Meet Erica Lynne Mesa, a 28-year-old devoted wife and teacher residing in Virginia. Actually, it turns out she isn’t too devoted a wife at all – and she’s no longer got a teaching job either.
She was a math teacher at Colonial Forge High School where she met four students. She took them to her home while her husband was away, and at one time, had one ‘wait his turn’ in the basement while she got her freak on with another upstairs. Another time had her having sex with an 18-year-old in a parking lot. It was his birthday, after all.
She claimed that doing all of this made feel ‘attractive and wanted.’
She pleaded guilty to electronic solicitation of a minor, and contributing to the delinquency of a minor and has been in jail since she was arrested back in September of last year.

In exchange for pleading guilty, prosecutors agreed to drop four charges and reduce two others. She’s facing up to 22 years in prison when she’s sentenced on May 21st.

She requested to be released on bond so that she could go see her mother in Michigan. Not surprisingly, her request was denied. She was ordered to remain in the town of Fredericksburg, Virginia to, according to Judge Victoria Willis, “clean up the mess you have made.”