A substitute teacher was removed from a Halethorpe Elementary School classroom after the school district said the teacher allegedly “exhibited unprofessional behavior.”

“Our administration immediately investigated this report and took action to remove the substitute teacher from the classroom,” said Baltimore County Public Schools’ officials in a statement.

“We want parents to be reassured that their students’ safety is our greatest interest,” the district said. “We are proud of the students who brought this situation to our attention. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the school.”

Schools spokesman Brandon Oland said despite reports, they do not believe there was any sexual abuse.

It was students who reported concerns about the teacher.


A former Ohio superintendent has been sentenced to 10 years in prison for sexually assaulting two of her former students while she was a school principal.

Laura Amero, former superintendent for the Windham school district, claimed that mental health issues made her commit the acts against the students.

‘I am so sorry, and I am so sorry from the bottom of my heart to the kids,’ said the Austintown resident as she read her apology letter to Portage County Common Pleas Judge Laurie Pittman.

But Pittman had a hard time taking the mental health excuse from the former educator.

“I am so sorry, and I am so sorry from the bottom of my heart to the kids,” Amero, 35, of Austintown, said, as she read from her apology letter during her sentencing.

But Portage County Common Pleas Judge Laurie Pittman wanted to know why she did it.

Amero said she thought the issues stemmed from mental health problems, but Pittman wasn’t buying it.

“I can’t understand how this keeps happening with teachers, principals, superintendents,” Pittman said, referring to general cases of sexual misconduct between teachers and students. “You know you’re going to get caught.”

Pittman ordered Amero to report to prison on April 1, but since Amero is pregnant and due to give birth in the middle of March, she said, she would allow for more time if needed so the baby is not born in prison.

The victims did not make statements during the hearing. Pittman said she had received written statements from them.

Amero resigned from her position as Windham superintendent in June 2019 after she was arrested in April. She began her term as superintendent on Feb. 1, 2019.

The Clay County Sheriff’s Office in Florida said a Jacksonville first grade teacher was arrested Thursday on suspicion of attempting to buy methamphetamine while she was at school.

CCSO said Valerie Lee Prince contacted an undercover narcotics officer and tried to set up a deal to buy an “eight ball” of methamphetamine while she was at Jacksonville Heights Elementary School, where she teaches first grade.

A female middle school teacher allegedly had sex eight or nine times with a 15-year-old student at her home, while her own child was also present in the house.

Ellarea Silva, a 34-year-old science teacher at Northwestern Middle School in Zachary, Louisiana, turned herself in to police on Thursday following allegations she had sex with the boy on multiple occasions last summer, authorities said.

The illegal fling began when Silva emailed the teen using both their school email addresses, an arrest report stated.

The communication quickly switched to their personal emails ‘so the school could not track’ it, the report said.

A New Jersey high school basketball coach was assaulted Tuesday night, allegedly by his own players.

It happened around 9 p.m. outside Malcolm X. Shabazz High School on Johnson Avenue in Newark.

Authorities say a school official provided police with a social media post of the school employee, a JV coach, being assaulted by members of the basketball team.

The officers reportedly observed four members of the team assaulting the victim after they exited a bus upon returning from a basketball game in Livingston.

Sources say the coach tried to stop his players from picking on another student, but the bullies turned on the coach instead.

“Our detectives are investigating this incident to identify and to appropriately charge those individuals involved,” Public Safety Director Anthony Ambrose said. “Because high school students are typically juveniles, the names of the suspects will not be released. But those found to have participated in this senseless act of violence will face criminal charges.”

All of the students involved in the incident have been suspended from the school.

The victim declined medical attention.

“I spoke to the superintendent, principal, coaches and team,” Newark Mayor Ras Baraka said. “The actions of these students will not be tolerated, and they don’t represent the majority of the school. The school and team have many great kids, who go on to college and do great things, and we’re proud of them. We support the superintendent and principal and will do whatever we can to make the rest of the year successful.”

The video was shared across social media throughout the entire student body and most said they were embarrassed by the behavior shown in the video.

“It’s kind of embarrassing,” student Nashawn Holmes said. “We should be getting seen for better things like our community, our teams.”

Parents and students say the troublemakers should get what they deserve. While many students say the melee is shameful, they admit that other similar incidents have taken place after the kids walk away from the school.

A Moon Lake Elementary teaching assistant is accused of possessing fentanyl and heroin after an 18-year-old man died on Feb. 5 at her home in a possible overdose.

Arrest records show that the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office found the drugs and paraphernalia at the home of Marina Deetz, 20, as part of a death investigation.

According to an arrest affidavit cited by the station WTSP, a 17-year-old boy told police he and his 18-year-old friend had gone to Deetz’s apartment and procured fentanyl from the Moon Lake Elementary School employee.

In exchange, the teens gave Deetz cocaine and $50, the witness alleged.

The two young men stayed at the teaching assistant’s apartment, where Deetz allegedly cut the cocaine and fentanyl on black dishes, and all three of them snorted the powder through a blue straw.


33-year-old teacher’s aid in the Wasatch School District was arrested Tuesday for allegedly providing alcohol to students and encouraging them to have sexual contact with each other, according to police.

Ashley Ann Morgan, of Park City, was booked into the Summit County Jail for investigation of child abuse, witness tampering and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. She posted bail by Tuesday afternoon.

On Sept. 20, Morgan had “multiple Wasatch County School District students” at her house, according to a prepared statement from the Summit County Sheriff’s Office.

One 17-year-old student told investigators that Morgan, who used to be an employee with the Division of Child and Family Services, invited her and two male students to her home to drink alcohol.

“The female student said Morgan provided alcohol to her and the male students and encouraged the female student to have sexual contact with one of the males,” according to the statement.

Investigators say Morgan later texted the female student “telling her if she was interviewed by the authorities or police to tell them she was never at Morgan’s house and nothing ever happened” and “threatened to disclose personal information of the student” she obtained from being a DCFS worker if she did tell police, according to the statement.

A spokeswoman with the Wasatch School District said that Morgan has been with the district for less than a year. In a statement, the district confirmed Morgan has been placed on administrative leave.

“The district can confirm the employee, who was hired at the beginning of this year, passed the extensive background check standard for all new employees. As this is an ongoing investigation, the district cannot make any further comments. Any parents with specific concerns about this case should contact their principal or law enforcement,” the statement said.

A DCFS representative said Morgan was employed as a case social worker from 2016 until 2018, when she voluntarily resigned. She underwent an extensive background check before she was hired.

While DCFS would not comment specifically about Morgan’s case, the division said it puts a lot of trust in its case workers, and the allegations are saddening.

A North Salem High School teacher was placed on administrative leave following an arrest at a Keizer restaurant.

Officers responded to a report of a fight at Hops N Drops on Keizer Station Boulevard at 9:35 p.m. Friday.

Inside the restaurant, investigators said Trisha Lynn Ebbs, 50, approached a 20-year-old woman she knew to be the victim in a sexual assault case in 2017.

Ebbs was with the parents of the man, who is now 21 years old, convicted in that sexual assault case, according to police.

Investigators said Ebbs approached the woman and began screaming at her and calling her “various expletives attributable to Trisha Ebbs’ belief about the circumstances of the 2017 crime.”

The victim’s father attempted to intervene and defend his daughter, according to police, and he pushed Ebbs. A group of men connected with Ebbs then approached that man and began shoving him, according to investigators.

Restaurant employees stepped in and separated the involved parties until police arrived.

Witnesses said Ebbs was “on top of them” in describing her interaction with the victims, according to police.

Sunday, September 17, marks three years since former Columbia High School (CHS) teacher Nicole Dufault was arrested for allegedly having sex with at least six CHS students, most of them age 16 or younger.

But don’t expect the case to be resolved anytime soon, according to her lawyer.

Attorney Timothy Smith, who has represented Dufault since she was taken into custody on Sept. 17, 2014, said a trial date that had originally been scheduled for this coming Monday has been postponed.

“This is not your usual case, you cannot set the deadlines,” Smith said recently by phone, adding that it will be delayed “until we get the remaining discovery. (The judge) had to put the date off because the case wasn’t ready.”

Dufault, a veteran language arts teacher at the school and the mother of two, has been accused of the unlawful sexual acts spanning several months back in 2013 and 2014.

Investigators have revealed that video exists of at least some of the acts, which occurred on campus and in a parked car.

Dufault, 35 at the time of her arrest, has been out on $500,000 bail since late 2014 and is facing 40 counts of aggravated sexual assault and endangering the welfare of children.

Smith has said prosecutors offered a 15-year plea deal, but she has refused. He has maintained all along that Dufault suffers from frontal lobe issues that affected her judgement and made her vulnerable to the students’ advances and demands.

A married high school volleyball coach has been charged with rape after police said she engaged in a threesome with a teen boy and an adult female former teacher.

Tulsa County deputies said Joyce Churchwell, a teacher at Berryhill Public Schools, has been under investigation since mid-December. She is accused of having a sexual relationship with a student.
Deputies said they interviewed a student who admitted to having a sexual encounter with Churchwell at her home while her husband was away.

Investigators served multiple search warrants, spoke with witnesses and looked through electronic messages. The District Attorney’s Office issued an arrest warrant based on the evidence collected.

Churchwell turned herself in Tuesday upon learning about the warrant, deputies said.

A high school teacher in the Darlington County School District has been arrested for having sex with a 16-year-old student.

The teacher, Anna Elizabeth Jeanette Patton, has been charged with three crimes: sexual battery with a student 16 or 17 years of age, no aggravated force or coercion; criminal solicitation of a minor; and disseminating harmful material or exhibiting harmful performance to minors.

“The employee has been placed on administrative leave, pending the outcome of the investigation,” Audrey Childers, a spokesperson for the school district, wrote in a news release.

Patton, who is believed to have a young son of her own, is also accused of sending the 16-year-old student nude photos via various social media accounts.

Patton was taken into custody based on evidence gathered in the course of the investigation and statements made by the alleged victim to law enforcement officials.

The 22-year-old remained in jail without bond on Monday afternoon.

A Florida teacher has been arrested after he was captured on video violently grabbing a 14-year-old student, putting him in a ‘chokehold’ and shoving him out of his classroom.

Buddy Taylor Middle School teacher Jeffrey Paffumi, 47, has now been charged with battery after police were given video footage of the altercation, which took place on Tuesday, by one of the victim’s classmates.

The footage shows an incensed Paffumi thrusting on his arms across the throat of the child from behind, placing the other underneath their armpit, before lifting them up out of their seat and marching them towards the door.

The Flagler County Sheriff’s Office began investigating the incident after the boy told his parents and contacted the school.

The student would later go on to tell deputies that he had been playing music on his computer in class on January 7, when Paffumi muted his computer.

When the student unmuted the sound, the 47-year-old grabbed the computer and held it over the student’s head, arrest documents show.

The student then said he told the teacher to ‘put his s**t down, cracker.’


A teacher was recently spotted by a student filming under the classroom of other students in a school classroom in Quevedo (Ecuador). The teacher called the students to his desk to look at their workbook, lowered his left arm, cell phone in hand, and registered the victims’ intimacy. An inquiry from the Ministry of Education was opened last week to investigate the case and decide if the teacher will be expelled.

An Oklahoma teacher and cheer coach has been arrested on sexual battery charges after confessing to repeatedly having sex with two male students on separate occasions.

Brandy Lynn Foreman, 29, was taken into custody on December 5 following an investigation by the Sequoyah County Sheriff’s Office, which was sparked by a tipster’s call to the Oklahoma Office of the State Board of Education alleging inappropriate sexual conduct toward current and previous students.

Foreman was arrested on Dec. 5 and booked into the Sequoyah County Jail after an investigator for the Sequoyah County Sheriff’s office, Cindy Smith, interviewed students and Foreman about allegations of sexual assault. Foreman was released shortly following her arrest on a $20,000 bond.

In the probable cause affidavit signed Tuesday, Smith reported the superintendent of the school, Larry Henson, had received a report from the Oklahoma Office of the State Board of Education advising him a caller had reported possible “inappropriate sexual contact and the exchange of inappropriate photos between a teacher, Brandy Foreman, and possibly two current students and one previous student at Central School.”

According to the affidavit, one of the students stated sexual relations with Foreman began in 2017 when he and Foreman had “communication and talked sexually through the social media app Snapchat.” The student also reported he had received nude photos through the same Snap-chat application.

The report states Foreman admitted she had engaged in sexual intercourse approximately three times with the student. Foreman said the last time she had sexual relations with the student was between June and July of this year noting the student graduated in May.

A Collier County Public Schools employee was arrested Friday after police say she had sexual contact with 15-year-old students and provided them with alcohol, nicotine and marijuana.

Kristie Rosa, 27, of Naples, was charged with three counts of lewd or lascivious behavior – promote sexual activity with a victim less than 16, two counts of narcotic equipment or paraphernalia delivered to a minor, providing nicotine dispensing device to a minor and providing alcohol to someone under 21, according to a Collier County Sheriff’s Office arrest report.

The sheriff’s office followed up on a report of inappropriate contact between a teaching assistant at Phoenix Alternative School and teenage students.

On Nov. 19, two students were interviewed separately at the Children’s Advocacy Center. Both said they had communicated with Rosa via Snapchat and each said they had sexual contact with her, the report states

The first student said that he and some of his classmates were talking to Rosa and asked if she smokes. He said she asked them for their Snapchat information and they communicated that way.

He said they arranged for Rosa to pick them up and take them to a party where Rosa provided them with alcohol. He said they all hung out with Rosa at the party and smoked marijuana, police said in the report.

The person who was having the party found out they were high school students and kicked them all out.

He said Rosa then took him and three other students back to her condo, and they went to her community pool where she became intimate with him, the report states.

He said she took them all home and he said she would bring them nicotine for their vaping devices by leaving it in the school bathroom for them to retrieve.

Another student who was interviewed said he had sex with Rosa, who was his teacher’s aid at the time.


A former volunteer assistant softball coach was arrested Monday on allegations she sexually abused students at the high school where she worked.

Madison D. Soper, 22, of Banks High School, in Banks, Oregon, faces charges of using a child in the display of sexually explicit conduct, online sexual corruption of a minor in the first degree, luring a minor, sexual abuse in the second degree and sexual abuse in the third degree.

According to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office, detectives searched Soper’s home near Banks as part of an investigation into ‘an inappropriate relationship between an adult and a minor’.

An honor-roll student during her senior year at Banks High, Soper was an all-state catcher who helped lead her school to the Class 4A title during her prep career.

She also starred on the Northwest Blaze, an all-star regional softball team that placed fourth at the 2015 18-and-and-under Amateur Softball Association national championships.

After high school, she went on to Helena, Montana, where she played softball for Carroll College.


Police have arrested a special education teacher in Florida for allegedly having sex with her son’s 15-year-old friend ‘several hundred times’.

Susan Weddle, 40, resigned on Monday from her position as a learning resource specialist at the J.E. Hall Center in Escambia County, a special needs school.

As part of the investigation, the Department of Children and Families interviewed the teenager who admitted to having sex with Weddle ‘hundreds of times’.

Before her role at the J.E. Hall Center, Weddle worked as a teacher at L.D. McArthur Elementary School.

News of the relationship came to light after a counselor from Tate High School reported the incident to the DCF.

They had been shown damning text messages sent between Weddle and the boy.

Another witness said the 15-year-old had shown him nude photos of the mother on his phone.

One witness was a contractor hired to pressure wash Weddle’s home who informed the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office of the two canoodling in April.

A former Muenster teacher arrested last year for having sex with two teen boys has avoided jail time in a plea deal with prosecutors.

Lynn Burge, 33, was given five years probation and a $2,500 fine for each offense, according to the District Attorney. She will have to surrender her teaching license. Burge will not have to register as a sex offender.

Burge pleaded guilty to two counts of improper relationship between an educator and a student. One count of online solicitation of a minor was dropped as part of the agreement.

An arrest warrant states Burge started in the fall of 2017 by sending nude pictures of herself to a 16-year-old boy through Snapchat. She then went “backroading” and drank alcohol with him before taking the student home to have sex.

In March 2018, she pulled the same routine with an 18-year-old male student.

She admitted to having sex with the 18-year-old, which is illegal because she was his teacher at the time. She admitted to almost everything the 16-year-old boy said happened, but told investigators she couldn’t remember if they had sex since she was also intoxicated at the time.

A 23-year-old substitute teacher at Pasadena Independent School District is facing charges after being accused of having sex with a 16-year-old male student in 2018.

Olivia Huerta substituted for a social science teacher at Sam Rayburn High School at some point between January and April of 2018, officials wrote in documents filed in court. During that time, police say she took a 16-year-old student to her parents’ house and had sex with him.

The allegations came to light when police say the teen admitted to a friend that he had sex with a teacher. The friend reported this to school administration, who then called authorities.

Cops showed him several photos and he was able to identify Huerta, KPRC reported.

She was arrested after reportedly admitting to having sex with the teenager when questioned by police.

Huerta also turned over her phone where inappropriate messaging were found with the student, police said.

‘Upon receiving the allegation, the administration at Sam Rayburn High School immediately notified district administration and the Pasadena ISD Police Department,’ school district officials wrote in a statement to KPRC.

‘The accused individual was promptly removed from campus and is no longer employed by Pasadena ISD.’

Nicholas Robert Godfrey, an 18-year-old senior at Fivay High School, about 40 miles north of Tampa, was charged with first-degree attempt to solicit murder, Pasco County Sheriff’s deputies said.

Detectives said they have messages Godfrey wrote on Instagram seeking a professional killer.

“I need a guy who could kill someone,” Godfrey allegedly wrote in one of the messages, offering $100,000 “for the guy’s head.”

“No joke, I need him eliminated as soon as possible.”

Even if Godfrey had no real intentions of killing the school staffer, the threat is itself a serious crime, Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco said.

“As the victim and their family, imagine getting that notification form the sheriff’s office, ‘Hey we need to protect you,’ ” Nocco told reporters on Friday. “This individual may have thought it was funny, maybe thought they were committing a joke. This is not a joke.”



A McFarland High School teacher sent sexually explicit text messages to a student telling him “I can’t breathe without you” and “I’m only yours,” according to a court document filed Tuesday.

Elvia Gonzalez was arrested on October 12 and charged with unlawful sexual intercourse and contacting a minor with the intent to commit a sexual offense.

Questioned by McFarland police, the student said he had sex with Gonzalez between 10 to 15 times, about half the time without protection, according to the document. He said they showered together at Gonzalez’s residence when her children were away.

The document provides more details in the case against Gonzalez, who was arrested Oct. 12, and how school officials learned of the alleged relationship between her and the student.

Gonzalez is charged with unlawful sexual intercourse and contacting a minor with the intent to commit a sexual offense.

The document says on Oct. 11 two McFarland High students appeared to be under the influence and, per school policy, officials confiscated their cellphones during the investigation. A staff member saw one student’s phone had a text message from “Elvia” asking if he wanted to get breakfast.

A Florida nanny has been sentenced to 20 years in prison for sexually abusing an 11-year-old boy, later giving birth to his child, PEOPLE confirms.

Marissa Mowry was 22 years old when she was hired to watch the child in January 2014. She soon began to have sexual contact with him. According to court testimony, Mowry repeatedly sexually abused him without using protection. In the fall of 2014, she gave birth to the victim’s child, the Tampa Bay Times reports.

In 2017, the boy told his mother about the abuse. She contacted police, who conducted a DNA test which proved that the boy was the father of Mowry’s child, the Tampa Bay Times reports.

In September, Mowry pleaded guilty to multiple counts of sexual battery on a victim under the age of 12, according to WTVT.

On Wednesday, a judge sentenced her to 20 years in prison. After her release, she must complete 10 years of sex offender probation. She will be added to Florida’s sex offender registry, Bay News 9 reports.

The mother of a middle school student in the Oak Park community of Ventura County was arrested last week on allegations she provided alcohol and drugs to local high school students and engaged in sexual activity with them.

Amalia Utz, 47, from Oak Park, was arrested last Wednesday following a week-long investigation into ‘a rumor’ about a woman who had allegedly assaulted a 14-year-old boy back in September.

As part of the probe, the East County Investigations Bureau Major Crimes Sexual Assault Unit conducted interviews and learned of a second alleged victim, also age 14, from Thousand Oaks.

Utz, whose son is enrolled in Medea Creek Middle School in Oak Pak, is suspected of engaging in sexual acts with the two 14-year-olds and performing oral sex on a minor.

Oak Park Unified School District Superintendent Dr Tony Knight confirmed Utz’s arrest in a letter sent to parents last week, reported the station KCAL.

Utz was taken into custody after someone anonymously reported her alleged activities involving underage boys to the school district.

A woman met a young girl online and drove her more than 1,000 miles to South Carolina, where she sexually assaulted the child, according to federal investigators.

When FBI agents showed up at Katrina Aliff’s apartment in Greenville, she was only wearing a tank top and the girl was naked in her bed, according to investigators. Aliff is charged with kidnapping, child sex abuse and sex with a minor under 12.

Investigators said Aliff, 23, and the child met on the online app Amino. When the girl’s father found their conversations, he took away the girl’s phone, according to the FBI. The two continued to talk on a tablet, and Aliff and the girl made plans for the woman to pick up the child near her home in South Saint Paul, Minnesota, and take her back to South Carolina.
Aliff drove more than 1,000 miles and picked the girl up at about 2 a.m. Sept. 7 and the two drove back to Greenville, according to court filings.

As they left South Saint Paul, the FBI said, Aliff tried to destroy her phone by putting it in a cup of coffee so police could not track her location.

When the phone was still working, the girl ”in an effort to assist with the destruction of the cellular telephone stabbed the telephone multiple times with a knife. Upon completion, the cellular telephone was placed back into coffee where it became non-functional.”

Once back at Aliff’s apartment in Greenville, she sexually assaulted the young girl, officials said. Police showed up at the apartment the day after the kidnapping, found the child and arrested Aliff, according to court filings.

The federal judge ordered a mental health evaluation on Aliff after the arrest. Prosecutors filed an indictment Tuesday, federal court records show.

Federal prison records show Aliff is being held at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York.

McClatchy news group has reached out to Aliff’s attorneys for comment.

A former Madison County teacher, who is accused of sexting two students and having sex with one of them, has been indicted on five criminal charges.

Lyndsey Sherrod Bates, formerly a special education teacher at Madison County High School, could face up to 20 years in prison if convicted of a felony charge of engaging in a sex act with a student younger than 19. She is also charged with misdemeanor counts of distributing obscene material to a student and having sexual contact with a student, according to the indictment issued Friday.

The 22-year-old resigned her position and was arrested earlier this year.

“She’s looking forward to clearing this up and having her day in court,” said defense attorney Robert Tuten.

For now Bates still has a teaching certificate, according to the Alabama State Department of Education.

“Alleged misconduct has been reported to the Department,” state education department records state. “(A)t this time, the Department has not proposed any negative action against the individual’s certification or licensure; this status will be updated as soon as possible.”

Bates is accused of having sex with a 17-year-old male student, an investigator wrote in court records. She’s also accused of sending explicit photos to the 17-year-old and a second student, records state. Information about the second student’s age isn’t included in public court filings. Prosecutors have said both students were at least 16 years old, and neither was in special education classes.

A ninth grade high school student has been arrested and charged with assault in Atlanta after he was filmed savagely beating a teacher who tried to stop him fighting with another classmate.

The teacher, identified online as Mr. Robinson, was hospitalized after the attack at Frederick Douglass High School on October 7, school officials said.

Cell phone footage captured by a student inside the classroom shows a teenage boy standing over Robinson, repeatedly punching him in the head as the educator lay curled up on the floor, with a hand extend in an effort to soften the flurry of blows.

Other educators are seen bursting through the door moments later, rushing to Robinson’s aid by tackling his attacker to the floor and restraining him on the ground.

A California mother has admitted to having sex with two of her teenage daughters’ friends, who were schoolboys aged 14 and 15 at the time.

In 2017, Blain was charged with 21 counts related to the sexual abuse of two boys. Among the counts are oral copulation, sexual intercourse and showing pornography to a child.

According to prosecutors, the abuse began in September 2017 against a 15-year-old boy. Then, during the first week of October 2017, detectives believe Blain began molesting a 14-year-old boy.

She could receive up to four years in prison after pleading guilty to 21 felony offenses in California last Tuesday.

Prosecutors say the abuse began in September 2017 against a 15-year-old boy before she began molesting a 14-year-old boy in the first week of October 2017.

One of the victims said they had sex with the predator three times, the last time on October 5, 2017, but stopped the sordid meetings because of feelings of guilt towards Lytle’s husband.

Lytle used to pick up the victims in her car from parks and even from the boys’ own homes after she asked one of the victims to sneak out at night.

She took the victim back to her house and sexually abused him, before dropping him back at his home at around 5am.

The sexual abuse was reportedly uncovered when one of the victims’ parents found nudes on the boy’s phone that Lytle had sent to him.

The woman blamed her behavior on low self-esteem and the death of her sister, which she said had left her feeling depressed.

Records show that Lytle’s husband filed divorce paperwork within days of her arrest. She now reportedly goes by the surname Blain.

An elementary school teacher and mother of three from Mississippi intentionally drove her SUV into a lake with her two-year-old daughter in the car, police say.

On September 21, 34-year-old Cari Campbell Cullum allegedly backed her SUV off a boat ramp at the Columbus Lock and Dam with her toddler daughter inside.

Authorities at the Columbus Police Department don’t believe it was an accident.

Police Chief Fred Shelton said: ‘This is a tragic case and we believe this was not an accident.’

According to a press release from Columbus Information Officer Joe Dillon, Cullum is the mother of three children. The press release states police believe she intentionally drove her vehicle into Columbus Lake with her youngest child inside the vehicle.

“Following a detailed investigation, we have charged Ms. Cullum with attempted murder. This is a tragic case, and we believe this was not an accident. Our investigation continues into the incident. Her children are in the care of another person at this time,” Shelton said in the press release.

When police arrived, Cullum and her daughter had already been pulled from the car by a friend. The friend told police he had to break a car window to remove the pair. The incident was called into 911 at 3:19 a.m. on Sept. 21, according to the press release.

The press release states the car was in the water on the boat ramp at the Columbus Lake off Wilkins Wise Road when the CPD and Columbus Fire and Rescue officials arrived. The car had been backed into the lake. Police are not saying how much of the car was submerged.