29-year-old Lindsay Blanc, a kindergarten teacher at a Florida elementary school, has been suspended pending probable termination after officials found she allegedly duct taped her young students as a means of punishment. She also threatened misbehaving students by telling them that they would be sent away in a white van if they did not change their behavior.

In April, a 5-year-old was said to be disrupting her class by making noises with his armpit during a music lesson. Blanc told him to sit at a table for a time out, but when he kept turning around to watch a movie, Blanc allegedly used duct tape to tape his eyes. The boy’s mother said he is experiencing emotional trauma from the incident that includes nightmares and tantrums.

An administrator told the police she was called to the room to help with a misbehaving student, but when she arrived at the doorway, Blanc was preventing it from opening. The administrator waited in the hallway to speak with the student. The Tampa Police Department conducted an investigation and interviewed several students. However, she was not charged for the incident.

The Hillsborough County School Board took the matter into their own hands by voting to have her suspended. She has the option of appealing the decision. If she declines, the board will schedule a vote to terminate her.