A woman who is currently on probation for bestiality has been indicted by a Trumbull County Grand Jury on one charge of robbery.

35-year-old Amber Finney is accused of robbing Chase Bank on West Market Street in Warren back in February.

According to police, the teller informed Finney that she could only dispense $1,000 at a time;

The woman allegedly accepted the money, and then walked out of the bank and made her way to the parking lot, where she was spotted meeting up with a man.

Police officers who were called to the scene were able to track down Finney by following footprints in the snow. She was arrested at a home on Ward Street NW a short time later.

Finney made headlines in 2017 when she pleaded no contest to a charge of bestiality under Ohio’s newly enacted laws criminalizing sex with animals.

The conviction stemmed from a disturbing incident in which Finney, who has three paw prints tattooed on her left shoulder, was caught on video having a sexual encounter with a dog on New Year’s Day.


An Ohio driver was seen fleeing cops Monday. Police say she told them she was late for work. Imani Edwards was pulled over by Cleveland police for having tinted windows, but then she took off without warning, police say. At one point, video shows cops boxing her in and came out with guns drawn. One officer tried to open her door and she barreled her way through, taking off again. Edwards was then caught racing through a residential area, where authorities tried again to get her to stop.


After deputies led a shackled Herman See into court Monday, he insulted one of the prosecutors who helped convict him of 22 counts of rape. See then told Hamilton County Common Pleas Judge Patrick Dinkelacker that he only bows down to his god. Angela Stites, the mother of two of the victims, was also in court. A jury convicted Stites of four counts of rape. Dinkelacker sentenced her to 86 years in prison. He sentenced See to 221 years behind bars


When Judge Eugene Lucci revealed the defendant would spend 22 years in prison, Manson Bryant stood up and began shouting. Deputies in the courtroom restrained Bryant and moved him away from the judge, but he continued to yell. That reportedly prompted the judge to later add six more years to his sentence (not caught on video). Bryant will now spend 28 years behind bars

On March 7, 2019 at 10:13am Officer Linda Gutierrez responded to a car accident at the intersection of E. Livingston Ave. & Brookwood Rd. (east Columbus)

What appeared to be a victim of the accident quickly became irate/irrational while Officer Gutierrez was trying to access the situation.

The 27-year-old male berated the officer, threatened suicide by cop and continued to approach her when she asked him to back up.

“She showed amazing restraint in the entire video. Officer Wendell Tolber is first to arrive and uses a taser on the suspect ending the confrontation. She is a superstar to say the least,” said Officer Gutierrez’s supervisor Lt. David Knight.

We’ve blurred the faces of the suspect and the victim of the purse snatching because she chose not to pursue charges.

The suspect was taken to receive mental health help.


An inmate attacked a nurse inside the medical unit of the Cuyahoga County Jail, a lock-up facing hard questions about inmate deaths, overcrowding, deplorable conditions and more.

A county spokesperson said an inmate grabbed a nurse from behind, around her head and neck.

Corrections officers quickly moved in before she was seriously hurt.

That inmate has now been placed in “restrictive housing.”

The county said the nurse was checked out and then returned to work.

The jail has been under a spotlight and the focus of multiple investigations.


A Warrensville Heights man shocked a courtroom full of spectators Tuesday when he sucker-punched his own defense attorney after a judge sentenced him to 45 years in prison.

Cuyahoga County sheriff’s deputies took down David Chislton after the 42-year-old struck lawyer Aaron Brockler in the face with both of his handcuffed fists, the witnesses said. Chislton spurred an hours-long police standoff in 2017 when he pistol-whipped his girlfriend and set his apartment complex on fire.

Russo sentenced Chislton sentenced on nearly two dozen charges, including multiple counts of aggravated arson and felonious assault, in 2017 incident.

Chislton pistol-whipped the woman and threatened to her after she accused him of sexually abusing her 15-year-old daughter, then set fire to the building during an ensuing standoff with police, prosecutors said. He wore brass knuckles when officers took him into custody, and investigators found a loaded revolver in the apartment, records show.