Ashley Parkins Pruitt is 28 years old, married, and has one son. She’s also an English teacher, a physical education teacher, and head coach for Appalachian High School’s junior girls basketball team in Blount County, Alabama. As you can probably guess, this all keeps her pretty busy. Unfortunately for her – not to mention her husband, son and three students under 19 years of age – not busy enough to keep her from finding time to break the law.
Once an investigation started, Mrs. Pruitt was put on leave from all of the above, has now turned herself in, and has been indicted on charges of providing pornography to a minor (two counts), sex acts with a student (two counts), and sexual contact with a student (one count). All of which is purported to have occurred between August and October of last year.
From August to September, she’s said to have kissed and otherwise ‘made out’ with one student in a car, as well as using Snapchat to send him sexually explicit messages. The very next month, she used the same messaging app to send nude photos of her breasts and genitalia to another student under the age of 18, while also throwing in that she wanted to take his virginity. Proving that a third time is an unlucky charm, she then engaged in oral sex in a car with yet another student under 19, again using Snapchat to set it up.
As of right now, it is not known if these were students of Mrs. Pruitt’s or if they were students from other schools in the county.
She has pleaded not guilty to all of the charges and is still awaiting her trial date.
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