A mother in Indiana has been arrested after she filmed herself slapping her baby so hard he slammed to the ground during a video call with the infant’s father.

A woman believed to be Hannah Winch, 21, is seen in a clip hitting the 10-month-old boy who is later seen sprawled face down on the floor of a home in the Peru area.

A man believed to be his father watches on helplessly.

Police said they had information about a video showing an adult female carrying out the battery.


23-year-old Kyren Gregory Perry-Jones and 18-year-old Cailyn Marie Smith have been charged with deliberately forcing two teenage boys off a road because they had President Trump flags attached to their bikes.

The couple who were driving the car are said to have run the 14-year-old teenage twin boys off the road after making threats towards them.

The driver then swerved at the boys, forcing them onto grass at the side of the road to avoid being struck.

The driver is then alleged to have followed the boys before getting out of the car and ripping off the flag from one of the brother’s bikes.

After dropping it on the ground, the driver then ran back to his car and drove away, ‘but not before running the flag over,’

According to a probable cause affidavit, the boys told officers that a vehicle with a man driving and woman passenger followed them before the male driver pulled up nearby and asked one of the boys “if they were Trump supporters” – to which the boy replied that they were.

A woman in Elwood has been arrested and charged following an incident in which she said her 5-year old son was trapped inside a washing machine before he was found to be bruised and losing consciousness.

The Madison County prosecutor charged Heather Oliver, 30, with neglect of a dependent resulting in bodily injury, a level 5 felony, in connection with the Aug. 16 incident, according to court documents.

Police were initially dispatched to St. Vincent Mercy Hospital in Elwood, where they met the child’s father. Nurses told police that the child was in and out of consciousness, and had multiple bruises on the upper body and scratches on his arms. They said the boy was “somewhat dry with wet underwear,” the probable cause affidavit reads.

The boy was later transported to Riley Children’s Hospital in Indianapolis for further evaluation.

A former Indiana teacher has been sentenced to seven years in prison after she admitted to injecting fecal matter into her teenage son’s IV in 2016.

Tiffany Alberts was sentenced to seven years in prison and will serve an additional five years on probation, according to the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office.

Back in September, the Wolcott resident was convicted of six counts of aggravated battery for injecting her 15-year-old’s IV with fecal matter while he was undergoing treatment for cancer.

She was charged with attempted murder but was found not guilty in September.

In November 2016, Alberts was charged after it was learned that the feces was causing her son to get bacterial infections and sepsis.

In 2016, Alberts’ son had to go back to the hospital – a week after finishing cancer treatment – because he had multiple bacteria infections.

Doctors conducted extensive evaluations of the teen and determined that there was no medial reason to explain the ongoing blood infections, a press release from the office states.

Hospital staff became suspicious after the teen developed a series of inexplicable infections, high fever, impenetrable headaches, constant vomiting, while undergoing chemotherapy treatment for leukemia in 2016, leading into an investigation of what ‘could have gone wrong.’

It wasn’t until the boy was moved to another room at Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis that installed video surveillance cameras caught Alberts on several occasions injecting an unknown substance into her son’s IV bag.

Blood tests revealed organisms commonly found in feces. Alberts argued her actions were an attempt to get her son moved to another hospital unit she felt would provide better care.

She initially told police she injected water into the IV bag to ‘flush the line’ because his medicine ‘burned.’ Authorities said she later admitted to injecting fecal matter.

Doctors said the infections delayed the teen’s treatment for two months, putting his health at risk, the Indianapolis Star reported.


An Indiana woman shouted ‘YOLO’ as she was arrested by police for allegedly destroying her boyfriend’s pickup truck with an aluminum bat.

Kristin Nicole Trzoski, 37, was arrested Tuesday night outside a home she shares with her boyfriend, Chad Lukas, and their two children.

Deputies from the Porter County Sheriff’s Office said the woman also threatened to burn down their home, yelled ‘YOLO (You Only Live Once)’ and laughed on her way to jail.


The charges state that Andrea Knecht, 33 engaged in sexual activity with a then-14-year-old girl from January to March 2013, according to Douglas County Court documents dated July 12.

An Omaha Police report dated June 26 states during a March 19 interview with the victim, phone records from that time period “depicted several hundred calls” between the victim and Knect, who was 27 years old at the time of the alleged abuse.

According to Monday’s statement from Marian High School officials, the former student posted on social media in January that Knecht had sexually assaulted her in 2013, and that the school reported the information to the authorities.

“(Knecht) was employed at Marian as a part-time basketball coach in an adjunct capacity for approximately four months,” according to the Marian High School statement. “Records indicate that Marian had no knowledge of any incident during the span of her employment that would have required reporting.”

to the statement.


An Indiana mother was arrested on Tuesday for leaving her young son unattended in a hot car while she was interviewing with child services about her four-day-old baby.

Jennifer K. Ost, 27, was charged with neglect of a dependent after she left the kid outside the Department of Child Services in Anderson, Indiana, watching a film on her cell phone as temperatures reached the high 80s.

The mother-of-two had an appointment with the DCS at Community Pediatrics about her son who was born just four days prior at Decatur County Memorial Hospital.

She left the against medical advice, according to cops.

During the appointment, she had an examination and according to court documents, she was ‘belligerent’ and cursed at the DCS employee afterward.


A man who was convicted of killing his own baby son was punched in the face by his brother, the infant’s uncle, moments after being jailed for 25 years on Wednesday.

Kwin Boes was arrested in May last year after his 11-month-old son Parker died of blunt force trauma to the head.

Boes, 23, was leaving the courtroom in Evansville, Indiana, in shackles when his brother ran towards him and punched him in the face.

They were separated by court bailiffs.


LEBANON, Indiana — Police arrested a man accused of breaking into an Indiana apartment and trying to take a little girl, CBS Indy reports.

The girl’s grandfather intervened and managed to force the suspect out of their home before police arrived.

According to CBS Indy, it was Monday night when Lebanon police were called to the family’s apartment. The grandmother and grandfather said they were inside their home when an intruder busted in the front door and then a bedroom door.

“I was sound asleep in my bedroom and this guy came kicking in and said, ‘You have my daughter,’” Patty Roth told CBS.

Lebanon police identified the suspect as Benjamin Dillon, 37.

Dillon is accused of threatening to take a 6-year-old girl, claiming she was his daughter.

“I was nervous, very nervous. I was shaking so bad,” said Roth.

Roth tells CBS the man was determined to take her granddaughter. That’s when the grandfather stepped in and forced Dillon out of their apartment.

Police showed up, and Dillon allegedly became aggressive. He’s accused of threatening officers and fighting them, even as they used a Taser on him.

“I don’t understand why he picked our apartment. I’ll never figure that one out,” said Roth.

The 6-year-old girl said she wasn’t hurt, just scared.

CBS reports Dillon now faces a long list of charges including burglary, battery on a law enforcement officer and intimidation.


A Vigo County, Indiana, woman who was accused of having sex with a minor, not disclosing she has HIV, has been sentenced to 10 years in prison.

According to Fox59, 21-year-old Lisa Marie Custer, of Terre Haute, was first arrested in March 2017 after she had sex with the 15-year-old son of a friend despite knowing she was HIV positive.

Court documents pertaining to the case state she became interested in the teen after she began staying with his father and told him she wanted to have sex with him soon after. She did not tell him she was HIV positive. She only disclosed the vital information two days after she had sex with him, documents indicate.

She was charged with two counts of sexual misconduct with a minor and failure to comply with the law on reporting some communicable disease — Indiana law requires carries of AIDS, HIV, and/or Hepatitis B to warn sexual partners of their status.

Speaking about the case at the time, Rob Roberts, the Chief Deputy Prosecutor, said, “The fact still remains, that anytime you have one person that’s infected and they’re not warning others, then they’re probably not taking the necessary precautions to prevent that spread,” adding that he did not want “one of those major outbreaks here in Vigo County.”

The 21-year-old was freed after posting bond but found herself behind bars in Georgia a few months later. She was tracked down in a wooded area in Lee County Georgia in June 2017 and arrested following a purse snatching in an area Walmart.

Recently, Custer struck a deal with prosecutors which saw her plead guilty to one count of sexual misconduct with a minor and failure to warn of a communicable disease. A second count of sexual misconduct and an escape charge were both dismissed under the agreement.


An Indiana woman has been arrested for allegedly killing her boyfriend by driving over him twice with a car.

Authorities said Briana Rice, 23, of Hammond, faces multiple charges, including murder, voluntary manslaughter and leaving the scene of a fatal accident, in the April 24 death of 25-year-old Terrondy Jones.

A witness told police she saw a couple arguing outside an East Chicago apartment near the 1700 block of East 135th Street before a man began walking away from a car.

The witness said a female driver then ‘backed her car up almost striking a garage’ and ‘she then sped up, striking the male subject with the car’.