LANCASTER, Pa. (WHTM) – Horrifying video seems to have caught the moments when police say a man identified as Michael Baker pointed a gun at a Lyft driver.
A camera inside the driver’s car was recording when just 30 seconds earlier, another gun was put to the driver’s head.
“At the moment, I didn’t realize if they were real or not until after the situation when I went back and looked at the video,” said the driver, who did not want be identified.
Police say the incident happened when the driver went to pick up a passenger on Howard Avenue Friday night.
“I think it was 100% set up because of the way it went down,” the driver said.
The driver, who has been with the ride-sharing company for nine months, has had the camera inside his car since he started picking up passengers. He says he uses the camera as a safety measure.
“It’s not a requirement,” he said. “It’s my personal belief if anything good should come out of this is that Uber and Lyft should provide you with a dashcam.”
He said he has no plans to quit his ride-sharing side job. He said he shared the video to keep other drivers safe.
“There is no point of robbing a Lyft driver or Uber driver whatsoever,” he said. “We don’t carry cash.”
Baker was arrested Saturday and faces charges of robbery and assault.
Police are still working to identify the second suspect seen in the video

A Florida woman is facing multiple charges for an alleged fraud attempt at a Newtown Township bank, police said.

Officers from the Newtown Township Police Department were dispatched to the TD Bank located at 1 West Road on July 19 for the report of a woman attempting to withdrawal $2,500 in cash from a closed debit account that was not hers.

Police arrived and arrested the female, identified as Kristy Renee Taylor, 38, of Coral Springs, FL.

Police in Pennsylvania have identified two suspects accused of stealing $21,000 worth of Victoria’s Secret underwear last month.

Lower Allen Township police said Aida Melcado, 18, and a minor identified as ‘BC’ were behind the theft of 2,000 pairs of underwear from the Victoria’s Secret store at the Capital City Mall near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania on April 7.

Authorities said Melcado and BC were identified and arrested during a drug investigation in Virginia’s Fairfax County on April 18

Melcado and BC entered the Capital City Mall Victoria’s Secret at about 3 p.m. that day, police say. They were carrying two large, black shopping bags and talking on cell phones. They allegedly removed panties from a display table and drawers in the store, placing them in the bags. BC acted as a lookout while Melcado took the panties, police say.

The suspects took 375 hipster panties valued at $3,937.50, 375 cut thongs valued at $3,937.50, 1,000 thongs valued at $10,500, and 250 raw-cut hip-hugging panties valued at $2,625.00. The total loss to the store was $21,000, according to police.

An arrest warrant has been issued for Melcado, and juvenile charges have been filed against BC, police say.