Does China White sound like a stripper’s name to you? Well, it may, but it’s actually a form of heroin that was used by a stripper – and was used to incapacitate a first-time user, but ended up killing her.
Rian Lashley, 19, met with 27-year-old exotic dancer, Cierra Rounds, and three friends she had brought along at an IHOP restaurant on March 25, 2014. She had arranged the meeting to buy $100 worth of China White heroin.
Where things went (more) wrong was when Cierra and her cohorts realized Rian was carrying around $3,000 in cash, as well as an iPad and cell phone – and they wanted it.
As Cierra, her friend Kathryn Dirks and Rian headed to Cierra’s home in Rian’s car, a twisted plot started coming together in the form of text messages.
Riding in a car behind the girls were a drug dealer referred to as Jaymo or J.C., and 28-year-old Glen Brunton.
While going down the road, Cierra texted to J.C., “I figured ud want me on this money.”
As Cierra and Glen took Rian inside, J.C. sent a text telling them to keep her there.
A little later, Cierra sent the message, “ima bout to shoot her up for the first time.”
But that injection proved too much for Rian’s system. When that became apparent, Cierra and Glen placed her into a bathtub full of ice water, hoping it would counteract the drug and snap her out of it. It didn’t. They then put her on a couch where she passed out, never to awake.
Cierra, her friend Kathryn, and Glen were all indicted on drug charges and accused of contributing to Rian Lashley’s death.
Tuesday, in a Dallas federal court, Cierra admitted to her role and claimed they were only trying to ‘incapacitate’ her in order to rob her. She pleaded guilty to a charge of felony drug conspiracy. She faces a maximum of 20 years in federal prison and a $1 million fine when she’s sentenced in September.
Glen is set for trial in April, Kathryn is now a fugitive, and there is no mention of Jaymo/J.C. being charged.