A 12-year-old Florida boy has alleged that 54-year-old Denise Hallowell beat him, starved him, and made him do chores naked.

She’d been a teacher in the state for over a decade.

He says that Denise kept him locked in a room with nothing but a cot to sleep on and a bucket to urinate in, and that the windows were nailed shut and painted over. He also says she would punch him in the groin as punishment and let another boy living in the home do the same.

The relationship between Denise and the two boys hasn’t been released.

She denies all of the allegations and says that she only kept the boy’s room locked and the windows nailed shut ‘so he wouldn’t run away again’. The bucket, she claims, was there only in case he couldn’t make it to the bathroom in time.

She’s being held without bond on charges of aggravated child abuse.


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