Press Release: 01/29/2013

Suspected Meth Lab Derailed By JCSO

On Friday, January 25th, an anonymous tip led Jones County deputies to 3066 Cobb Rd., in reference to a possible Meth lab. Deputies immediately moved on the information and shortly after arriving in the area, encountered the suspect behind the wheel of his vehicle, outside of the residence. When the emergency blue lights of the Sheriff vehicle were turned on and as deputies exited the vehicle, the suspect abruptly shut his door, put the vehicle in gear and attempted to drive off. Deputies ordered the suspect to stop and when they removed him from the vehicle, they saw a small plastic sack, packed full of pills, in plain view.

Upon further inspection, deputies identified the oblong pills as pseudo ephedrine. A subsequent search of the vehicle also yielded lithium batteries. Knowing that pseudo ephedrine and lithium were precursors used to manufacture methamphetamine, a narcotics investigator probed deeper and developed probable cause to believe that a possible Meth lab existed in the residence

The suspect, David M. Spence, 27 of 3066 Cobb Rd., Trenton, was arrested and charged with Possession of Methamphetamine Precursors(F) and was placed in the custody of the Jones County Jail, under a $50,000 Secured Bond. The property was secured and a deputy stood guard until a search warrant could be obtained and the SBI and Hazmat team could arrive.

Early the following morning, investigators obtained a search warrant signed by a Superior Court Judge. The search warrant was executed shortly thereafter, with the assistance of the NC SBI. The search revealed what investigators believed to be a Meth lab in the making. Additional precursors, to include; anhydrous ammonia and acetone were seized. However, although many of the precursors and materials needed to make Meth were present, the lab was not operational at the

time of the search. Further investigation revealed that the suspect had intended on “cooking up” Meth on the evening that he was arrested.

On Monday, January 28th, Mr. Spence was charged with an additional count of Possession of Methamphetamine Precursors(F) and Maintaining a Vehicle/Dwelling for Controlled Substance (F). His bond was increased an additional $25,000. Mr. Spence is still in the custody of the Jones County Jail under $75,000 Secured Bond.

~J.C.S.O. Public Affairs Officer


“When I took office in 2010, I implemented a Zero Tolerance policy for illicit drugs. Nothing has changed. My policy is absolute. Illegal drug activity will not be tolerated in Jones County” ~ Sheriff Danny R. Heath