New York


Crown Heights, Brooklyn – A woman was walking down the street in Brooklyn when she was suddenly sucker punched.

It happened on Saturday, March 9th at around 12:10 p.m. at the northeast corner of Nostrand Avenue and Crown Street in Crown Heights.

The man walked up to the 27-year-old woman and suddenly punched her right in the head.

He then ran off northbound on Nostrand Avenue.

The victim was able to drive herself to Kingsbrook Hospital

The incident, which was captured on surveillance video, took place on the fourth floor of an apartment building on West 114th Street in Manhattan on Tuesday. Officers were called to the building after receiving a report of a man with a gun. Three police officers took the elevator up to the fourth floor and saw a man who matched the description they received. The man had his hands in his pockets. Officers then requested that the man show his hands, but they were allegedly ignored. Officials said the man then pulled out a wallet, assumed a shooting stance, and pointed the wallet at the officers.

Michael Cordero’s hands were in his pockets and he ignored officer requests to take his hands out.

“What do you mean take my hands out of my pocket,” Cordero, 34, asked, according to police. “I’ve got a gun. “


A group of thugs have been caught on surveillance video viciously beating four homeless men and stealing $5 from one of them as they slept on a New York sidewalk.

Police released the horrific footage on Saturday in their search for the five suspects who attacked the men in Brooklyn late last month.

One of the homeless men was beaten so badly that he later fell into a coma.


Authorities raided a residential suburban home in leafy Westchester County, New York Friday morning and walked out with enough fentanyl to kill nearly 2 million people, an official with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration. Five kilograms of the poisonously potent synthetic opioid were seized along with 6 kilograms of heroin, a more common street drug which, when spiked with fentanyl, has caused tens of thousands of fatal overdoses in America in recent years


Police detectives in New York City are looking for a man who opened fire on a street in the Bronx on Friday afternoon, sending several people running for their lives.

The NYPD released security camera video showing the gunman, armed with what appears to be a revolver, approach a group of people near 1155 Gerard Avenue in the Bronx and fire three shots.

The video shows several people, including a child, scattering away from the gunman, who then turns around and runs away.

Police released this image of a man with a revolver who opened fire on a street in the Bronx, Feb. 22, 2019. (NYPD)

The gunman had targeted a 19-year-old man, police said, but no one was hit.