A Missouri man convicted of molesting an 11-year-old girl will serve no jail time.

TV station KFOR reports Joseph Meili was instead sentenced to five years of probation after he pleaded guilty to third-degree molestation. If he successfully completes probation, there’s a chance the charge could be removed from his criminal record.

Meili reportedly met the girl through the MeetMe app. He told investigators he believed she was 18 and that he had been “catfished.”

But Greene County senior assistant prosecuting attorney Elizabeth Fax told the Huffington Post she didn’t believe that.

To actually see her in person … he knew and just decided to go along with it,” she said.

After the alleged assault, the girl tested positive for chlamydia, according to KFOR.


A three-year-old’s head was split open after her teacher at Brighter Day Care and Preschool in north St. Louis County, Missouri threw her into a cabinet seemingly without reason on Friday, February 1. She suffered an enormous gash in her forehead right between her eyes and was sent to the hospital in an ambulance where she required seven stitches.

The teacher reportedly sent a note to the parents saying ‘she fall’ without giving further explanation. Despite her claims that the child fell, the entire incident was caught on a surveillance camera in the classroom. However, the preschool director waited five days before checking the surveillance video.

Now the child’s family has hired lawyer Jennifer Hansen to represent them to fight against the violence their daughter suffered. ‘The daycare could’ve reviewed that footage at any time. They didn’t and they allowed the daycare worker who assaulted this little girl, to continue to work at the facility for five additional days,’ attorney Jennifer Hansen said.