dispatched to assist in a high-speed chase that began in Treutlen County, Georgia.

According to reports, the Treutlen County Sheriff’s Office stopped a silver Ford Fusion on interstate 16 on traffic related charges. During the traffic stop, the driver was removed from the vehicle and at some point, the driver fled on foot and a passenger, later identified as Cornelius Roberts (27 years old) of a Sylvania address, jumped into the driver’s seat and fled. The vehicle continued east on I-16 in pursuit by Treutlen County Deputies and joined by the Georgia State Patrol. During the chase, the Georgia State Patrol attempted to deploy spike strips and during the attempted deployment, the Trooper broke his leg. The Trooper however continued in the chase and eventually to the lead in the chase.

As the vehicle approached the 104 Exit, Metter Police Officers set up on the 104 offramp in attempt to deploy spike strips. As the vehicle turned onto the 104 offramp, CPL Ray Smith deployed a set of spike strips onto the off ramp and the vehicle swerved to avoid the spike strips, causing the vehicle to lose control. The vehicle continued out of control until striking the cross over arm and then running into CPL Ricky Lovett’s patrol vehicle striking it head on. The impact of the crash sent CPL Lovett’s parked vehicle from the off ramp, across Highway 121, and down an embankment finally resting inside the fenced area Near Metter Ford. After the Ford Fusion came to a final rest, Roberts jumped out the window of the Fusion and fled on foot. Treutlen County Deputies and Troopers were able to chase Roberts down and arrest Roberts a short distance from the vehicle.

Following the arrest, a search was conducted on Fusion and approximately 1-pound of Marijuana was discovered. It was also discovered that Roberts was on probation/parole. Roberts was transported to the Candler County Hospital where he was treated for minor injuries and released to Treutlen County Deputies. Roberts was charged with Possession of Marijuana (Felony), Fleeing Attempting to Elude (Felony), and a host of traffic related charges. The Georgia State Trooper was transported to Meadows Memorial hospital and was treated for a broken leg and was released.


A child was expecting a Lego set — but got $40,000 in methamphetamine instead, according to the Bulloch County Sheriff’s Office.

Three women from Georgia found the box that appeared to be full of Lego bricks while on a trip to a consignment shop in Charleston, South Carolina, The Statesboro Herald reports.

They bought the box and decided to gift it to a child in Statesboro, Georgia.

When the child found three pounds of methamphetamine, the women contacted the sheriff’s office.

It’s unclear exactly how the consignment shop ended up with the drugs, but the sheriff’s office believes the box may have ended up at the shop after it was mailed to a wrong address.

Dealers sometimes ship drugs to abandoned homes, but mail carriers delivering to abandoned places will often leave the packages with neighbors.

Sometimes unclaimed packages are even auctioned off, “sort of like ‘Storage Wars,’” the sheriff’s office told the Herald.

No charges have been filed in the case as of Wednesday evening.


A 33-year-old Georgia man will serve no prison time after keeping a teenage girl in captivity for a year, imprisoning her in a dog cage and forcing her to have sex with him against her will. Michael Wysolovski pleaded guilty to first-degree cruelty to children and interstate interference with custody. He was sentenced to 10 years probation and eight months in prison, though the judge said that since he had already served prison time in the lead-up to his trial, he had already completed his sentence. Wysolovski will also have to register for the sex offender database for life.

A Northside Teacher was arrested and charged after inappropriate contact with a student.

The Muscogee County School District says it was an anonymous tip that led to the investigation of the 26-year-old Northside teacher.

The arrest marks the third criminal investigation involving one of the School District’s employees after two substitute teachers were charged last week.

Kristin Davenport was formally charged late Thursday with three counts of sexual assault by a person who has supervisory or disciplinary authority, in this case a teacher.

The charges reportedly stem from Davenport’s consensual contact with a student at Northside.

Details of the allegations have not been made public.

Davenport’s arrest follows two other criminal investigations involving substitute teachers in the Muscogee County School District.

Hardaway substitute, Alexander White is facing multiple charges including child molestation and enticing a child.

A substitute at Midland Middle School, Victoria Cothran was arrested on a less serious misdemeanor charge of simple battery after an alleged meltdown on a student there.

The Muscogee County School District responded to a previous report by First News about the incidents involving the substitutes intimating that any suggestion District officials said they were unaware of specific allegations or didn’t provide a straight answer or that the Superintendent shied away from hot topics is (to paraphrase) pure rubbish and flat false.


A Georgia mother slashed her boyfriend with a sword last week after she walked in on him molesting her 5-year-old daughter, The Twiggs County Sheriff’s Office said the mother, who was not identified, told deputies that she grabbed a large sword when John Lawarren Williams, 25, tried to escape the house and sliced him on one of his hands. Williams had run away before deputies responded to the mother’s call around midnight Thursday.

A former Northwest Whitfield High School teacher has been sentenced to 10 years with 120 days of detention and the rest on probation after pleading guilty Friday to sexual assault by a person with supervisory and disciplinary authority, according to the Whitfield County clerk of court’s office.

Raquel Eleana Spencer must serve 90 to 120 days in a probation detention center, a highly-structured, minimum security facility that provides counseling, life skills classes and substance abuse counseling. She must also pay a $1,000 fine plus court costs and surcharges, perform 300 hours of community service and observe all sex offender special conditions of probation.

A second charge against her, for possession of a schedule 1 controlled substance, was dropped as part of the plea agreement.

Spencer was an English teacher at Northwest. She resigned after being arrested at the school on April 25 of last year for possession of heroin after school officials notified the sheriff’s office she appeared to be under the influence.

She was indicted by a Whitfield County grand jury last year. According to one indictment, Spencer had sexual intercourse with a student who attended the high school, “with supervisory and disciplinary authority over (the) individual.” The indictment specified the relationship as between Oct. 1, 2017, and April 8, 2018. During the investigation into the heroin, the sexual relationship with the student was discovered through a search of her phone.


An Atlanta teen has been sentenced to 36 months probation in a 2017 crash that killed three pedestrians, including an infant.

Zoe Reardon, 18, entered the plea to misdemeanor charges Monday morning, with her attorney saying she did not want to put the victims’ families through a trial.

Reardon could have faced 36 months behind bars. Instead, she will serve the probation and check-in from Texas where she currently attends college.

She’ll also get her license back after a year, pay fines and donate to a foundation centered around combating distracted driving.

Under the first-offender status, her record will be cleared when she completes the sentence.

“You’re pretty young,” State court Judge Alan Jordan told Reardon during sentencing. “You’ve got a lifetime ahead of you. I expect this is something you’re going to have a hard time dealing with the rest of your life.”

Cherokee County authorities initially closed the case against Reardon with no charges, but it was reopened in the midst of civil litigation against the City of Woodstock, where the group died. It’s centered around a lack of pedestrian measures in place around an entertainment pavilion where the victims were headed to see a concert.

Reardon has maintained she never saw the group crossing the road that evening, and her defense has highlighted forensics to punctuate this was not a distracted driving case.


A burglar ignored a 79-year-old woman’s homeowners threats when she heard someone breaking in her home. After hearing breaking glass coming from her upstairs, she fired two shots at the suspect.

On Feb. 12 the woman called 911 about a man ransacking the upstairs of her home. During a 911 call obtained by WXIA the woman begs the 911 operator for the authorities to hurry. The operator reminds her to not confront the intruder.

While officers were on the route the woman shot the man at least two times while she was waiting in the kitchen on the phone with the 911 dispatcher.

“I’m scared, please hurry… Lord, have mercy,” she whispered to the 911 operator. “I’m gonna blow your brains out!” she shouted at the burglar.

Jackson County Sheriff Janis Mangum states that there were two women in the home and they were not harmed.
“She told him in words I can’t tell you that he better not come in her house or she’d take care of things,” Mangum said.

When deputies arrived they found a 20-year-old male hiding in the closet. He was later identified as Hans Edward Rogers was taken into custody and charged with burglary and home invasion.